Date: 2017-04-18 04:02 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] bunny42
I, too, am a rabid baseball fan. My team is the (now) Miami Marlins. i was at their inaugural game as the Florida Marlins in 1993! In 1996 my late husband bought me season tickets for Christmas, with the stipulation that he didn't have to go with me. (He would rather watch paint dry) So, if I couldn't find someone to use my other ticket I went by myself. You can generally find somebody to talk to, especially if you take your radio and listen to the broadcast. When something unusual happens on the field, the announcers discuss it and you become a wealth of knowledge. What a joyful year,1997! We won the Series in seven, against the Indians. It was magical!

The Marlins have had their ups and downs, including another Series in 2003, but nothing more down than last fall, when Jose Fernandez died in a boating accident. That was dreadful. The team has become a family as a result of that tragedy, and, in spite of everything, they are fun to watch.

I hate the new ballpark. it's ugly and not at all friendly. Also it's too far away, in downtown Miami, and parking is expensive. I miss going to the games, but can't deal with the drive, the expense, and the attitude at the new park.

I love my TV. Of course, I watch all the games, but we love the Food Network shows. Sean introduced me to Alton Brown, and we've since attended several of his live shows and recorded many, many episodes of Good Eats. I stream Netflix and watch things like House of Cards and Grace and Frankie. Pry my TV from my cold dead hands!
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