Date: 2017-04-21 10:57 am (UTC)
mellicious: Photo of a road framed by trees (spring trees)
From: [personal profile] mellicious
Yeah, they showed several spring training games on TV here so I did get to see the new stadium a bit. I guess they would never have built it if they didn't think they would get their money out of it eventually. (Jim Crane and the Ryan family - as in Nolan's, that is - seem to sort of jointly run the Astros these days, and so far their judgment on things has been awfully sound, in general!)

This computer has a nice 20" screen on it so it's really plenty big in our little living room. (The ancient non-HD TV is maybe 35" and it seems HUGE.) We have an extra computer that we're not using for anything, so my idea if we ever get around to ditching TV completely is that we would just buy a slightly bigger screen and hook it up to that computer. I quit using that computer because it didn't have a processor good enough to play MMOs on but I assume it'd do alright for Netflix and such.

(I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas last year and I really hadn't used it much except as a sort of backlit Kindle, to read books on, but lately I've been watching Amazon Prime stuff on that and it's really nice. Bit small for more than one person, but for one it's great.)
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