Nov. 19th, 2010

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I was running errands late this afternoon and I swung by the Cinemark to pick up our Harry Potter tickets, figuring that it's going to be a zoo tomorrow. And it was very quiet, so that was good, but there was a group of kids in Hogwarts robes coming in when I was leaving. (I don't usually hit the Harry Potter release parties, so I've never actually seen anybody wearing Hogwarts robes in the flesh before.) So either they were coming in to pick up their tickets too (and they just decided to get dressed early) or they're having some kind of pre-show thing before the midnight show (way before, because it was like 4:30 when I was there) or - and actually maybe this is the most likely - they had the employees dressing up for the occasion.

I'm glad I finally remembered to add the new Conan to the DV-R list, because it's fairly funny, so far. I never remembered to watch any of his shows regularly before - I used to watch The Tonight Show pretty regularly in the old old (i.e., Johnny) days but I stopped remembering its existence entirely, for the most part, during the Jay years. (Wonder how the whole ratings things is going so far. I haven't heard.)

In other pop culture-ish news, that Dwayne Johnson movie looks bad, and the more ads they run for it, the worse it looks. They really should just give it up. On the other hand, I don't suppose I'm the target market, so maybe it looks different to somebody else, I don't know.

I've just now been watching the first episode of The Walking Dead - well, I watched a bit of it weeks ago, but I just now got around to watching the rest of it. Pretty riveting, really. (So Andrew Lincoln was the guy who had the crush on Keira Knightley in Love Actually, right? I kept thinking he looked familiar but I couldn't place him for the longest time. - Heh, fun fact: according to IMDb he's also Ian Anderson's son-in-law.)


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