Jul. 30th, 2016

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I actually have seen three movies that I haven't talked about, but one was Deadpool (at the dollar theater) for the second time. It holds up really well - I still thought it was hilarious.

Then we saw Finding Dory (also at the Dollar Theater) - it was really good and funny and I'm glad we went to see it. Maybe not quite as good as the first movie but surprisingly close. Funny thing: I had just put that RunPee app on my phone and I sat there during the credits and checked to see if we actually needed to stay til the end (Me: "It's not a Marvel movie, so we don't need to stay" - but it turned out we did). There is a very funny bit at the very end that's a callback to Finding Nemo. It's brief, but it was worth sitting there to see. And obviously RunPee is worth it just for that feature.

Star Trek Beyond was really good, too. I have enjoyed all the Star Trek movies ever, quite honestly, even a couple that I was rolling my eyes at even at the time (Star Trek V, I'm looking at you) but really most of them are at least "not bad." (Rob and I actually had a conversation the other day about how the first Star Trek movie isn't really as bad as its reputation, and I haven't seen it in a long time, so I can't be sure what I'd think now, but I know that then we really loved it. I stood in line with friends to see it and we collectively thought it was pretty awesome back in 1979.) So what it comes down to is, I'm a big fan and furthermore I'm old enough to remember it from the first time through, even though I was six when it started and didn't understand too much. I thought it was awesome back then too. I think Star Trek is in danger of becoming something only us "old" people care that much about - which I guess is why they gave it to the guy from the Furious movies to direct. I'm not sure it helped with the age range of the audience, but he did fine. I had seen it described as being like a two-hour Original Series episode, and I think that's a reasonable way to describe it. It's not great art but it's enjoyable.


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