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What makes a Holidailies entry?

I posted a video and some links about the music of 1983 yesterday, and then, because the embed code is apparently wonky, I published another entry with another video. It had a paragraph of text so I went ahead and used that for a Holidailies entry just now, even though I really think that's cheating. It's not cheating by Holidailies' own standards, I know - I remember Jette saying ages ago that you can just post a picture every day if you want to.- but it's cheating by my personal internal standards of what constitutes an entry. I guess I'm a little old-school about that. I don't necessarily think you have to have five random things, as they used to say, but I feel like I have to have at least, say, two or three paragraphs of random drivel before it counts. (Or one long paragraph would do, too, I suppose.)

I'm not even sure how long I've been doing Holidailies. More than ten years, for sure. I think I started in 2004? Or was it 2003? It was 2003 at the earliest - I had no journal before that - and I'm pretty sure 2005 at the latest. It was so long ago that I started out on Diary-X, for god's sake. (I could check my Livejournal, or check the old LJ entries here, for that matter, because I know there was a point where I mention on Livejournal that I was doing Holidailies on Diary-X, but every time I go look at the old entries I fall into an hours-long wormhole, so that would probably end any chance that I would finish this tonight. I have to go to bed before dawn tonight.)

Oh yeah, that - the staying-up-til dawn thing, I mean. I literally watched TV all night last night. That's not really terribly unusual for me, if it's baseball or some movie, but it's unusual for me to watch MSNBC all night and end up going to bed during Morning Joe, at least it is nowadays. I stay up that late a lot, but I don't usually stick with MSNBC that long. I really do love MSNBC, but usually when it starts over with some show that I already paid attention to the first time, I turn it off. But I was transfixed enough by the Alabama election results that I just turned off the sound when they started repeating Chris Matthews' midnight hour (I guess that was at 3am) instead of turning it off, and turned it on again at 4 when the early-morning news started up. I'm not really sure what time I actually went to bed - maybe at 7? I was very sleepy by then, and I got up at 1:30, I know, so that's not really enough sleep. I got through the day ok, but if I do it again I'm going to be very sorry.
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If anything, I suppose a Holidalies entry is what you conceive it to be. If you consider an entry a few paragraphs, then do your thing! If somebody else thinks it's a picture without commentary, then that's their jam. (Says the person who's been mainly posting pictures, but I do try to provide a bit of commentary.)

As for Alabama, I'm still stoked. I know it was a confluence of just the right circumstances to cause it, and I know Jones is going to have a hard time keeping the seat in 2020, but it hasn't stopped the smiling. It's one bright spot in a whole lot of dreck and grey.

My mom and sis have been watching a lot of MSNBC ever since I introduced them to Rachel Maddow's commentary about Oroville Dam, but sometimes I can't handle the relentless drumbeat of suck. So when amazing things happen -- Virginia, Alabama -- it's a small spark of hope. Hope that we might make it through this mess and still come out with something perhaps resembling America in the end, as opposed to this pseudo-fascist mess we're in.

(PS: This is my Dreamwidth account, but it's just getting crossposts from my main blog, where I'm writing.)
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