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2018-12-07 05:16 am

Music Advent Day 6

 I'm having trouble juggling the posts here and the nail blog and Music Advent. I'll try to get a little more organized over the weekend.

Anyway, here is a really cool cover by a really great singer.

#musicadvent 2018
Day 1: Prince does Creep -
Day 2: Pearl Jam does Petty  -
Day 3: Haley Reinhart does Gaga -
Day 4: Hot Chip does Springsteen -
Day 5: Mary Chapin Carpenter does Springsteen -
Day 6: Amy Winehouse does The Zutons -
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2018-12-04 07:37 pm

Music Advent Day 4

 I was poking around looking for interesting covers and I found this - I guess this is a British band, Hot Chip? I never heard of them that I recall, but I like this.

The only version of this I knew was the Springsteen one - I wasn't even sure it was his song originally, but Springsteen wrote it, I looked it up. (Although honestly, if you look at the lyrics, it's totally got that sad-working-man vibe that sounds like classic Springsteen. I'm not sure why I ever thought otherwise.)

(You might end up hearing this song again tomorrow, done by another artist. I found another cover of it that I really like, and it's totally different. There's not a rule that says you have to do a different song every day, right?)

#musicadvent 2018
Day 4: Hot Chip does Springsteen 

(Since I used this for my Holidailies entry for today, I will point out that you can also watch the rest of these videos without having to jump over to YouTube, if you prefer, by just going to my recent entries and scrolling down!)


If you want a preview of tomorrow, here's the spoiler:
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2018-12-02 11:42 pm

Music Advent Day 2

 Here's your Pearl Jam (covering Tom Petty, another favorite of mine). If you have any problems playing this, click over to YouTube and it should play fine. On Twitter it wouldn't work for me. (Note: it seems to be fine here, far as I can tell!)


Day 1: Prince Does Creep
Day 2: Pearl Jam Does Petty

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2018-12-02 11:16 pm

Music Advent day 1

 I always do Music Advent (which happens primarily on Twitter) - I don't know how long that's been going on in December, maybe 5 years? I think other people frankly put a lot more thought into it than I do, but still, I manage. Sometimes I get a few days ahead, but doing a whole playlist in advance? Probably never gonna happen, with me. Anyway, this year the theme is covers. So far I've only come up with famous artists playing other famous artists - hopefully I'll manage to get in some less-famous ones as well. The way I've been coming at this is to look for artists I like, or songs I particularly like. I was actually looking for somebody else covering Pearl Jam, but so far that's mostly led me to Pearl Jam doing covers of other artists, which is also cool (and Pearl Jam does that a lot) but I don't want to just post 25 days of Pearl Jam singing covers, either. (I do have a Spotify playlist with some covers on it so I'll probably go browse around in that eventually and see what's in there. And I'll probably do some Christmas songs later on, because I do have a lingering fondness for Christmas songs still.) 

The first day didn't end up being Pearl-Jam-related at all, it was Prince doing "Creep" at Coachella, ten years ago. I love this song and I'd never heard this cover.

(Note: I've had some trouble with the embeds in past years and I think I'm going to just post them here daily rather than try to do several days at a time like I've done in the past. That seems easier.)