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We went to the town Christmas parade tonight. I am very amazed because we never do things like this. But it's not like it was any trouble - we weren't even sure when it was, but we went out for an early dinner and when we came back people were gathering on the side of the road with their lawn chairs, so we knew it must be pretty soon. Actually nobody had "lawn chairs" in the sense that I think of them, the old folding ones with the plastic webbing. Everybody I saw had those newer kind that seem to be made out of fabric and some sticks. (You can tell I've never put one of those together; I have no idea how they actually work.) So we went home and we got our old plastic-webbing lawn chairs, which is all we have, and we walked the half a block over to the main street where the parade would be. We still had to wait for a bit, but it wasn't too terribly long. I don't mind as long as I have somewhere to sit and something to look at - there was plenty of that, what with all the kids running around and stuff.

I suspect that the parade wasn't as well attended as usual because Friendswood High School was in the state semi-finals and was playing at Kyle Field in College Station. (I just found out, via Google and Dave Campbell's Texas Football, that they got beat rather badly.) But it was still a nice little parade. At other times of year, I usually think little dinky local parades are kind of pitiful (I may be a little snobbish about this) but somehow colored lights make everything look different, and boy, everything was covered with them. There weren't any bands - I was wondering if normally the high-school band participates, but naturally they were otherwise occupied today. But there were kids marching and there were antique cars and there were a quite a few fire-trucks (some of them were antique too) and a couple of beauty queens and, well, all kinda stuff. It was such a small parade that people on the floats would look right at you and wave, so that you felt compelled to wave back.

I struck up a conversation with a lady standing nearby with her grandchildren while we were waiting on the parade to start, and she said that the fire-trucks drive around between now and Christmas and give out candy to random kids. Man, this really IS a small town.
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