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2008-05-28 09:00 am
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Is it Wednesday already?

Does anybody else think of the world as a big anthill, and us as the ants? I'm just wondering. It doesn't seem to be an especially original image. (And re[personal profile] columbina's post from yesterday, are we the mean ants like in Indiana Jones, or are we nice ants like, I dunno, A Bug's Life?)

Actually this did come up yesterday when I was talking to Col, because I said it's hard to tell whether you have any influence from the middle of the anthill. (Or maybe I used a different metaphor at the time, I forget.) We were talking about people feeling powerless and whether the individual can change things, and Big Issues like that, and I really believe you can - but it's really hard (or in fact, impossible) to really know what influence you have.

But it's too early for Big Issues. I am still having coffee. Oh, and also? I kept waiting yesterday for somebody to blame Col's crabbiness on too much WoW. So thank you, O collective friends of Columbine, for not doing that, because as his partner in WoW crimes - or something - that would make it partly my fault too. (Although last night we were both crabby, I have to admit. But I don't think that had anything to do with WoW, either.)

You can infer most of the weekend report from the above. I played too much WoW. We went to the Indy movie like everybody else in America. Also, as announced in a separate post, we bought a washer and dryer, which will be delivered this coming weekend. Also, the townhouse is supposed to close in less than a week, which seems awfully fast to me, but if they can get everything together, it's certainly fine with me! We had a little scare yesterday where the title company tried to tell the realtor that I couldn't sell the house if it was "still in probate" - which the estate lawyer assures me is baloney. We are putting the title company directly in touch with my lawyer so that hopefully they can iron all that out in the meantime. (Isn't that the whole point of being the executor, that I can do things like sell the house?)
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2008-05-17 12:05 pm
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The realtor called last night & said we have a definite offer on the house & maybe another coming. Which works out well since we're in transi
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2008-05-17 12:05 pm
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2008-04-01 02:25 pm

Still not a joke

Huh. An Austin doctor and his wife gave 55 million dollars to the UT School of Music, and the whole school is being renamed in their honor.  (I assume somebody did the math about how much it costs to rename a school - seems like that would be a substantial amount, right there.) I have to admit that the "Butler School of Music" (technically it's the "Hisfirstname and Herfirstname Butler School of Music", but you know that's not actually what it'll get called in normal usage) does sound fancier than just the plain ol' UT School of Music, though. And such things probably have an impact in recruiting and so on. Maybe they've just been waiting for the right donor to come along to give them a chance to do it.

There has been an ongoing discussion in my department about the phrase "herding cats" - most of my co-workers weren't familiar with it, which is a bit odd because it seems like I've been hearing it for years. It's an interesting concept to try to explain - "Well, cats aren't herd animals, right? So what happens when you try to herd them?" I forgot all about the Super Bowl ad from a few years back but one of my co-workers came across it. I'm putting the link here because it's still a funny ad. (And it worked for me so hopefully you won't get rickrolled.)

Oh, I'm about to find out for myself about the health of the Houston real estate market - the townhouse is going on the market in the next few days. If they post pictures online I'll put up a link. It's just a little two-bedroom townhouse but it looks pretty good. ([profile] mslilly- who I think is the only person on my friendslist who lives in that area - you know anybody who's looking for a townhouse in Clear Lake?)
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2007-11-19 05:58 pm

The weekend that was

I gave snippets of "what I did this weekend" in the Saturday post, and none at all yesterday. So forthwith, a weekend report.

The Closet that Will Not Die, and other horrors... )

(Am I the only one around here old enough remember when it was things marked "Made in Japan" that were considered poor quality? You don't see much that's made in Japan any more, unless it's electronics. And with electronics, it's "Made in the USA" that you probably ought to worry about!)

There was also one more box full of papers, which I just did not have the intestinal fortitude to tackle. I will have to do that one next week. My grandfather's death certificate was in an envelope towards the top of the box, to give you an idea of the kind of papers we're talking about.

I have been thinking that we were almost through having to go up to Clear Lake every week to go to Mom's house, but I'm pretty sure I was premature on that. I think that next we are going to be going to Home Depot every weekend to buy stuff for the guy doing the remodeling, and then to Mom's to deliver the goods! At least, near as I understand it that's how the process is going to work. I have to go buy the flooring and the paint and so forth, and then he just does the actual work. So I foresee that being the next stage, starting maybe after Christmas. I have no idea how long that will take, although I'm hoping we can get the house up for sale in the early spring.

And then there was Sunday... )

We had a few cool days last week - speaking of weather - and then it warmed up again, but there's supposed to be a front coming through Wednesday night and it's supposed to be cold and rainy all weekend. Which just reinforces my desire to stay home. (Although I have cracked as far as considering the possibility of going shopping at some point. But not Friday.)

In Guild Wars... )
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2007-09-05 01:26 pm

Still here

I've been unnaturally silent, haven't I?

