Date: 2017-04-21 01:54 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] bunny42
Duh! Of course you would have seen the new park! I'm a little slow on the uptake. Spring Training is big business here in South Florida, and West Palm Beach seems delighted to have this new facility. I can't imagine it not doing at least as well as Roger Dean Stadium (home to the Marlins and Cardinals) up the road in Jupiter, as well as many of the other parks in the area. It's a real jewel. There are six practice fields for each team, plus soccer fields and a whole area for the public, as well. My only gripe is the schlep from the parking area to the gate. It was in the 80's the day I went, and a long, broiling journey. They have golf carts to transport seniors, which is a nice touch, but I'm not quite ready for that, yet. As of now, they plan to use the park for high school baseball this summer, plus other non-sports events as scheduling permits. They'll get their money's worth.

I wore my black Jose Fernandez official jersey (which didn't help with the heat) and don't you know I ordered a funnel cake covered with powdered sugar! What a ninny. Fortunately, I'd brought a towel to cover my knees (I'd have burnt to a crisp!) and used it as a bib. Managed to keep most of the sugar off of my shirt. Tough to pass up a fresh-made funnel cake! 8-)
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