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mellicious ([personal profile] mellicious) wrote2017-12-13 02:42 am

Talk About the Passion

Day 6 of Music Advent:
Talk About the Passion, R.E.M.
The video has a later year on it at the end, but the song definitely came out in 1983. I remember well because the album was one of those critical darlings that get hyped all the time and I found it annoying. I'm sure I heard this song in 1983 but I don't remember it as much as I remember "Radio Free Europe" which I liked even as I was annoyed by the hype. I don't think I ever owned Murmur on vinyl, though - I had it on CD which means it came later. (My friend who I borrowed albums from to make mix tapes was a total Anglophile so I don't think he had it either. We were all pretty snobbish about that, at the time.)

(Later on, I came to love and adore R.E.M., but like Echo & the Bunnymen, it took me a while to get warmed up.)