Dec. 16th, 2015

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I started my day out with a mammogram. I had one maybe six weeks ago, and they came back and said there was a "shadow" and they needed more imaging. This was one of those times when I was sorry I got online and read the radiology report because the way it was worded there was fairly alarming. But then they gave me a date of December 15 for the additional imaging, which at the time seemed like a long way away, and I went "oh well, if they really thought I had cancer they would have had me back in there like a shot" and I calmed down. Plus I've had needle biopsies twice in the past, and so I've been through this false alarm thing before. So after a day or two I was like, well, the time to freak out about it is when they tell me they really found something, not because they saw a shadow, literally.

So anyway, I had a 3-D mammogram, which is so new I heard them telling people on the phone that they couldn't guarantee insurance would cover it (although mine did, thank you BCBS), and then I had an ultrasound after that, because they were like, "We're pretty sure it's nothing but we just want to be sure" - which sounded reassuring and a little weird to me, but okay. (An ultrasound is nothing, after all - no giant needles involved!) In the end the radiologist came in and looked and they said it was fine. I guess that's just the health system covering itself, mostly.

Let's see, and then I went and had lunch at Luby's, because it was on the way home, and I went to the grocery store and got a few things, and then when I got home I read for a while. Then I got on the computer because around 5pm my time on weekdays is about the only time Col & I ever manage to meet up to play games these days - and before I could even get online, I promptly knocked my tea over on the keyboard. I'm accident-prone as hell, but oddly, I've never managed to ruin a keyboard like that - until today. It seemed alright for a while, and then the spacebar stopped working. (Bear in mind that the spacebar is also the "jump" key in videogames, and this was Trove, where you can't move more than a few steps without jumping most of the time.) Then the A key stopped working a few minutes later - and eventually I figured out that the Escape key was also hosed. So I waited a couple of hours to make sure it wasn't just a temporary problem (I had the keyboard turned over hoping it would drain!) but eventually I ended up at Walmart at 10:00 at night because that's the only place you can buy keyboards at that time of night. I wasn't even sure if the Walmarts nearest me - one in each direction - were open 24 hours these days, but apparently both are, in fact. I just bought the cheapest Logitech keyboard, not even cordless - it was $12 and change. It seems fine so far. I thought about trying to wait until tomorrow but then I decided that was crazy because I am totally computer-dependent. I've never gotten in the habit of doing things on my phone, like most people have, even. And really, it's the keyboard that keeps me using the computer, because I'm a fast typist (if more and more mistake-prone) and it takes me three times as long - probably more - to do things on the phone.

(I told Col - while I was trying to type with no spacebar and no A's - that I might possibly have spilled nail polish on the old keyboard at some point, but actually I'm pretty careful with the nail polish and I don't think I ever really had any kind of full-scale spill there. There was some glitter on it, for sure, though.)

And so now I'm writing this on the new keyboard, and baking an apple pie that we bought at Aldi the other day. My husband has decided Aldi is the best grocery store in the world because they have all this good cheap stuff - with weird off-brand names on it - and so far everything we've tried has been fine. I think he exaggerates the savings, but it is pretty cheap. (It was H-E-B I went to earlier today, though, because Aldi doesn't carry Red Diamond tea and I'm addicted to it. And today that addiction cost me $12.)



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