Sep. 13th, 2010

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I've just been watching Julie and Julia (that is the name of the movie, isn't it?), which I did enjoy watching again, even the Julie parts which I admit are not the equal of the Julia parts but still watchable. Anyway, I just checked and the Julie/Julia Project website is still up - the Paypal button (which I seem to remember caused some controversy at the time) is still there, even. The last entry is one she wrote the day that Julia died.

I wasn't intending to do anything much today, because I ran around all day yesterday and I have a full day tomorrow because my class is starting and I have to go buy my books and such, and then Rob got called to go in to work (poor Rob, but yay for overtime!) so all I did was sit around like a lump and watch tv and play DDO. I watched the baseball game (they won!) and then the football game on tape which they also won, and against the hated Colts too, so it's doubly sweet. I was still re-watching football when Rob got home, and then we had to watch the season ender of True Blood, which was also taped. (DV-Rs are wonderful inventions. I didn't even tell the TV to tape football, because I forgot, but I never cancelled the one from last year so it taped it just like it always did.)

I am trying to go to bed a bit earlier. For a long time I was going to bed about the time Rob got up, which was 5:30-ish, and then I moved it up a bit earlier, and I need to continue to move a bit earlier, until I am on something resembling a normal person's schedule. We went to Ikea last week and bought a mattress, which currently lives on the floor in the extra bedroom - the plan is to get a bed to go with it eventually! for Rob to sleep on when I snore too much and drive him out of our bed. He says it's actually quite comfortable.

I would write more but I seem to be quite sleepy so I think I will just take myself to bed.
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When we went around and did introductions in my class, almost every single person said they had been laid off from somewhere.


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