Dec. 19th, 2009

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It's 5:30am and I ought to be in bed, but I'm not so let's see if I can bang out an entry real quick. I bet I can.  :) I was on the way to bed, but I was stopped by the lure of popcorn. Sometimes being under the influence of sleeping pills is a lot like being stoned - especially in the sense that junk food becomes really hard to resist. I have 100-calorie bags of Homestyle popcorn (I forget which brand it is but it says Homestyle on the package, and it's my favorite) though so how much damage can you do with a 100-calorie bag. Unless you slather it in butter and then eat about 10 bags of it, it can't be all that bad.

Let's see, I went to Weight Watchers yesterday but we won't discuss that. I will say that my WW schedule is getting sadly cut up by the holidays, since I go on Thursdays, and that means we got pre-empted by Thanksgiving and are gonna get pre-empted again by Christmas Eve and NYEve. (There are actually Thursday morning meetings, but not our regular Thursday afternoon ones. I may try to go next Thursday morning anyway, though, it might help keep me on the straight and narrow a bit.)

We have tickets to see Avatar on Sunday early - 11:50am or something like that. I figured if we wanted to see it in 3D we had better get the tickets ahead. Although actually they have more screens showing it in 3D than not, which is a first.

My dear sister e-mailed me and said "So what are you doing for Christmas?" This is the sister, as some of you may recall, who has boycotted Christmas completely since she got divorced five years ago. I e-mailed her back and said we were going to Bryan like we always do, and we would love it if they would come over for the day. (They can come longer than a day but they'll probably have to stay in a hotel. We have one spare bedroom reserved already and Linda's dad of course gets the other one.) I am NOT volunteering to go to Austin again. In fact I would have a rebellion on my hands if I tried; Rob didn't really want to go at Thanksgiving and he doesn't intend to go at Christmas. So there.

I haven't even heard from my father lately except for getting a card in the mail. We usually have dinner with him and his wife at some point but I'll wait til closer to Christmas to worry about that. (Although, yeah, it's getting awfully close.) I worked on cards for a while tonight; I may actually get all the cards out that I intended to send after all. I'm getting there, anyway.

(LJ keeps screwing up the formatting lately; what's up with that?)


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