Mar. 7th, 2009

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So am I the only person in the universe (or, well, the geekier part of the universe, anyway) who hasn't read the Watchmen graphic novel and thus doesn't really care about what they changed? I'm really starting to wonder.

I spent the afternoon at Starbuck's studying, and it was a much more productive afternoon than most of mine have been lately. As many people have noted ahead of me, it's way too easy to get distracted at home. I am going to have to drag my butt out of the house much more often, because one of these days I'm actually going to have to get a job, whether I manage to get certified before then or not. So I seriously need to get cracking on the studying.

I took a jewelry class this week. I only got one pair of earrings (out of four) actually finished in the class, because I was sort of slow getting the hang of the technique, but I finally did, more or less, and I can now actually make wrapped loops. Which is something I've been meaning to learn for ages. So yay me. (I did finish a really pretty kyanite bracelet unrelated to the class, only it's too long so I'm going to end up redoing it. I will try to remember to take some pictures of that sooner or later. These are the pretty beads, though, because I doubt that many of you know offhand what kyanite looks like!)

(Except Elise, of course, assuming she reads my journal, which I have no idea about, either way.) Which brings me to informing you that [ profile] elisem   is having a sale. Shiny stuff!! She's already got some really good markdowns up there and she hadn't even gotten to the new stuff, last I looked. I should probably refrain from looking again at all, lest I find something that calls to me. (Fat chance, on that refraining thing. I should know better than even to suggest that. Like I have a bone of self-control in my body.)

I'm sure we will go see Watchmen at some point this weekend, unless something else interesting pops up or somebody manages to convince us that it is Teh Evil, or something. I know I'm not going to run out and see Last House on the Left.

And... speaking of self-control or the lack thereof, you guys are lucky I haven't had an Ambien yet, or the odds are good that this would end up being a seriously-TMI post about my sex life, rather than just the random bits and pieces. But I haven't, so I will behave. I'm trying not to embarass myself unduly.


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