Apr. 3rd, 2009

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We got home from San Antonio a little bit after 8:15 last night, by which time [livejournal.com profile] columbina had given up on me, which was a bit frustrating. (And of course that's assuming that Col was there in the first place, which is not necessarily the case.)

The reason we got back so late is that we farted around and didn't leave SA until after four. We should have stayed two nights, really, but it was Rob's idea to come back after one night, and I have to admit that while I felt like the mini-suite at the Omni was an amazing deal (at $135), two nights of it, at $300 after taxes, would have seemed like an awful lot. The Omni is not on the Riverwalk or downtown at all, which I guess is why it was relatively reasonable. It was on I-10 north of 410, for those of you who know the geography there enough for that to make any sense at all. There were a zillion restaurants right near the hotel - including a County Line, which is the best BBQ in the world as far as I'm concerned - but did we eat at any of them? No, we went to North Star Mall to the Cheesecake Factory so that Rob could have his damn Romano chicken that he loves. Cheesecake Factory is alright (if you can ignore the ridiculous decor) but I get tired of going there. And I always think it's a bit overpriced.

Anyway, that was Wednesday. Yesterday we got up and had the breakfast buffet at the hotel, and we didn't get going very early, which was my fault (mostly because I didn't sleep very well), and so I think it was nearly noon before we got to the Alamo. It didn't help that I got turned around downtown and it took us a while to navigate our way there. I know my way around San Antonio in a general way but I am no expert and the streets downtown are not a grid so it's not terribly easy. But we got there eventually. At the Alamo we rented audio guides, which really helped me to enjoy it more. I am a fan of guided tours in general and the Alamo has never had any such thing. (On the other hand, it's free. I imagine those two things are related, don't you?)  I don't know that I really learned that much that I didn't already know - bits here and there, I guess - but it was still interesting.

After we got done with that - and it took a good while, we stopped in the middle and goofed around in the gift shop and stuff - we went down to the Riverwalk and walked around a little and had lunch. We ended up having Mexican at a place that was sort of a hybrid fajitas-and-burgers kind of place, I forget the name of it. It was alright but if we were going to have Mexican we should've just gone to Casa Rio in the first place. (Or Mi Tierra, except I can never remember where it is exactly.)

We also went to a bead store on the way out of town, which is one reason we were so late getting home. I found some cool little drops that look sort of like milagros, though, so I'm glad I went. New earring components, yay!


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