May. 25th, 2009

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My monitor finally died, so I have a new 20" Acer widescreen. I am pouting slightly because it doesn't seem near as big as the old one (which was a 22" Samsung) but on the other hand it only cost $99, and we had several small gift cards that we used so it only came out $72 in the end. To replace the Samsung would have been $299, which is ridiculous so I decided I could bear to sacrifice the size. The picture quality seems fine.

We went up to Houston this afternoon expressly to go to the Half-Price Books on Montrose, because I wanted more Aubrey-Maturin books and I knew they had them - or they did a couple of weeks ago, at least! They were having a 20% off sale for Memorial Day, too. We came out of there with two more of the A-M books and assorted other stuff, and only $35 or so the worse for wear, which isn't too bad. (I restrained myself once again from buying the hardback Lord of the Rings set that they have, although I was sorely tempted.)

(Note to Col, because we were discussing it: there are apparently at least 16 of the Aubrey-Maturin books, because the Norton trade pback editions are numbered and that was the highest number I saw.)

I posted some more odds and ends of cameraphone pictures on Flickr, including a picture of our balcony and some blurry-but-interesting ones from the wedding, and also a couple I found forgotten on the phone that I took of the Astrodome in January. The camera-phone takes pretty good pictures, on the whole, if the lighting is decent. (All of the pictures I posted from the wedding were taken on it.)

We are still squabblingdiscussing whether to go see Terminator: Salvation tomorrow. The reviews are bad, but a couple of random people who saw it seem to like it. On the other hand, Rob is surprisingly not so set on going as I expected, so we might wait a week or two, at least.

Today's Doonesbury is brilliant.


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