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2019-02-02 03:42 am

bitch bitch... oh shiny!

 I am not really loving life right now, to be quite honest. For one thing, middle age SUCKS - I have a needle biopsy coming up and I really hate the CPAP (not really a surprise). I'm not actually giving up on the CPAP or anything, it's too early for that. Also apparently I have REALLY SEVERE sleep apnea so I need to just suck it up on that. I'm just bitching, mostly. Also it was kind of stressful at work today - it's that that time of the month, so to speak - we're always busy when the month turns over. So I really just need to go to bed, probably, but I'll say a couple of things first. 

Bumblebee ended up being the only movie I saw in January. Rob went by himself to see Glass and Vice, and maybe a horror movie too, I forget. There was just nothing else I really wanted to see. We did rent Once Upon a Deadpool (I already bought Deadpool 2, and they're too similar, I don't think we need both) and it was fun - and an interesting concept, too. Maybe it'll become a trend, I don't know.

Let's see, I'm still watching The Expanse, I'm well into season 2 now (hi Bobbie! I was really excited to see Bobbie). On the books, I paused after the third book to re-read The Curse of Chalion for the umpteenth time. Now I'm trying to decide whether to go on to Paladin of Souls or go back to the Expanse series (I think the next one is Cibola Burn, or something like that). I also have a ton of other unread books on my Kindle, of course. I'll get around to... well, most of them... eventually. - Oh, also (back to TV now) we're three or four episodes in on the Lost In Space re-do. I like it more than I expected to. (I kind of like the old one even though it's really terrible. But this one is pretty good, actually.)

Have I mentioned that I have decided I am no longer even pretending to be a football fan? I used to be, but I've been losing interest for years. I would periodically re-gain some interest when the Texans or the Longhorns did something, but really I'm just not very interested. I think we're going to go see Into the Spiderverse on Sunday instead. (I love to go out places during the Super Bowl, it's so blessedly quiet.)

(Almost time for baseball, woo! Apparently we signed another pitcher in the last few days. I'm not sure if we ever got another catcher, but eh, we have some guys. Nobody can really replace McCann, I think.)
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2012-12-14 01:58 am

7 kinds of random

I'm not saying you're actually going to get 7 kinds of random here, but I'm pretty sure that the only way I'm going to get an entry out tonight is to loose the random.

Well, ok, let's start with some updates on things I've talked about previously: first of all, the Texans lost rather ignominiously on Monday Night Football. But hell, they had those injury problems that we had talked about, and it was New England in Foxboro in December and if you read between the lines when I was talking about it before, I wasn't really holding my breath for a victory there. But hey, we're still 11-2. Most teams would give their eyeteeth to be in the Texans' size 14 shoes. We'll see what happens with Indianapolis this weekend.

Also, regarding the cruise ships, this was big news in Galveston this past week: Disney has decided to leave earlier than anticipated. (It looks like the rest of that article is behind a pay wall now, darnit.) Anyway, they're still staying through 2013, they're just not going into 2014 as they had previously hinted they might. And apparently the other suitor for those berths was going to be Princess Cruises, but they have decided to go further inshore and go out of LaPorte. (It's always possible that that will not work out, anyway; LaPorte has had a couple of flings in the past at being a cruise ship departure city and it never seems to work out too well. We'll see.)

I stayed home from work today because I had a sore throat. (I say I stayed home; I didn't drive to Galveston, is what I mean, but I ended up doing several hours of work anyway.) What I really was leading to here, though, was that I have been sick for pretty much the last month now. I'm pretty sure I caught a cold on top of my normal fall allergies, and I was sick for the 10 days or so immediately before Thanksgiving, and since then I've had trouble shaking it. I've been through bags and bags of cough drops. I am getting better, but really slowly. And every few days I get these sore throats, which are usually bad in the morning but then go away again. It's very annoying. I'm pretty sure it's just allergies, but with the way it keeps dragging on, you gotta wonder. (But then what is it? Strep throat? I dunno. I suppose I might should go to the doctor and see what they say. But I hate to.)

I started sending out Christmas cards, finally - I had 5 people on the TUS list who were out of the country, so I did them first, and they're all mailed, and today I started working on the rest of the list. TUS people (until I run out, anyway) are getting some of my precious hoarded cards that I made myself. I've been footling around with more homemade cards this year but haven't gotten far. Anyway, I'm going to use up last year's stash first, some of which are very cute. (I also have Grinch cards and... something else that was on the morbid side... that I'm really tempted to give to my elderly neighbors just to wake them up a bit. But I probably won't.)
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2012-12-02 06:20 pm

Football and other local topics (aka GO TEXANS!!)

