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Canal St.
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I love New Orleans. I know the touristy part is almost guaranteed to be the first thing to come back, but it won't be the same, and it makes me sad.

(This was taken in January of 2004.)

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We went to Wal-Mart Thursday and it appeared that the Red Cross had beaten us there. At least, that's what we were theorizing. There weren't a lot of items that were completely gone, but a lot of the staples were visibly depeted - not so much the traditional staples like flour and sugar, but more the kind you would use to cook for a modern-day mob - pancake mix, Zatarain's rice dishes, even pizza. And when we left we saw them wheeling out a huge palette full of stuff. There is a shelter in the Methodist church here so I'm assuming that's where it was going.

Overheard in the ER:
-- Nurse to unknown patient down the hall (I'm guessing it was one of the evacuees, who all seemed to be quite elderly), very patiently: "This is a hospital. I'm your nurse."
-- One nurse telling another how much it sucks to work here. (This is really the reason this entry is friendslocked* because saying that, especially right within hearing distance of a patient, could get her in very much trouble. It was really an extremely inappropriate comment, don't you think?)
-- Apparently a lot of people here are on call to go to Louisiana for Search & Rescue ops. It's interesting that they hadn't (as of Friday) been called out.

Not that this is really going to surprise anybody who knows me, but the worst thing about being in the hospital? No computer. I imagine that I might could've borrowed a laptop from work (after all, it wouldn't even be leaving the premises) but I don't think we run to campus-wide wi-fi just yet, so it wouldn't've done me that much good.

I said I was going to have a rant in me soon, and it came out on paper while I watched the news in the hospital the last couple of days. Check Whys & Wherefores - hopefully I'll manage to get it into the computer soon.

*unlocked long after the fact
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Weather report: surf was up (but not like the first go-round with Ivan), tides were back down towards normal. Lots of surfers, of course. 3 TV trucks - but not the same 3: this time it was CBS, ABC, and a Spanish channel. I figure everybody else sent their trucks to Sabine Pass, or even into the wilds of Louisiana, since that was where it was actually coming in last I heard. Except after it comes in it's supposed to swing over this way and dump a bunch of rain on us. (Jesus, I hope it doesn't go out to sea again! We might never be rid of this damn storm.)

Before somebody from Louisiana decides to slap me, I don't actually think southwest Louisiana is a bit more backwoods than far southeast Texas is, although that's not saying much because in general I think that once you get east of the Houston metropolitan area, that corner of Texas is about as redneck as you can get. (Think Vidor. Jasper. You get the idea.) (Now it's somebody from Orange or Port Arthur who's going to slap me.)

My sister's moving to Austin next week. (Along with her family. There's been some marital friction there of late, so that's not completely a foregone conclusion.) Good, maybe I'll get to go visit once in a while. Ever since they moved to Conroe a couple of years ago I've hardly seen them at all, anyway. I'll hardly know the difference.

And that reminds me that I've sort of been meaning to write a journal entry about my sister and our relationship. I need to get around to doing that. But not tonight.


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