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Oct. 22nd, 2008 09:26 am
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I still feel like crap. I think it's just the usual fall sinus thing, though. Everybody I know is sick. (I figure, really, that in addition to the "usual fall sinus thing", there's mold and whatever other horrible crap is floating around Galveston, not to mention stress and exhaustion. It's a wonder anybody at all is functional.)

Whatever rumors are going around about UTMB, the off-island clinics are doing a booming business, anyway. There's one in the same shopping center we're in, and I went in yesterday to get a flu shot, and it was packed.

The area we're working at is strange, in that it's half dying and half thriving. This was a center that used to be anchored by Sam's and Wal-Mart, with a Hobby Lobby at the other end. Sam's is still here, but this Wal-Mart is closed - there's a new-ish supercenter on the other side of the freeway - and Hobby Lobby is closing. But there's also a warren of clinics and things in this center that keep it busy. Across the way is Mall of the Mainland, which has never really thrived since it opened 15 years or so ago, and which seems to be slowly dying. The Dillard's had a lot of storm damage and isn't going to re-open, and the Penney's had already gone further down the freeway to the new hot corner - I think that's where Hobby Lobby is going, too. It sill has Macy's and Sears and a couple of smaller stores, and I don't even know what's inside any more because I haven't set foot in there in years. There's still a movie theater, I think - but it has $2 admission and I'm pretty sure they stopped maintaining it ages ago.

(The Wal-Mart across the freeway is the one I call "redneck Wal-Mart." It's in Santa Fe, which has a definite tendency to be redneck city, anyway.)

(Gas at Sam's this morning was $2.50. I never thought I'd see gas that cheap again.)
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(Maybe I should put this behind a cut since this involves explosions and oral surgeons and other fun things and it's liable to get long.)

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