It's Sunday afternoon and the Texans are playing, and while I am generally fairly calm on the subject (most of the time), I am kind of into this whole Texans juggernaut thing. We've had a lot of bad years and it's about time we had a good one! And unfortunately I can't see any of the TVs from my desk and I can't really go wander around because sitting at this desk IS my job, basically, but luckily, I have my trusty iPhone and the NFL '12 app to inform me that the Texans just won 24-10 and they are now 11-1 for the year, so woot! (I watched a little bit of it at home and then listened to most of the 2nd quarter in the car, and it's taping so I'll probably watch the whole thing again when I get home. So you don't really need to feel bad for me on account of missing it.) So let's see... the math here is that there are four games left and worst case scenario if we lost the rest of them is we'd be 11-5. We certainly hope it won't come to that, although we have New England at Foxboro next week so that's sort of the acid test. We still have to play Indianapolis twice, that's all I know about the rest of the schedule off the top of my head. Actually that accounts for 3 of the 4 remaining weeks, doesn't it? (According to ESPN, the Texans did clinch a playoff spot today. I didn't think we could do that today, but I'm glad to find out I'm wrong! Now it becomes all about home field and such.)

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2011-01-03 12:34 am
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Not-so-bloody Sunday

We went to see The King's Speech this afternoon - I liked it more than I expected to. I liked it quite a lot, actually, and the rest of the audience seemed to too. The theater was almost full, too. I have been looking up various members of the royal family on Wikipedia ever since I got home.

I didn't come straight home, though, I dropped Rob off and went and got a sandwich at Schlotzsky's and then went to Starbucks, where I read about OB/Gyn codes for a couple of hours, in preparation for my interview on Tuesday. (Today I read about procedure codes, and tomorrow I need to do diagnosis codes; then I'll be as prepared as I reasonably can be, I think.)

I've apparently gotten over yesterday's relapse. I'm still sucking on cough drops, but that's not so bad. I always manage to be sick sometime between Christmas and New Year's, that's just inevitable.

I hear that the Texans actually won today - I suppose it taped, so I guess I'll have to watch it this time, instead of erasing it like I've been doing most of the year. Usually I've already heard before I get around to watching that they lost, and then it's too depressing to watch it. I'm just not enough of a masochist for that.

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2010-02-06 06:39 am
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When the Saints go marching in.

Scott Adams' Super Bowl pick:
Saints are obviously favored by the Almighty Creator of the Universe. Colts are hoofed beasts that poop wherever they're standing. Advantage: Saints. The score will be infinity to 666.
(More celebrity picks here. But most of them are not anywhere near as interesting as that one.)

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2008-12-14 12:13 am
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Christmas spirit

We went to the town Christmas parade tonight. I am very amazed because we never do things like this. But it's not like it was any trouble - we weren't even sure when it was, but we went out for an early dinner and when we came back people were gathering on the side of the road with their lawn chairs, so we knew it must be pretty soon. Actually nobody had "lawn chairs" in the sense that I think of them, the old folding ones with the plastic webbing. Everybody I saw had those newer kind that seem to be made out of fabric and some sticks. (You can tell I've never put one of those together; I have no idea how they actually work.) So we went home and we got our old plastic-webbing lawn chairs, which is all we have, and we walked the half a block over to the main street where the parade would be. We still had to wait for a bit, but it wasn't too terribly long. I don't mind as long as I have somewhere to sit and something to look at - there was plenty of that, what with all the kids running around and stuff.

I suspect that the parade wasn't as well attended as usual because Friendswood High School was in the state semi-finals and was playing at Kyle Field in College Station. (I just found out, via Google and Dave Campbell's Texas Football, that they got beat rather badly.) But it was still a nice little parade. At other times of year, I usually think little dinky local parades are kind of pitiful (I may be a little snobbish about this) but somehow colored lights make everything look different, and boy, everything was covered with them. There weren't any bands - I was wondering if normally the high-school band participates, but naturally they were otherwise occupied today. But there were kids marching and there were antique cars and there were a quite a few fire-trucks (some of them were antique too) and a couple of beauty queens and, well, all kinda stuff. It was such a small parade that people on the floats would look right at you and wave, so that you felt compelled to wave back.