There's a whole entry by[personal profile] columbina that's pretty much All About Me, anyway! Or more correctly, it's about the two of us and how we interface in game situations. (Interestingly, I proceeded to melt down rather spectacularly last night. But I recovered and life - and gaming - went on.)

I have spent the last two weekends playing GuildWars pretty extensively. The first weekend was the Sneak Preview and I took Rima the Elementalist and played mostly with her. I got her most of the way through the Norn series of quests. I took some of the other characters into the beginning of the new game (which is called Eye of the North, or GW:EN - it's also an in-joke, because Gwen is also the name of a character who's been around in GuildWars from the very beginning), but nobody else went far into it. Then this Friday (the 31st) was the go-live date and so Col and I played all weekend, with his main character Kaeleen and my dervish Sharzad, mostly because Sharzad was the one who was in the right place to join up with Kaeleen at the time we started playing. (And leading indirectly to the problems described in Col's entry.) Despite the occasional clashes and fits of temper on both sides, we enjoyed it. It's not an easy game and it's not meant to be. But it's fun. It has some great bits of comedy in it, too. In-jokes, Monty Python jokes, Pinky and the Brain jokes, you name it.

Other than that, well, life goes on as normal. The top floor of my mother's house is empty except for some furniture. (I am keeping some of this furniture but at some point fairly soon, I'm going to have to figure out how I'm disposing of the stuff that nobody else wants.) We have finally got the last piece of her investments transferred over, which is something I was beginning to think was never going to happen. Now - there is always a catch - I have to decide how to invest it. I think I am over-thinking the investment question, and that in turn is sort of immobilizing me. It's an important decision, yes, but it's not a life-and-death decision. I need to relax about it, a bit.

Oh, I don't think I ever said here that we booked a trip to Las Vegas at Christmas. This will be our long-delayed 20th anniversary trip. We are leaving Christmas night - so we won't have to miss the family celebration - and staying 3 nights, I think it is. That's as long as I could persuade Rob to stay. It's long enough, especially since we're not coming back until really late Friday so we essentially have that whole day to fool around in Vegas, too. I booked us at Treasure Island but I might possibly change that if I find a good deal somewhere else. I had it in mind to stay somewhere that's sort of in the middle of the Strip, though. Years ago when I came the first time we stayed at the north end (at the Riviera), and a few years ago with the TUS group we stayed at the very south end (the Luxor). So the middle is the part I've never really explored. (Rob has no opinion on this, since he's never been before. His only opinions so far are that five days is too long, and that he wants to see topless girls. Men.)
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2007-06-07 10:47 pm
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Apparently it's all in the bag

Fifty-something bald man in front of us in the check-out line: "I used to be a bag boy. Made lots of tips.... met lots of chicks, too! (Significantly:) LOTS of chicks."

Who knew that being a bag boy was the way to score?

Long day today. Work was busy enough, and then I had to fit estate things into the pauses. Chase in their infinite wisdom failed to set up the estate account correctly - they didn't link the checking account to the savings account, despite assuring me that money would "flow" from the latter to the former as needed. So guess what, we have bounced checks. The accounts are now linked properly, I'm told, but on the whole I am not real happy with Chase. Even moreso than I was before.

Also, the realtor informs me that the brick facade around the front door is coming loose and is potentially dangerous. This is not actually my responsibility; the exteriors of the townhouses are taken care of by the townhouse association. However, this means I have to intervene in order to prod someone into action. Besides the question of actual danger, well, loose bricks are not a selling point. Actually I have been told that we are due for a "updating" of the townhouse front - my understanding is that they are intending to replace the stucco and brick surround with something like hardy plank. Not really what I'd choose, but I guess it will be an improvement on cracked stucco. So now I just have to persuade them that they need to go ahead and do the work NOW. Let's hope they will be swayed by the vision of liability for bricks falling on somebody's head.
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2007-06-01 10:47 am
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So, after all this time I finally have an estate account. A rather largish estate account, actually, since the money from one of my mom's big CD's got put into it as well as what she had in checking and savings. A good portion of it is going to get spent right off the bat, though - the estate owes me several thousand dollars to begin with, since besides the funeral costs, I've been paying a number of her bills (like the management fee on the townhouse) myself for, what, three months now - and there's several thousand more in unpaid bills for her care the last few months of her life that are still floating around. And then there are the lawyer fees. Then we are probably going to turn around and spend a goodly amount - several more thousand, at least - to renovate the townhouse before we sell it. Everybody keeps telling me it will be worth the money, so I am taking their word for it, I guess.

I spent the entire day yesterday doing all this stuff, pretty much. I went to the bank and the other bank and the lawyer's office and the local water authority, because the water bills were drafting out of an account that no longer exists. And I need to do the same for the electric bill, but I can't find the damn bill. Aargh. Maybe I'll go home for lunch and look for it.