Jun. 29th, 2010

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I'm having trouble quashing the impulse to go shot by shot through the Harry Potter trailer and try to figure out what everything is. (I just re-read the book, so that may partly explain it.) (Also, The Leaky Cauldron has hi-res pics up already.) (And hmm, it's not Voldemort who stops the Hogwarts Express.)

Instead I'll talk about the other movies I've seen in the last few months - the ones I can remember, anyway. Yesterday Sunday we went to see Clash of the Titans at the Dollar Cinema and it was surprisingly not too bad. Low expectations helped, certainly, but it was honestly very entertaining and not near as much of a mess as I was expecting. (I had already seen Percy Jackson and the Olympians which is based on the same story, to some degree, so it's interesting to compare. Clash's Medusa is scary but she's no Uma Thurman.)

I need a list of movies to remember what we've seen. We saw How To Train Your Dragon which is easily the best thing I've seen in a while. Go see it if you haven't already. Dreamworks is really coming on as an animation studio. We saw Prince of Persia, I think maybe I mentioned that one at the time, and it was sort of in the category with Clash and Percy Jackson - the surprisingly-not-bad category.

Let's see - oh, we did see Alice in Wonderland which absolutely was a big mess but was oddly entertaining for all that. At least I thought so; I don't think Rob did, so much. (Now I'm looking at Rotten Tomatoes "In Theaters" page to see what else I was forgetting.) I liked Iron Man 2 and so did Rob - once again, maybe low expectations helped. I had heard people say it was a "snoozefest" (I think was the term that more than one person used) and I was not inclined to snooze at all.

That might be it for so far in 2010. There haven't really been all that many movies I wanted to see, although I think 2010 is better than 2009 was on that score. I might add that we have seen at least a couple of the above in 3D and on the whole I think the whole 3D fad is just that - a fad. It's really not all that great. We have gone to see at least a couple of 3D movies in 2D because I just don't think it adds that much.


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