I struck up a conversation with a lady standing nearby with her grandchildren while we were waiting on the parade to start, and she said that the fire-trucks drive around between now and Christmas and give out candy to random kids. Man, this really IS a small town.
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2008-10-11 10:50 pm
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Saturday night's alright

Let's see, I last really wrote something on Wednesday night... The movers were supposed to be there early Thursday morning, so we left the apartment at 6:30 and stopped at Waffle House on the way to get breakfast. We got there almost exactly at 8 and they weren't there yet, but they were there before 8:30. We had found some movers that were based in Pearland, the next town over from Friendswood, figuring that all the Galveston-based ones would be totally swamped. And they weren't cheap but they did a really great job. (Moore and Son, if anybody local needs a mover any time soon.) We even had them move the washer and dryer and they are stuck in the back of the dining room - since the new apartment doesn't have w/d connections - with a quilt draped over them. I mean, they're brand-new and probably still work so I wasn't about to just throw them away. Maybe I should have tried to sell them but I was pressed for time.

It took the movers about an hour and a half on each end. Gawd, we have a lot of crap. And we threw away a ton of stuff while we were packing, too. The back bedroom is just stacked with boxes. There were a bunch in the living room, too, but I've been working on those and the stacks there are getting smaller.

Yesterday (which would be Friday - I'm having trouble remembering these things lately!) I did work for half a day. I sort of felt like I should have stayed longer but really I didn't have that much to do, anyway. And I'm glad I left because it turned out the AT&T guy showed up and he seemingly had trouble finding the problem and went in and out of the house several times with his little tester box. So we finally have a working phone, which is more of an annoyance than anything, really - but since Rob refuses to carry a cell phone I don't feel like the land-line is optional.

We had told Art we owed him a birthday dinner (I tend to lose track but I think he's 86) so we went to Angelo's and ate Italian for dinner tonight. Other than that we didn't do much today. A bit of unpacking and a bit of WoW and a bit of lounging around. Rob hasn't been to a movie in ages and he is wanting to go to one tomorrow. There is a big Cinemark over on the freeway that seems to be about the closest thing to us, but I'm not sure there's anything I'm really dying to see so I may stay home. And we'll have to go do the shopping that we didn't do today, at some point.

UT beat OU. Wow. I forgot all about it today. SportsCenter is on with the Longhorn Band in the background, playing the inevitable "Texas Fight" - they play it about 10 million times during every game. (But it's not as annoying as "Boomer Sooner", at least!)
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2007-11-25 09:55 pm

Football and trees and stuff

I forgot to talk about Texas getting beat by the dreaded Texas A&M, but as you might deduce from the fact that I forgot, it didn't really upset me too much. I had already pretty much formed the opinion that this year's Longhorn team wasn't winning any awards, and frankly, my #1 concern as we were losing was that this would somehow save Coach Fran's job, because somewhere along the line I decided that I don't like that man. Luckily for me, he resigned after the game - which says to me that he was going to get fired no matter what, he just beat them to the punch. I don't know why I care, I pretty much believe, as[personal profile] columbina says, that all football coaches are petty megalomaniacs - and I have been around enough of them to know. But anyway, I did care a bit, for whatever reason, and he is gone from A&M, and we will just have to see who the next megalomaniac in line is. (I guess Mack's job is safe for now - at least I haven't heard anything to the contrary. We did win a national championship a couple of years ago, after all. But the heat is sure to be turned up just a little higher next year, just the same.)

I put the new (green) tree up today - I figured if I didn't it wouldn't get put up for two weeks, at least. It's not completely decorated but it has lights and a star and a lot of the older glass balls out of mine and Mom's collection, both - I love the vintage ones. I even have some that I bought on eBay, I like them so much. But the ones that are "family heirlooms" are even better. I'm also looking through my ornaments for stuff that I don't really love or just think I can part with, for whatever reason, and I'll probably take them up to work and see if people want them. I have an enormous collection of ornaments, have you figured that out? And I'm probably going to put up two trees - I still have the little white tree, after all, I'm thinking I will put it on the dining room table. It's smaller than the green one, although not by much. I'm pretty sure the two little trees together won't hold as much as our old big trees did, and I had enough ornaments to decorate a big tree with stuff still left over. So a lot of ornaments are going away. Which will make Rob happy, I think. I really do have too much Christmas stuff, I know that.

