Jan. 4th, 2010

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Notes on two movies. Seriously: may contain spoilers (in case you were ignoring the title.)

I mentioned the other day that I had been watching Terminator: Salvation but I watched it again and found I had more things to say. Then I found some things to say about Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as well, so what the heck - it's a two-for-one entry.

Terminator Salvation
(Apparently the official version of the title has no colon in the middle, but it makes more sense with it, as far as I'm concerned.)

I have a tendency to watch the movies I get on demand over and over, because hey, it's a 24-hour or 48-hour rental or whatever, so why not get my money's worth? (I think I watched Coraline four times right in a row.) My husband called this movie "underrated" and I think that's a very fair assessment of it. At the very least, it's a very competently-made action movie. I don't know why it pissed so many of the fans off so much - just by its very existence, after part 3? Who knows.

More T4... )More T4... )

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Good lord, I said yesterday that I had forgotten this movie, and it was even more true than I knew. For one thing, I knew that Robert Pattinson was in it, and Brendan Gleeson, but I didn't remember (if I ever knew) that David Tennant was in it - I don't suppose I really knew who he was in 2005, actually. He apparently didn't have much pull at the time, either - his name isn't even IN the main credits.

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Oh, the casting stuff reminds me - we were watching Sweeney Todd earlier, and I noticed that the cute young guy who plays Johanna's suitor (Jamie Campbell Bower is apparently his name) has been cast as Grindelwald for the two remaining Harry Potter movies. I'm trying to remember - I don't think it's a huge role, but I think he (Grindelwald) pops in and out several times, as I recall, so it's probably fairly substantial. It hasn't been that long since I last read my way through the whole series, but the last book is complex enough that I really need to read it a couple more times before I'll be able to keep a firm grasp on what happens to whom and when.


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