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Rob loves this picture.

This is my quilt, which now has a binding - see the dark pink around the edge? Quilting 101: the traditional way to do a binding is to sew a doubled piece of fabric to the front, then pull it around to the back and whip it down by hand. And despite my avowed hatred for all forms of handwork, I have finished every quilt I have made this way. I don't know why. I guess just because I think it looks better that way. Anyway, in the picture it is just sewn to the front. It will be MUCH narrower than that when it's finished. Well under half an inch.

I missed the whole first half of the Texas-LSU game. I gather it was very close the whole way. I listened to most of the 2nd half on the radio (while I was sewing binding), then I went downstairs and watched the end with Mom and Art. I can't say I'm totally heartbroken. They were in the top 8, after all. Now I will have to root for LSU, I guess!

Columbine (who is such an LSU fan that he didn't know they played today, incidentally) sent me an invitation to play Guild Wars Factions this weekend, since he knew I have been interested in playing. They were having a preview-type thing. It was a good way to test it out, I think. Despite my subpar video card and my (horrors) incredibly slow dialup connection, it worked pretty well. He took me around tonight - in a virtual way - and gave me a tour. I have never played a "real" MMORPG before (Dofus and Kingdom of Loathing don't really count, I think) and it is quite a bit different. But I was starting to get the hang of it.

(I am retiring the Longhorn icon for the year. You shouldn't have to look at it for a while unless Texas happens to win the College World Series again - highly unlikely, I think. University of Texas Athletics has had a pretty good year, haven't they? but I don't think we can expect it to continue indefinitely.)
mellicious: pink manicure (Longhorns)
I'm glad I'm not a UCLA fan. The Texas game nearly killed me as it was.

('Course it could be worse. Could be a Gonzaga fan. Or a Duke fan.)
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... I've been keeping an eye on ESPN's scoreboard, and Oral Roberts (the 16 seed) was hanging tough in there with #1 Memphis for a good while - it was 33-34 in the 2nd quarter. But the inevitable has happened and now it's Memphis 57, Oral Roberts 41, or something like that.

(Has Oral Roberts ever been in the NCAA tourney before? They don't exactly seem like somebody who'd normally be there, even as a 16 seed.)

(And yes, I know my icon is the wrong sport, but I don't have any basketball icons. I could use my UT icon, and I'm sure I will, later. Unless they lose!)


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