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2017-12-24 12:57 am

Ugh, Christmas

I tend to get stressed out at Christmas - I guess a lot of people do, right? Kids and gifts and family and big dinners, etc., there's a lot of stressors there. On top of the normal stress triggers - I need to wrap some stuff, I haven't packed - I've been sitting here trying to remember all the things my sister told me and then told me not to tell anybody. (Except Rob, thank goodness. I'm allowed to tell him the whole kit & kaboodle.) I guess that also means I shouldn't turn around and tell the internet all her secrets, should I? But really who she was worried about was the piece of the family that Rob & I normally spend Christmas with. Let's see, I guess the piece of super-sekrit info that I feel most comfortable sharing here is that her book that she wrote long ago is up on Amazon, and has been for a good while, under a pseudonym. I didn't know about the Amazon part, although I knew about the book. I haven't read it, but she gave me a paper copy to read. (I'm waiting til after the family thing is over so I'll be less likely to slip up on that.) She says something happened with autocorrect or something and it's riddled with typos. She wants to get it fixed and put it up under her own name, although that would require jumping through some hoops such as getting a new ISBN, I guess, as well as copy-editing it all over again. I'm not going to tell you where to find it right now (actually I haven't looked for it, although I've seen the fake name now) but if she gets it fixed and I don't completely hate it, I won't rule out sharing that at some time in the future.

In other Christmas-related news, my aunt was trying to guilt us into staying longer when I called her to tell her when we were coming. I went to see her last month specifically because she always complains about that, and (why am I surprised?) it didn't help at all, apparently. I like seeing her and my cousins of various removes at the holidays, and if it was just me on my own I probably might stay longer, but man, I do NOT want to have that fight with Rob. One day and he's ready to go, and I know better than to suggest otherwise. Plus I was off this past week, but he worked all week. I don't particularly blame him for wanting some time at home. 

I'd write more but I think I better go wrangle presents instead! Merry Christmas, or whatever the holiday of your choice is. (Christmas is just the holiday I inherited. I seem to be less interested in it every year.)
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2012-12-19 01:49 am


Well, I have given in and I have a doctor's appointment in the morning. If nothing else, I figure they can give me a referral to an allergist, and I think it's time to try that. I last went to an ENT doc nearly 10 years ago, and she wasn't even an allergy specialist - somebody may have some ideas they didn't then. Plus, I've had sore throats off and on for weeks now, and while I do think it's likely that it's just allergies, it's time (probably past time) to rule out the other stuff, too. Obviously I've been avoiding it, but man, I'm tired of being sick.

I have not gotten far on my little to-do list from yesterday, except that I did make progress on the making and sending of cards. Some I've done are actually mostly handmade and others less so, but so far I haven't resorted to my leftover bought cards from past years at all. I've been taking scans of the more original ones and I'll post those later, after the recipients have had time to see them. But I'm a little bit happier with myself on that score. Just getting off my butt and doing anything is a triumph these days. I even have a war-wound - I sliced my finger open a little bit with the paper-trimmer - nothing too bad, though.

The fact is, I am not feeling much holiday spirit this year. It comes and it goes so fast now that it doesn't seem like there's time to enjoy it. I guess that's just a part of getting older. (And I think maybe you adjust to the whoosh of time as it goes by. At least, sometimes I think I'm starting to.)
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2012-12-17 07:15 pm

Denial is not a river

I seem to be somewhat in denial about the onset of Christmas. I have done some things - for example, I dragged out the wreaths a couple of weeks ago, and put them on both the front door and the balcony door. (I like both my wreaths - the balcony one is battery-operated and twinkles merrily every night. I like to watch it, and this is its fifth December on our balcony, so I think you have to say we got our $30 worth out of that purchase.) And I put the big long string of LED lights across the balcony railing, as well. My apartment complex is way into the holiday decorating, and since our balcony is the ONLY one visible from the street, I feel compelled to do my bit there. And I have done part of my cards and have been gradually working on the rest. And I bought Rob some gifts.

But... there are a number of things I haven't done, either. We discussed putting up the tree and sort of abandoned the idea, because it's a pain and we don't have a really good spot for it. I did put out a couple of decor things, so I made a token effort there. I haven't called my aunt and asked about what I should bring - or (hell!) even told her that we're definitely coming, now that I think about it. (I really, really need to do that one, now that I think about it.) I haven't done anything about a gift for Rob's parents. They're at the point where it's really difficult to get them anything they actually want, but I do try to at least make an effort. I'm going to have to think up some last-minute something, there. Although, man, with mailing issues I'm cutting that one close, aren't I? I haven't wrapped presents or gotten any kind of token presents for my aunt and my cousins or any of that, although all of that is stuff I usually do at the last minute, too. But I'm working this weekend so even getting out the door on Monday is going to be a bit problematic. I really do have to do some of this stuff, and some of it had best be TODAY or at least tomorrow, while I still have a week to go.

Hell, now I've worked myself into a bit of a panic. I'm not sure that's helpful. But knowing me, I'll have pushed all this to the back of my mind again in 15 minutes, anyway.
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2008-03-25 12:18 pm

If it's Tuesday this must be...

I'm going to try to write an entry but my internet is being kind of wonky this morning so let's hope LJ doesn't eat it or something. (I started to say "eat it for breakfast" but it's already getting to be a litlle late for breakfast!)

I have just been looking at the calendar - we are going to Ohio in three two weeks. And taxes are due the day we get back. Yike. I am running very behind on the taxes - it's not mine I'm worried about so much, but we have to do that last tax return for my mother for 2007, and then, I dunno, do we have to do one for the estate, also? I didn't even think about that one until yesterday. Well, I am clearly going to be filing some extensions, anyway. I'll probably just do mine online like I always do, but I'm not confident enough about what I'm doing to do my mom's that way. (But damn, I probably have to do mine before I leave, then, because my in-laws do not do the online thing, unless I go over to my sister-in-law's house or something... which I guess I could do if worse came to worst!)

Let's see, what did we do this weekend? Not a whole helluva lot, actually. Saturday we went to the mainland, and Sunday Col and I played GuildWars almost all day, and squabbled a lot but managed not to kill each other. Rob went off to see some horror movie but I don't even remember which one it was. -- Oh, we did watch some DVDs over the course of the weekend - we watched Labyrinth, which amazingly, neither of us had ever seen. I liked it but I can't say I really adored it, it was too much of a kids' movie for that. (Not that that always stops me, really, but I dunno, it did somewhat with this one.) And we finished the Torchwood disc that we had, which was season 1, episodes 3-5 - Cyberwoman, and the fairies one and... I forget what the ep we had already watched before that was. Oh, Ghosts, I think it's called. The one with the alien cell phone thingamajig. I really like Torchwood generally - much more than I expected to. More than I like Dr Who, to tell you the truth. I like Dr Who but I have never been a huge, huge fan. Torchwood - well, we'll see how I feel when I get through the rest of series 1. But I like it a lot, in any case. I think I like that it's darker.

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2005-02-01 11:15 pm

(no subject)

Somebody please heckle me mercilessly until I take my Christmas tree down! (I keep thinking Rob will do this eventually - I mean heckle me, not actually do it - but no dice.)

I know, I know, it's almost fucking Groundhog Day. I am such a slacker.