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Mila & Allium (and Irma)
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I was thinking about what picture would symbolize 2006 for me, and well, the fact is, it's got to be GuildWars, because I spent an awful damn lot of time playing it this year. This picture is another one of the Wintersday quests. (Big version here.) That's Mila, my ranger, standing there with the bow as big as she is, and that's her pet flamingo in the foreground. (The flamingo is named Irma, and she's not just a flamingo, she's a combat flamingo, because that's what pets in GuildWars do. When you attack somebody, she goes squawking in, wings flapping and pecking away. Seriously, she does. She can do a fair bit of damage, too.) The big guy with the 'fro is Koss, who is one of the Nightfall "heroes" - a non-player character. And standing next to the giant stocking, looking very white indeed, is Columbine's necromancer Allium. There are characters called Margonites in the new game which are sort of shimmery and whitish (and transparent, actually) and we have been saying that Allium looks an awful lot like a Margonite in that armor.

I will have to look up how much time, exactly, I've spent playing this damn game, and report back. It's a lot. Well over a thousand hours, I think. But GuildWars - and [info]columbina - were two of the things that got me through what was otherwise a pretty difficult year. So I spent 20% or so of the year in a fantasyland - so what. It's a lot better than just spending the year watching my mother go downhill.

Um, ok. On to cheerier things. Sort of. I went to see my dad today, which I don't always think of as cheery because he tends to sort of drive me crazy. But it went ok. It was raining when we left Galveston, and I was worried that we would be driving all across Houston in the rain, but it stopped, and the traffic was light, and we got there pretty quick. (Under an hour and a half, anyway!) We went out to lunch and the first two places we tried were closed, which was kind of odd. We ended up eating in a BBQ place on the freeway. I didn't like what I had (beef links - they used a very odd recipe, I thought) but everybody else's food looked fine, so I think I just chose badly. Daddy behaved himself, apart from a totally incomprehensible rant about that had something to do with Mexican flags, just before lunch. (Supposedly somebody somewhere took the American flag down from a flagpole, and put up the Mexican one. Anybody heard of this? Because I sure hadn't.) I try to just ignore these things, because it doesn't do any good to argue with him, anyway. And that was the only major weirdness of the day, so I could deal. He has gotten where he just gets us gift cards, which is fine. I got one to Wal-mart, this time which isn't exactly what I would have chosen but I'm sure I can find some use or other for it. And I had told him to get Rob an Academy one, and he did, so Rob is already planning another shoe purchase. (Running apparently makes you obsessed with shoes.)

We got caught behind a wreck on the way home - it seemed to be a chain reaction wreck, from what we saw - 3 SUVs, which means that probably nobody was seriously hurt. I mean, we didn't see the wreck, we just saw the mess afterwards, after wondering what we were caught behind for half an hour or so. After we got home I made some nachos and then (surprise!) played GuildWars until 11:30 or so. We have gotten to the Desolation, which means we got to ride sandworms just like in Dune. Or sort of like Dune, anyway. (Also, GW seems to have changed the spelling from worms to "wurms" at some point since I started playing. I was wondering if Frank Herbert's estate threatened to sue them or something.)


Holidailies gold


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OK, so, the Cardinals' magic number* is 4. They have 4 games left (one of which they won't play unless necessary); we have 3. So they have seven chances to get the 4, in a sense. I was trying to figure all this out:

1. If we win all our games, then the Cardinals have to win all theirs, too - at least, to avoid a tie. Any day where we win & they lose puts us ahead. I would guess that if after the games are played on Sunday, they still have the half-game lead, then they would have to play the Monday game since we would have played one more game than they have. If they win that game, they would win the division; if they lose, it would be a tie and there would be a one-game playoff.

2. If I'm figuring this right, any scenario in which the two teams' records are the same over the weekend means the Cards have to play on Monday, because they would still only have the half-game lead. Same Monday scenario as in #1.

3. If we go 2-1 this weekend and they go 1-2, then WE would have the half-game lead on Sunday night. They would still have to play on Monday, but now they would be playing for a tie; if they lost, we would win the division.

4. If we go 1-2 and they go 2-1, they win. (Two losses for us, two wins for them. Four.)

5. If we lose all our games, the Cardinals would only have to win one game to clinch. (Because we would have just handed them 3 of the 4 in the magic number.) That would include the game on Monday if needed.

Whew. We need to win a lot of games, in any case. Or we need the Cards to lose a lot. Or both, which is how we got here in the first place. Anyway, it could be worse - we could be out of the running.

And yeah, I know, I'm putting way too much thought into this. What can I say, it's that kind of morning.

*If you don't understand magic numbers, here's Wikipedia's attempt at an explanation, which I hope is more enlightening to you than it was to me.
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OMG. Half a game. That's what St. Louis' lead is down to.


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