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More music of 1983

Ok, I linked to videos for the first few days of Music Advent back here, and I just posted day 4 here, because I was seeing if the embed code I finally found would work. So I'll talk a little about Day 4 and then go on from there.

4. The Back of Love, Echo and the Bunnymen
I'm sure I've talked about my love of Echo and the Bunnymen in some past year (most recently here). "Porcupine" was the name of the album that came out around this time. I looked it up the other day but I've already half forgotten - maybe it came out in 1982 but was a single in 1983, or something like that. I knew I had used "The Cutter" which was also from that album in some past year, and I try not to repeat. Also from 1983 is "Never Stop" which came out as a standalone single in '83, but I love that song so much I had already broken my "no repeating" rule and used it in two different years. So I knew that one was out. Luckily this is an excellent song too. (If I ever need another one of their songs from 1982-83, I'm going to have to dig deeper into Porcupine.)

5. Wishing, A Flock of Seagulls
In 1983 I think I loved this more than I loved Echo & the Bunnymen (they were kind of an acquired taste, where Flock of Seagulls is popcorn). Also, I remembered that this guy had a goofy haircut, but I still did a double-take when I actually saw it again. 

(I was going to put another video here but the code is being cranky so I'm going to do a separate entry for that.)