(Oh, my mother had an all-pink tree, I don't know if I've ever said that. I mean, the tree itself wasn't pink, but the ornaments were. And I brought some of them home, the ones that I like, and I am going to try doing the pink theme on the white tree, which seems like it ought to work. I may hate it but I thought I would at least try it out. If I don't like all-pink maybe I'll try all-pastel or something.)

Back to football - the Texans lost today (making them 5-6, so by Texans standards they're doing ok). I also watched a good bit of the Chicago-Denver game, which ended up being rather exciting, and just now I watched the end of New England game, which also had more excitement than just about anybody expected, I gather. I don't dislike New England the way a lot of people seem to (inevitably, under the circumstances), and in fact I was sort of happy to see them come back. I'm interested in seeing if they can really go undefeated. I think this was the closest anybody's come this year to beating them, isn't it? (Obviously I have not been following this all that closely.)

This weekend went really fast, even at twice the usual length. I thought maybe staying home so much would make it seem longer, but no. Still flew by. I do have a four-day week this week, because I'm going to Austin early Friday afternoon. Meaning I'll be packing to leave before I know it.
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2006-01-05 12:09 pm

(no subject)

(Hmm, maybe I should just make this my default icon for a while. That "pennant" thing is getting kinda old anyway.)

I already wrote a Holidailies entry today (about the Rose Bowl, of course) but I seem to be in a talking mood, so I figured I'd write something over here. (If you're really fascinated by the Rose Bowl, there seem to be quite a few entries about it over there - not surprising, I guess, since there are a lot of Austin people there.)

I got my hair done yesterday - we (meaning the hairdresser and I) went a shade lighter than we have been, and it looks nice. I'm not sure if I like the haircut, though. It looked good when she was doing it, but it doesn't look that great today. We'll see what happens when I wash it tomorrow. She did do a sort of a spiky thing in front that I like.

Rob was very upset that the Rose Bowl was on last night instead of Lost. Apparently he had some idea there was going to be a new episode this week.
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2004-10-10 01:54 pm


I wrote this at 1am last night - for some reason I had a sudden urge to update, although my dialup threw me off and I didn't post it then. So here was my day yesterday. (Is it necessary to say that all the times are approximate?)

9:15am - Wake up. Decide I don't need to get up yet and roll over.
9:45 - Wake up again, but now I'm running late. Get up and put clothes & makeup on. Make Rob go to office and check for packages in case Mom's package is there. (It's not.)
10:15 - Leave for baseball game. Listen to UT-OU game on radio.
11:15 - In general vicinity of stadium. Cuss because normal (free) parking space is full. Drive around looking for parking that's not $10. Park in garage which is miraculously charging only the normal price of $5.
11:30 - Fight crowds flocking into baseball stadium. Stand in line so that guard can glance into purse (ostensibly looking for bombs, really looking for food, as far as I can tell). Go up to lower-nosebleed seats. View is actually ok. Guy sitting next to me is taking up more than his allotted seat, though.
12:10pm - Pick at Rob's BBQ baked potato as game starts. Decide I'm not hungry.
12:30ish - Carlos Beltran hits homer to put Astros up 2-0. Yell and scream a lot.
1:00 - Braves tie score. I feel sick.
1:30 - Astros score 3 more runs. Jump up and down a lot. Suddenly I feel much better.
1:30-2:30 Astros score more runs. Score now 8-2. (UT-OU score occasionally posted on Diamondvision shows UT losing by increasing amounts.)
2:30 Andruw Jones hits 3-run homer to make it 8-5. Now I am very nervous.
3:15 Brad Lidge strikes out the last batter. Astros win. Much screaming ensues. Suddenly very hungry.
4:15-4:45 Go to Wal-mart; go in through garden center and find pansies (finally!) and then find - the actual reason for this visit - cards for the birthday people and a gift certificate for the one who is not my mother. Dissuade Rob (at least temporarily) from buying another rifle.
5:00 Meet for birthday celebration at italian restaurant. Explain to my mother why her gift has not arrived. Try to pretend we didn't buy the cards 15 minutes earlier. Eat very very well.
6:30 Go to my mother's house. Admire new quilt that she made this week (while sick). Watch Yankees come back and tie game against the Twins, dammit.
7:30 Go to cool new grocery store. Spend too much money.
9:00 Get home. Water plants. Help Rob clean up bottle of pasta sauce he dropped on floor.
9:30 Watch "Lima Time" aka the Dodgers-Cardinals game. Log onto computer.
10:00 - Go into chat. Stay for approximately 2-1/2 hours.
12:30am - Leave to go to bed but play computer games instead.