Jan. 29th, 2018

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 I usually do a wrap-up movie post around January 1st and try to list all the movies I've seen. I didn't get around to doing that before Holidailies ended. And then I looked back and it turns out I didn't do one for 2016 either. But then I was looking in my planner from last year and I found the 2016 list written in there, and a partial 2017 list, too. So I used my back entries to finish that list off and that's probably about as complete as it's going to get. I always feel like I'm probably forgetting things. If my numbers are correct I went more movies this past year. In 2016 I had a larger-than-usual number of favorites that I saw more than once. (And yes, I did see Suicide Squad twice. Hush.)

(I typed out the 2017 list and DW ate it, so that'll be in a separate post!)

  1. The Martian (released in 2015)
  2. Bridge of Spies (released in 2015)
  3. Hail Caesar!
  4. Deadpool (twice)
  5. The Force Awakens (released in 2015, and I believe this was the third time I'd seen it)
  6. Captain America: Civil War (twice)
  7. Batman vs. Superman
  8. Star Trek Beyond
  9. Finding Dory
  10. Suicide Squad (twice)
  11. Kubo & the Two Strings
  12. Dr Strange (three times)
  13. Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them (twice)
  14. Rogue One  (twice)
  15. Moana

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As far as I can determine, these are the movies I went to see in a movie theater in 2017:
  1. Rogue One (a third time, I'd already seen it twice)
  2. Hidden Figures
  3. Lego Batman
  4. Get Out
  5. Logan
  6. Beauty & the Beast
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2
  8. Wonder Woman (twice)
  9. Spider Man Homecoming
  10. Dunkirk (twice)
  11. Valerian & the City of 1000 Planets
  12. Logan Lucky
  13. Blade Runner 2049
  14. Spirited Away (first time I'd seen it on a big screen)
  15. Thor Ragnarok (twice)
  16. Murder on the Orient Express
  17. Coco
  18. The Last Jedi
  19. Jumanji
I've seen two repeats this January, too, for the record, The Last Jedi and Dunkirk. I said this on Twitter but I'll say it here, too: I highly recommend seeing Dunkirk on a big screen if you're interested in seeing it at all. (IMAX would probably be even better.) Since it's Oscar-nominated it's making the rounds again so we decided to go one more time.


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