Dec. 9th, 2015

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I posted H & I for Music Advent just now, so that means I have another three to post here - which is good because I haven't particularly got anything else to say. I'll start right off with I, because I think what I posted is a pretty glaringly obvious choice what with the death of Scott Weiland recently - STP's "Interstate Love Song"

And then I'll keep going backwards: H was The Traveling Wilburys, "Handle With Care" - this seemed pretty obvious to me, too, but I guess it's been a while and it's probably not quite so obvious as I think.

Couple of these guys are dead too, of course, but then they were a good bit older than Weiland. (Added: Huh. actually Orbison was only 52 when he died. Not much older than Weiland - who I think was 48 - at all, and younger than I am now, for that matter. I'd forgotten that.)

I was on a rock-song tear with this bunch; G is Pearl Jam's "Given To Fly"

I wasn't going for a "dead people" theme, believe me, but I gathered from the comments on this (2000, live) video that the lady who is signing onstage in this video has recently passed away. Apparently she was a teacher who was in the audience with some students and Eddie, so the story says, noticed her signing and put her on the stage.

Here's my alternate H video, in a much different style: Linda Ronstadt and the McGarrigle Sisters, "Heart Like a Wheel":

And, since I was talking about who's still with us, I had to check on the McGarrigle sisters - apparently Kate died in 2010 (I might've known that at the time, now that I think about it) but the other two are still kicking (Anna McG. & Linda Ronstadt, I mean). Linda Ronstadt has Parkinson's and can't sing any more. I knew I hadn't seen her in a while. (I was not a huge fan of hers, in particular, but around the time I was in college, she was the only big female star going, certainly the only rock singer who achieved that level of fame. She was a trailblazer, in retrospect.)



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