Aug. 12th, 2009

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OK, so I took another jewelry class last weekend and here is what I came home with:

I really like it. It was supposed to be a charm bracelet, but I decided to make it into a watch (or watch/charm bracelet, I suppose). It was supposed to have one or more large(ish) focal beads, and so I figured, fine, one of them can just be a watch face! The teacher totally approved, but then she is very into the "do it however you want" philosophy of jewelry-making so I pretty much assumed as soon as I got the idea that she would. This is also, being a charm bracelet, supposed to have many, many more charms - this is just as far as I got in the allotted time.

As usual, though, I'm thinking about totally reworking it. Right now, assuming the watch-face is on the top of my wrist in more or less the normal place, the clasp falls on one side, which is fine, and the big flower bead (which is some sort of greenish stone) falls sort of awkwardly on the other side of the wrist, and a lot of dangles are on the bottom. I started out thinking I was just going to move the dangles and now I'm thinking about taking a good bit of it apart. The big flower bead looks really cute but what I'm thinking I might do is take it off and make it the basis of a completely different (but generally similar) bracelet. And I'm thinking about just taking all the dangles off the watch and making it more unadorned, because I really like the curvy bits (which are 16-gauge copper wire, if anybody cares) and that way they would show up more. Then I can put all the dangly bits on the second bracelet and make it into the real charm bracelet. (This picture has some of the assorted dangly things I was playing with - as well as some assorted other stuff I threw into the picture!.)

Suggestions are encouraged.
mellicious: pink manicure (spring flowers)
I couldn't go to sleep this morning so I got back up and took apart that watch/bracelet I posted the picture of yesterday.

Here is the mostly-disassembled watch. (It looks sort of like the flower bead is still attached to it but it's not.) I didn't have to detach the two squiggly pieces from the watch face because they were fine as they were. But I took all the charms and beads off, and also the clasp (which you can see on the far right) and the other squiggly piece.
and then... )

Also, notice the variety of tools visible in these pictures. I have spent a LOT of money on tools lately. Nylon-jaw pliers, bent-nose pliers, concave pliers, mandrels, a chasing hammer, a new flush-cutter, and more. Making things out of wire ought not be quite so expensive!


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