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It's 10:45 on New Year's Eve and I have just torn myself away from WoW to come and post. My life is so exciting. Actually we did go out to eat earlier, which is more than we usually do. We went really early and only had to wait a few minutes. By the time we left it was a zoo. (And in fact a big party that came in at the same time we did didn't get seated until about the time our entrees came. Luckily for us it's easier for two.)

In WoW, I worked on my fishing! Hey man, doesn't get much more exciting than that. Col ditched me, which is not surprising because we were both cranky before dinner and were sniping at each other. He'll say it was him, not me, of course - or something to that effect. Also, in WoW news, one of my characters actually joined a guild - I haven't belonged to one in so long I don't quite know how to act.

I tried to start TUS chat but I waited until like, 5 minutes to 12, eastern time, and so far nobody's biting. I forget about that whole eastern-time thing. (And presumably some people actually go out, unlike us.)

Let's see, I haven't done much so far this week. I need to be cleaning house, because we invited my dad and his wife to come to lunch Saturday, but I haven't really gotten in gear with that yet. All I've done is watch Bride and Prejudice (twice, because I watched the commentary too, plus ALL the deleted scenes and extended versions of the songs) and play a lot of WoW. Oh, and I made some jewelry! A really pretty necklace, which I don't have pictures of so far.

I don't do resolutions and I have already done an Ike post-mortem, which pretty effectively sums up my year. 2008 sucked, let's hope for a little better next year. (I have to go find a job, ugh, so I'm not looking forward to the early part of 2009, really.)

But happy 2009, anyway!

Date: 2009-01-01 03:01 pm (UTC)
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Happy 2009 to you, too!

Col was a little grouchy last night, but I think dinner, a bottle of wine, and cheesy Westerns on TV really cheered him up.


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