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2009-12-10 10:49 pm

Random notes from the airport

(The first half of my trip to Dallas is here.)

Tuesday 8pm, Love Field gate #2
I was very early getting to the airport and my plane may or may not be late. It's supposed to be at 9:00 and it said 9:30 when I got here, but here at the gate it still says 9:00, so who knows. I ought to be studying but I looked at coding stuff all day and I can't make myself look at more right now. Maybe in a while I'll give it a try. I'm lucky I don't have a major splitting headache because I've been up since before 7, and I haven't gotten a full night of sleep the past two nights, although I think I might've gotten something like 6 hours each night, which isn't too bad. I went to sleep somewhere around 12:30 last night, but I woke up several times, too.

I just this minute finished a book about quilting that I've had for over a year, so hey, progress! It's not about quilting so much as it's about quilters, interviews with a lot of them. It was published by the UT Press, which ought to tell you it's not the average quilting book right there. I got it as a door prize at the spring quilt retreat, either last year or the year before. I know I didn't go this year, so I'm sure about that one, but I can't remember for sure about 2008. So anyway, I've had this book for at least a year and a half. And it turned out to be good, and also some of the people in the book are people I know, which made it extra-interesting.

So I was really worried that the seminar today would be mega-deadly-boring, but it wasn't bad at all, it turned out. It got dull at times, but there's not much that I can sit and listen to somebody talk about all day and not have my mind wander at some point. So that was okay.

(It's 8:25 now, and the 7:25 flight to Albuquerque and LA, which was at the same gate, is just now boarding. A lot of flights are delayed. My first thought was that it had just been raining in Houston, but that's not the problem with this one unless they came from there... which is possible. Southwest shuttles flights between Houston and Dallas every hour or so. I think in the old days it was every half an hour but they've reduced it some.)

I am looking down at myself and I am so color-coordinated it's scary. I talked about my LLBean coat and sweater and they are both purple. Not the same shade of purple - the coat is sort of a dull lilac and the sweater is a brighter marled purple - and then I went and wore a purple shirt today, too, a cute embroidered one that I bought at Sears, of all places. I hardly ever go in Sears, and for that matter I've hardly bought any clothes in the past year at all, but this shirt is one of the few things I did buy. And I also bought some socks someplace just last week that are purple (not really entirely a coincidence, it's just now gotten cold enough that socks are making their way onto my radar) so of course I put them on too. Then - this is the part that's a coincidence - the seminar people gave us a tote bag when we checked in that is - guess what - purple. It's a dark purple almost the same as my shirt. Seriously, I look down and I'm embarrassed.

The seminar cost several hundred dollars so they could afford to give us a tote bag. They did give us 2010 CPT books that were worth close to half of what we paid, though, that was what made me decide it was worth it. They also bound the handouts for the class into a softbound book, which is a new one on me. The book was 150 pages so I guess that means there were nearly 300 slides. Jesus. (The controversy of the year is apparently that Medicare will no longer pay for consults effective Jan 1. I am taking the class that's on the hospital side so this had flown under my radar until now, but the physician side was buzzing about it. So we spent quite a long while talking about that.)

It's now close to 9:00, and I just got up and went to the restroom and I'm so tired the tendons at the back of my ankle hurt when I walk. (That's the Achilles tendon, right? and I should know that by now, shouldn't I?) And it's not like I've walked that much today - how did sitting at a table looking at slides make my feet tired? Anyway, the plane is supposed to be here any minute, which is why I was getting in the last-minute potty break. They were saying 9:15 the last I heard.

Love Field is noticeably old, although of course they keep it pretty well-maintained. My seatmate yesterday, who lived in Dallas, said that they were building a new terminal that's supposed to be done in 2012, which is - coincidentally - when they Wright Amendment finally expires. I forget what the Wright Amendment does except that it puts a bunch of restrictions on this airport. I guess maybe they were trying to get people to use DFW when it was new? (I was just out at DFW and everybody is still complaining about it, 40 years or so in.)

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2009-12-09 11:54 am

Notes from the road, so to speak

Hobby Airport, Houston, Monday morning
I parked in the main airport lot just because it's easy and not all that expensive, so I didn't have to ride a van, but I noticed on the way in that the Parking Spot vans have changed their color scheme - they've always been painted with spots, as long as I remember them being around, but the ones here are now maroon with white spots, and they say "Proud Partner of Texas A&M Athletics." Ah, yet another moving billboard. At least it's a mildly amusing one, I guess.

It's 9:45 or so - my plane's at 11 - and I am sitting inside the security perimeter eating a breakfast burrito. I didn't leave the house until 8:50. I forget how conveniently near the airport we live nowadays. I went the "back way" (meaning west up 518 to Hwy 35 rather than east to the freeway) and it took 20 minutes flat. I think the other way is about the same, normally, but I was worried about rush hour traffic on the freeway. No rush hour to speak of in Pearland and on Telephone Road!

Security pulled out the man right in front of me and a teenage girl behind me for further searches, but I don't think either of them was a purely random search. The guy set the alarm off on the walkthrough and they seemed to have seen something in the girl's (pink) duffle bag that they didn't like. I am always tempted to hang around and see how these things turn out but I guess that would be considered odd, huh?

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