Jan. 1st, 2014

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I was pulling pictures off my iPhone and more off of Picasa earlier, so here are some pictures and a few words to go with them:

from Picasa:
My dad was a shrimper, but he retired from shrimping, sold his boat, and spent the rest of his life (as it turned out) as a substitute teacher. (This might seem less surprising if I tell you that he was a teacher before he ever was a shrimper. He was a bit of a job-hopper. But I went to college on shrimp proceeds, so I can't complain!)

Anyway, I don't remember how long ago this was, but several years after he had sold his boat, we happened to go to the Blessing of the Fleet one year, and there was the boat!
(This is probably one of those stories where that doesn't seem that unusual to anybody but us, but what can you do - life is full of stories like that, I'm afraid!)
Blessing of the Fleet
It looks different but I still recognized it without even looking at the name (which hadn't changed - it was named after my grandfather, actually). It looks like everybody on board is having a good time, anyway!
Quilt backs and more... )

2013 Movies

Jan. 1st, 2014 02:52 pm
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I kept a list of movies I'd seen for part of the year, and then I went through tweets a couple of weeks ago looking for references to going to movies, to find the ones that hadn't made it onto the list. So this is probably a reasonably complete list. I don't go to a whole lot of movies these days - we used to go almost every weekend, back when we lived in Galveston - mostly because I work two out of three weekends a lot of the time, but also because I have gotten pickier, I think. I won't go to a movie unless I'm fairly sure it's something I'm going to like. Rotten Tomatoes has spoiled me in a way - I don't only go to movies that get very high ratings, but if I go to one that got a lower rating, at least I know to have lower expectations! (And a lot of the time that really helps, I find.)

Rob goes to a lot more movies than I do, mostly on the weekends that I'm working, but only a few of those are movies that I would have seen, anyway, because he likes horror movies and I won't go to most of those. Luckily he's willing to go to those without me.

So here's everything I could come up with that I saw in a theater last year:
Django Unchained (on New Year's Day)
  • The Impossible

  • Zero Dark Thirty

  • Silver Linings Playbook

  • Star Trek: Into Darkness

  • Iron Man 3

  • Pacific Rim

  • Elysium

  • Rush

  • Thor: The Dark World

  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (on Thanksgiving Day)

  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

  • American Hustle

  • Most of these were really very good movies (particularly The Impossible, Zero Dark Thirty, American Hustle, and surprisingly to me, Iron Man 3) but I have to say that probably my very favorite was really Pacific Rim. Because I am a geek at heart.

    (Rush was also quite good, and it's a movie nobody much saw, I think. I am not much into car racing, so when I tell you that I enjoyed this, it wasn't just because I liked watching the cars go fast. Although admittedly I have a bit of a thing for Hemsworth-the-Elder, so that helped.)

    ADDED: this entry from earlier in the month has some notes about a couple of these movies.
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    I do hope we're not about to get invaded by Daleks. That would kinda mess up my plans to play Diablo for the rest of New Year's Day.

    Also, before I forget, thank you to Richard and Jennifer for running Holidailies again (and I hope you manage to banish those nasty Daleks)! And thanks also to Jette, whose idea it was back in the day!

    I don't normally make resolutions, because I just forget all about them by the end of the week, but this year I have one that I need to take seriously. As everyone who was around to hear about it endlessly at the time knows, I got certified in medical coding a few years ago, and then I happened on two part-time jobs that I liked - neither of which had anything at all to do with it - and so never got a coding job. I did keep up with my required 48 hours of continuing education (I know that's kind of a lot, but it's because I ended up with two certifications - one more intended for physician offices and one for hospitals - thus I have to do twice as much!) in 2011 and 2012 - it's 48 hours every TWO years. And in 2013 I slacked off. I didn't mean to, I just did, because that's how I roll. I am a procrastinator. So not only do I have to make up for that, but this is the year when I probably need to get a coding job if I'm ever going to, because October 1st is when ICD-10 finally is going to happen, and supposedly a lot of older coders are going to retire rather than learn a whole new system. As near as I can determine from what I've seen so far, there's nothing particularly difficult about it, it's just different, but you know how some people are about change! So the big window for getting a job exists, at least in theory, and also there is a possibility that my bookkeeping job (which like most jobs with small businesses, is contract work) is going to end at some point. In any case, it has come to stress me out unduly and it's probably best that I move on fairly soon, whether it ends or not. So, studying needs to ensue, both to catch up on the continuing ed, and to learn ICD-10, and also just to catch up in general, because I got certified, what, almost 4 years ago? and I am rusty. It's a big resolution, really, as far as the amount of work that needs to be done, but I've got to knuckle down and do it.

    (Good news for those of you that enjoyed this little feature, though: the "medical term for today" entries might well be making a comeback!)


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