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mellicious ([personal profile] mellicious) wrote2018-12-26 10:24 pm
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We went to see Aquaman tonight, and I didn't love it. I didn't hate it, but I was kind of bored, off & on. It seemed kind of like a kids' movie. And there were a lot of kids there - it was packed, in fact - and there was applause at the end, so somebody liked it much better than I did. It was... hmm, maybe better than Batman vs. Superman, because I was bored with that one some, too. Not quite as good as Justice League, as best I can remember Justice League at all. And of course, not remotely in the same league as Wonder Woman.

I have some more-specific thoughts, which I'll put under a cut assuming I can remember how to do one.

Jason Momoa was fine - I always have liked him, ever since Stargate: Atlantis (that name, now that I've seen Aquaman, seems rather like foreshadowing). Amber Heard was fine, or rather what problems I had with the character I don't think were her fault. She was written "quirky" in kind of an annoying way - treading into Manic Pixie territory, a little, it seemed to me. Um, what else? I knew Nicole Kidman's character could not possibly be dead because there's no way she would have bothered doing that role for that tiny little amount of screen-time at the beginning. (Although she was still underused, really.)

I took a long nap when we came home from Galveston last night, and then, of course, I stayed up all night. I mean, til WAY after dawn. It might be that I was a little cranky about Aquaman because I was still sleepy, I don't know. And I feel a little like I might be coming down with something - which happens after Christmas a lot. We weren't even around any kids this year to be disease vectors. Well, I've had a flu shot and so has Rob, so if we're actually coming down with anything it will hopefully be over fast, at least.