Aug. 10th, 2014

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I copied one of those really long questionnaires from Tumblr earlier, and I answered this question and I might answer a few more later on. It's like, 99 or 100 questions so I know I will never answer them all. But I still seem to have a weakness for these silly things.

Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed?
I live in Texas. There are very very few people here who don't drive, unless they're too poor to afford a car or their vision is too poor or something. We have no public transportation to speak of, except in cities, and it's not very good public transportation even there. So yeah, I drive.
I have had a several crashes, mostly minor. The worst one was when somebody ran out in front of me and I broadsided them. I guess that's what people nowadays call a "t-bone" accident, but this was many years ago - before airbags, I might add. They were in an F-150 pickup and my car was very small, or they would almost certainly have been killed. (Also I think I hit them right behind the cab, which would have helped.) My Toyota was totalled but I was not seriously injured - I had a lacerated knee. They were at fault, of course. I wasn't speeding.


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