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I didn't go to a movie this weekend - I stayed home and watched the Golden Globes instead - but Rob went to see Escape Room last night and he said it wasn't bad. (I lost where I read this, but I saw some commentary that said it might well have done well enough and gotten enough buzz in the right places that there will be sequels.) The Golden Globes were mostly kinda boring but there were some fun moments - Christian Bale's speech, for example, in which he called Cheney "Satan" and talked about how he specializes in playing charisma-free characters now. (Even after all these years I'm always surprised when he opens his mouth out of character and that Welsh accent pours out.)

We did go eat Mod Pizza on Saturday night, and then we went across the parking lot to HEB to cruise around and looked for products we can buy for me to do this low-carb thing. (The pizza itself is of course not exactly low-carb, but hey, it's a thin crust pizza and I figure that's the best I can do because I'm not giving up pizza entirely, no way.) What I'm finding is that I care more about bread than I do about sugar. I mean, I'm sure at some point that a craving for M&Ms or something will rear its head - Rob and I decided that if that happens we'll buy some and he'll hide it from me and dole out one small portion a day. I can work with something like that. Anyway, we found some interesting things like little egg-scramble cups from Jimmy Dean that are totally carb-free, but on the whole I'll probably do best if I just let Rob do the shopping (which he usually does anyway) and stay away from the tempting things like fresh-baked bread.

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Yes. This.

@scottEweinberg: Again, the HFPA is a moronic farce of a critics group. They're asskissers who live to shake hands with Clooneys and such. Remember this plz.

@cleolinda: And also, there's booze and Meryl always gets her drink on and no one gives a shit by the end of the night! And that is why I love them.

@cleolinda: I'm just saying, the Golden Globes are intellectually bankrupt but they also don't make us watch interpretive dance.

From here:

[ profile] columbina and I had a long conversation while playing SWTOR in the middle of the Golden Globes - I wasn't really watching per se but I would glance over and make the occaional random comment like, "ooh brendan gleeson." The gist of it was that he hates award shows and doesn't watch them, whereas I almost always watch and generally enjoy them, although I know and mostly agree with all the points against them. But, y'know, foofy dresses! Drunk Meryl Streep! I am weak. (Like that is news.) And I didn't really watch the GG's as I said, because SWTOR seems to demand more attention, for whatever reason, than a lot of the games we've played did. Which means that today, since I'm at work and bored, I'm looking up coverage of the show so I can goggle at the dresses some more and find out what else happened that I missed. (Not much, by the look of things. Except for a few dresses, and that's what the Fug Girls are for, anyway.)

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OK, apparently I have stuff to say about movies and awards shows and such. For one thing, there's this link: Is Black Swan the Art-House Version of Showgirls? I haven't seen Black Swan and probably won't since I managed to spoiler myself for it, and I saw Showgirls once and barely remember it, but that piece is still pretty funny.

About True Grit: for one thing, I forgot until the end credits that it was a Coen Brothers movie, something that was certainly not possible in any other movie of theirs that I've seen. It did explain some of the wackier supporting characters, but other than that they seem to have actually made a straight western, which I would think was really strange except that it worked so damn well. (I don't know why I've been saying "damn" so much lately. Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn. Well, there are worse things I could say, for certain. For damn certain.)


It was still late Sunday night, more or less, when I wrote the above, but now it's Monday, and in the meantime most of the things I wanted to say about the Golden Globes have already been said by the Fug girls. Seriously: for example, about Natalie Portman and Christina Hendricks. And this imaginary conversation between Brad & Angelina is so wonderfully apropos. (Although I also think Brad looks weirdly like Leonardo DiCaprio in that picture.) (Here's the slideshow, if you want the short version.)

And [ profile] columbina  has tweeted once too often about the Star Trek movie, and so I am going to watch it now. (And actually sit and watch for once, instead of sit in front of the computer and half-watch, like I usually do.)


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