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Just got home. A lot of flights were running late, including mine - some sort of weather system coming through, I think? and when our plane eventually pulled up to the gate in Dallas, they hustled us all on and were pulling out again in not much over 10 minutes flat, period. I thought they were just trying to catch up to the schedule, until we started to land, and then we came down through clouds, clouds and more clouds, and didn't see the ground until we were awfully close to it - in other words, we came very very near getting fogged out. They obviously knew exactly why they were rushing.

It's warm here - that's when we get fog - but it was damned chilly in Dallas yesterday when I was out and about, and it apparently is supposed to get even colder this weekend. Or so the people who live there were saying, anyway. I will talk more about Dallas later, because I wrote a lot of stuff down on paper while I was sitting around in various airports and I might as well transcribe it, since it's already written.

It looked like fall in Dallas, I don't think I said that elsewhere. There's a little bit of fall color here, but it was very pretty there. I'm sure up north the leaves are already gone, but in north Texas it's high season.

Somebody on Facebook linked to this YouTube video - I don't know what that weird guitar-like instrument is that that guy is playing but it sounds good!

OK, I'm very very tired - I got up really early this morning and had makeup on and my luggage stowed in the car before seminar registration even opened at 8. Go me.

One more thing - no, two more:
1. In case you were wondering, there is now a CPT code for H1N1. I can tell you what it is, if you really want to know, but I don't have it in front of me right now. I only know that it exists, but it's not in the new code book, because they didn't add it in time for the publishing deadline.
2. When I called to say I might be late, my husband informed me that he was taping "A Charlie Brown Christmas" for me. Aw.

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