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2019-02-11 01:31 am
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Lego Movie 2

We went to see The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (I believe that's the correct full title). We liked the first one and we also liked Lego Batman, so this was a no-brainer. It has a very interesting plot and I actually can't talk about the part of it I'd like to talk about without spoiling stuff, so I will just tell you that I saw when I got home that it didn't make nearly as much money as it was predicted to - $35 million or so rather than the $55m or so the studio thought it would make.  (Here's the piece I was reading - it got an A- CinemaScore so it's not that audiences didn't like it.)

I notice that this is actually the first movie I've seen that was released this year. I feel like there just wasn't much released up to now that I was very interested in.

Movies seen in 2019:
1. Bumblebee
2. Into the Spider-verse
3. Lego Movie 2