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2018-12-07 05:16 am

Music Advent Day 6

 I'm having trouble juggling the posts here and the nail blog and Music Advent. I'll try to get a little more organized over the weekend.

Anyway, here is a really cool cover by a really great singer.

#musicadvent 2018
Day 1: Prince does Creep - https://youtu.be/NFXZNt4oLkE
Day 2: Pearl Jam does Petty  - https://youtu.be/3wkxAmQo-Vw
Day 3: Haley Reinhart does Gaga - https://youtu.be/jwOokrZKHNE?t=101
Day 4: Hot Chip does Springsteen - https://youtu.be/b4IAuUmG95g
Day 5: Mary Chapin Carpenter does Springsteen - https://youtu.be/-l2dFhlaIRk
Day 6: Amy Winehouse does The Zutons - https://youtu.be/6pAz9UpnRKw