Dec. 4th, 2015

mellicious: "I'm bored. Episode 1 bored." (star wars)
(I had to hunt through my collection of icons to find something Star Wars related - that one is a Buffy quote but it's obviously germane. The only other one I saw was an old NaBloPoMo one with a picture of Yoda, which I'll probably end up trotting out before the end of the month, too.)

So I feel like I've been grouchy on paper - well, virtual paper - so far this month, and I thought I would talk about something that does not make me grouchy, and Star Wars seemed like a good candidate. I was pretty sure that I had told the (SW-related) story about my freshman orientation at UT fairly recently (right here, from last December) so I won't repeat that in its entirety. The shorter version is that Star Wars came out when I was 17 and about to go to college, and I saw it multiple times that year and, I think, into the next, because they kept re-releasing it - because that's how it worked back in the day. There weren't multiplexes all over the place and digital prints and all that stuff, so the system was a bit different. (I think nowadays they just keep a giant hit movie like that in circulation rather than doing the re-release thing - and I guess we will find out because unless it turns out to utterly suck like... Prometheus, or something, it looks like it's going to be a gigantic hit.)

(You can argue with me about my choice of Prometheus as an example, but it was a highly-anticipated sequel which got mediocre reviews and was "disappointing" at the box office, which is about the worst I can see happening to The Force Awakens at this point. Of course you could also point to Avatar, which got mediocre reviews and was a pretty mediocre movie, in my opinion, and still went on to make megabucks. Prometheus was more problematic - I think the phrase "hot mess" pretty much describes it. Avatar was just bland.)

I don't see much need to go through each movie one by one. I'm sort of an average Star Wars fan. Love the original trilogy, mostly hate the prequels. (The prequels have fairly good parts interspersed with bad or just stultifyingly boring parts. I don't think they even deserve "hot mess" which implies a more interesting sort of badness.) I'm not one of the fans who got all worried about light sabers with a cross-piece. I don't usually nitpick. I am going to be miffed if Luke turns out to be Kylo Ren - I think that's the name, right? - unless they have an incredibly convincing backstory explaining how that happened. I'm hoping Disney has made sure that there's a solid plot to this thing. (Disney used to be known purveyors of poorly-plotted pieces of crap, but they've improved over time to the point that I am not too terribly worried about that. Don't prove me wrong, Disney-and-JJ.)

I actually thought of this topic because I saw a compilation of many trailers on YouTube, and it made me very nostalgic. It didn't actually make me cry, although I do think there were some tears involved back a couple of months ago when the last big trailer came out. I think this may be the compilation I was watching, although I'm at work so I can't watch it to see for sure. Watching them all in a row like that did make me more aware of some (theoretical) plot points that people have been talking about, like who's related to whom. But I'm not going to go on about that now because, hell, in a couple of weeks we'll know for sure. Rob and I have tickets for the 19th.



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