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2018-02-19 02:09 am
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Movie: Darkest Hour

 We went to see Darkest Hour two weeks ago - during the Super Bowl - and I got involved in something-or-other else and forgot to ever talk about it. (I think I tweeted about how empty the theater was but never even said what I went to see.) I actually liked it a lot - more than I expected to. Some reviews talk about how awesome Gary Oldman is but don't seem to think much of the rest of the movie. But I really liked the whole thing. I keep talking about Dunkirk (the movie) and I did really love that movie a lot. In a lot of ways I think the two movies together tell one story: Dunkirk the view from on-the-spot, never showing the politics of the thing at all, and Darkest Hour filling in the political side. (It also has very funny moments.)