Sep. 7th, 2015

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[ profile] columbina and I have been playing Trove for ages - I think he started before the beginning of 2015 and I started right after, maybe - and I have some screenshots so I thought of putting some of them here. We'll see what I have. I probably need to go document the stuff I've built in my club world more than I have, but I might have a few pictures of that already, and some out in the adventuring areas.

Here's a character and her mount and her ally. I haven't played Minecraft so I don't know about the similarities and differences between them, but I gather that this is considered a Minecraft-type game. This is my Knight - Trove is different from most games I've played in that you stay the same character all the time (in the sense that you have the same name and the same face and hair - although there are actually faces that are an armor item, too, I just choose not to have them show) and you just choose which class you're going to play. Each class has different abilities and different armor, and then you have mounts - which are a collectible, so after you've played a while you have more mounts than you can possibly use. (This one is a Battle Caterpillar - there are horses and dogs and bikes and even nowadays dragons - although they deliberately made that last one hard to get. Players submit designs and so you get all kinds of stuff. One of my chars rides a pinata!) All the mounts are good for is to go faster, but as far as I know even dragons don't go any faster than any other mount. Although I'm not sure about that because they're new - but for most mounts, they all go the same speed no matter what they look like.

Then you have allies - here that's the little guy that looks a bit like a floating Tardis. They give you a small stat boost so you can pick between them - personally I usually end up balancing between what my character can use a boost in, and appearance. The stat boosts are not that great, that some of them override appearance. I usually try to pick something with both allies and mounts that seems appropriate to the character. (For example, the ranger has a red panda mount; the tomb raiser has a skeletal horse.) There's a whole series of cats that are probably among the most popular allies.

Everything in Trove is cube-shaped. The characters and some other things in the world are made up of little tiny cubes, as you can see. And you can build, but only in large blocks - about as tall as the character is, in fact. Everybody gets a "cornerstone" house when they start. It has a specified size (16 by 16 blocks) and it starts out with a little basic house on it, but most people tear that one down and build something unique to them. My original one was sort of a latticework skyscraper - this is from the bottom looking up:

You have to mine for the different colors of blocks, so I just used whatever I had to begin with, that's why it's all patchworky. I kept building up and up - inside it was sort of patchworky also, it was just a maze of multiple levels and stairs and such. There's not really any particular use for making it tall, I just liked playing with it. You can also dig down and I did that also. Finally I decided I had gone high enough - I was up about cloud-level and I hadn't found a top limit yet - so I put on a roof:

This was a screenshot from one of the dungeons which was itself floating (it's a floating spaceship, in fact). I did some re-siding and made it at least look like a more organized patchwork, but eventually I decided I was bored with it and I built a narrower tower instead, that didn't take up the whole 16x16 width. I built it from the top down - things stay where you put them (mostly), even if where you put them is up in the air. (Col has built a whole floating castle on his club world.)

I had built a couple of towers on my club world so I had a basic design - I just elaborated on it a little bit with this. So I knocked down the roof of the original house and started building downwards from there, and I knocked the old latticework tower down as I went. It took me a good while - days or weeks, I don't remember exactly. (Building can get very involving, sometimes I'll get to working on something and lose all track of time.) So here's a shot looking upwards into the new tower:

and here's a picture where you can see both new and old:

I remember experimenting with the burnt-orange color you can see here, but I took that off eventually and went to the bright colors you can see in the picture above that. The colors are all bright purple and pink and blue. The part that looks white is actually light gray, because making light gray uses up gray blocks, which are the most common thing and anybody who likes to excavate builds up a ton of them. Light gray looks so close to white that most of the time you can't tell the difference anyway. I imagine the light-colored blocks in the green-and-white checkerboard are also light gray.

(When I got down to the bottom, I left part of the old building, so that the new tower sits in the ruins of the old tower. I like the way it looks, myself.)

I mentioned club worlds - you have the cornerstone house which you can take out in the adventuring world with you, and then there are also club worlds. These start out as a little island in the middle of a gigantic impassable ocean, but you can build onto them. When I started, Col had already been playing for a month or two, and he had terraformed and added several extra biomes to the club world that he had started, and so I built a structure there and I did some digging also. We kind of arrived at a "this is your part of the island and this is mine" sort of arrangement, I built a big terraced structure - in candy colors because it was next to a "candy" biome. Unfortunately I don't think I have any pictures of that.

(That's especially unfortunate because it got knocked down in a sort of tragicomic terraforming accident - Col was upset about it at the time, because he thought I'd be upset, but actually terraforming accidents happen a lot and I had quit using it by then so I was not particularly upset. He built sort of a Mel Memorial Terrace on top of it, actually! -- The reason there are lots of terraforming accidents is because it's not always clear where the edges of a zone are, and anything in the area may get messed up if you aim badly. I have done it several times myself so I know how easy it is!)

And I have to go right now and this is long enough anyway, so I will save any elaborations on this for later.


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