Dec. 4th, 2018

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It occurred to me that American Idol was a well of good covers (as are those other singing-competition shows, presumably), so I went looking for examples. This wasn't the one I started out looking for, actually, but I remembered that I liked this one, so here's Haley Reinhart doing Lady Gaga's "You & I":

I've got this (hopefully) set up to start when the song starts. Because this is Idol footage, there's a bunch of stuff at the beginning and then the judges at the end. I didn't even hang in there to listen to the judges here, but the part at the beginning is actually kind of interesting because this was an unrecorded song at the time - Gaga had been doing it at concerts but it hadn't been released on an album.

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Day 1: Prince does Creep -
Day 2: Pearl Jam does Petty  -
Day 3: Haley Reinhart does Gaga -

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Well, the last time I talked about movies here was apparently in May. (Did we go see Infinity War three weeks in a row? Good lord.) I've been keeping a list that I think is more or less complete. So here's a sentence or two about everything we've been to see since that. I feel like I haven't been going to that many movies but this is actually a surprisingly long list, so if I get sleepy before I get through this, it may end up having two parts.

(Also take it as read that Rob is going to almost all the horror movies, meanwhile. I always think I should keep track of that, too, but then I forget.)

Solo - huh, actually, I have written down "Solo x2" so I guess that means we saw it twice. I'd completely forgotten that. We didn't hate it, obviously. I didn't totally love it but I did really like parts of it. I certainly didn't think it was as awful as everybody was making it out to be. (Favorite part: Phoebe Waller-Bridge's robot)

Ocean's 8 - liked it a lot, I'm totally ready to see it again. I wasn't sure ahead of time how much I would like it but I really did. For one thing, I'm a total Met Gala junkie so I loved that part. I loved that Cate and Sandra were quietly a couple. I liked Awkwafina, I liked Rihanna, I liked all of it, really.

Incredibles 2 - really liked this, too, but honestly I don't totally remember it too well, months later. Obviously it's time to see this one again, too.

Ant-Man & the Wasp - I liked this, too. It wasn't as good as the first one but it was pretty good. (I did have a definite gripe with the Infinity-War twist in the credits, but it does make sense. It's just depressing.) I liked the woman who played Ghost, whose name I keep forgetting - and I've already looked it up more than once so I'm not going to go look it up again. (It was Hannah! and something with a hyphen! John-Kamen, something like that, I refuse to go look, seriously. I do know that she was also in Ready Player One.)

(Side note: if you're put off by me repeatedly saying, "I liked this... and I liked this too," then you're probably just never going to like what I have to say. Basically, I only go see movies these days if I'm convinced I'm going to like them decently well. If not, I just don't bother.)

Mission Impossible Fallout - we always go see these movies - at least in recent years - and I always enjoy them and then later I can't remember them at all. I don't particularly like Tom Cruise, and when they started making the MI movies with him (years ago now, I guess!) I was profoundly uninterested, and early on we didn't go see them. But somewhere along the line the reviews started getting better - I think it may have been along about #4, but it's hard to be sure since, as I said, the plots are all pretty interchangeable, and I can't tell them apart except as "the one where they're rappelling up & down the building" and things like that.

OK, I'll pick up with BlackKKlansman (I don't know if I've got the capitalization quite right on that) tomorrow.

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 I was poking around looking for interesting covers and I found this - I guess this is a British band, Hot Chip? I never heard of them that I recall, but I like this.

The only version of this I knew was the Springsteen one - I wasn't even sure it was his song originally, but Springsteen wrote it, I looked it up. (Although honestly, if you look at the lyrics, it's totally got that sad-working-man vibe that sounds like classic Springsteen. I'm not sure why I ever thought otherwise.)

(You might end up hearing this song again tomorrow, done by another artist. I found another cover of it that I really like, and it's totally different. There's not a rule that says you have to do a different song every day, right?)

#musicadvent 2018
Day 4: Hot Chip does Springsteen 

(Since I used this for my Holidailies entry for today, I will point out that you can also watch the rest of these videos without having to jump over to YouTube, if you prefer, by just going to my recent entries and scrolling down!)


If you want a preview of tomorrow, here's the spoiler:


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