Feb. 25th, 2009

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OK, I can't stand it. Let's talk Oscar dresses. You can play along with me by looking at this slide show from the NYTimes (I like the way this is organized partly by color) or I'm sure you can google, if you'd rather.

Taraji P. Henson: Love it. Love the necklace, too.
Miley Cyrus: eh. It might work better on somebody else, I don't know. I think it's a little too foofy for my taste - however, I don't promise to be consistent about these things.
Jessica Biel: I'm up in the air about this one - it doesn't look bad in this picture but I really think that drapery in the front is a bit much.
Anne Hathaway: I hated this when I saw it on the red carpet but it looks better here. The bottom half of it is pretty fabulous, and it was the top half I was objecting to. I'm not big on strapless dresses on most people (more on this below, I'm sure) and I think she's so pale that this pale dress really washes her out. (I'm not too crazy about her hair, either.)

Let's lump these first three red dresses on the next page together - Virginia Madsen, Heidi Klum and Amanda Seyfried. Virginia Madsen's is the most restrained and I think works the best by far of the three. Amanda Seyfried's is totally too much, as far as I'm concerned. Heidi Klum's looked better when I saw it Sunday than it does in this picture, but I think it's pretty fussy. It's definitely something only a supermodel (or maybe a Tilda Swinton) could pull off, but I'm on the fence about whether she actually did.
I'll have pity on you and cut. Lots more of the same, plus a bonus mini-rant about Sarah Jessica Parker! )


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