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2013-12-13 01:04 am

The X Factor

If anybody's interested, iTunes has that new Kelly Clarkson Christmas song for free as the Single of the Week. I don't know how to link directly to it, but it should be easy enough to find. "Underneath the Tree" is the name of it.

I was poking around iTunes mostly because of X-Factor, which I don't talk about much because nobody I know online ever seems to be watching. But somebody is watching, because one group (Alex and Sierra) has the #1 and #7 singles on iTunes and one of the two solo guys is #4. There were 4 acts left before tonight, and I haven't seen the results show from tonight, so somebody is already gone by now. (And we just fast-forwarded through the results show to see, and it was the boy-band - who did not have singles in the top 10 - who got sent home. They're a country band, which isn't our thing, so they would have been our pick for who to send home, although neither one of us actually voted.) I have downloaded songs by both of the two who are in the top 10, because I do like both of them. The guy's name is Jeff Gutt, and he's kind of a bog-standard rocker, but he's a really good singer. Alex and Sierra are a little more funky and out of the ordinary, and I'm guessing that they are going to win, especially because of the iTunes thing. But it's hard to be sure on these shows. iTunes sales don't count towards the vote.

We have been watching X-Factor since the beginning - three years now, I think? We have been watching American Idol for a number of years, too, although not from the very beginning. I think we picked up maybe with season 5, which was a good many years ago - seven or something like that? Hmm, actually, according to Wikipedia, the upcoming season is #13, so this will be the ninth year we've been watching. Good lord. -- Really, I was following it, more or less, even before that, because those were the years when it was fabulously popular and everybody talked about it endlessly at work. But I only actually started watching when Rob got interested - and I'm not sure why he did, actually. I forget to watch TV on my own half the time, which means I tend to watch what Rob watches - unless it's something that actively annoys me, in which case I retreat to the bedroom or, more often nowadays, he watches recorded shows in the mornings before I get up, since he works during prime time anyway.

(And no, we don't watch The Voice, or Dancing With the Stars, or any of the other talent shows that have come through in recent years. I'm sure we'd get interested in them if we ever started watching them, but we haven't.)

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2013-12-13 06:06 pm
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Bland (but good) chocolate

Somebody gave us a big box of these Taiwanese... candy or cookies, I don't know which you'd call it. I thought it was candy, originally, and everything is chocolate covered, but really it's more like chocolate covered cookies. My favorite is something called a Choco Roll that comes in white chocolate and milk chocolate, and tastes a lot to me like those vanilla creme cookies that I buy very occasionally. I can't think of the brand. I'm not talking about the Oreo-like ones, but the sort of crunchy rectangular ones. Oh, anyway, that's not much help if I can't even tell you what I'm talking about, is it? Here's some pictures of the Choco-Rolls - it's not the Taro thing at the top, but the ones further down. I like them. They're not really strongly flavored, which to me is a good thing. But they taste good to me. There was also one that was basically chocolate-covered puff-pastry, which I also liked. I like the texture of puff pastry, I think. (So far I have not encountered anything in this box that I don't like, which is unusual. I am a very picky eater.)

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2013-12-13 06:20 pm

It's an Ex-pet peeve

This may end up being about a holiday pet peeve that I seem to have gotten over, to some extent: my annoyance at the holidays starting too early. Everybody gripes about this, god knows, so it's hardly original, anyway, and I've complained about it for years. I used to say that nobody should be allowed to play Christmas music before December 1st - actually I still stand by that one - and nobody ought to be allowed to advertise Christmas merchandise or put any decorations up before Thanksgiving, at the very earliest. And that's the part I'm backing off of, a bit. (However, I still think that it's an abomination to advertise Christmas merchandise before Halloween, at the very earliest. There's still got to be limits.)

I think the reason I am loosening up about Christmas in November is because I am getting older, and apparently what happens when you get older is that time just goes by faster and faster. I remember how long the days seemed when I was a kid - just endless. I think everybody feels that way, right? The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is just EONS. And as you age, it just goes faster and faster until it's just zooming by. So now it's blink! Christmas is over. So hey, if it starts a little earlier maybe I'll have time to appreciate it a little more, because jesus, does time go by fast.