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Because I have mentioned this topic several times this month: I was surprised to see the Crown Princess in port in Galveston today, since I thought Princess Cruises were not coming to Galveston. Maybe wherever they're going to go in LaPorte - which is inland, up the Ship Channel - is not ready yet. But it was definitely here for today. (In fact, if it's on a normal cruise ship schedule it's probably gone by now. They usually leave around 4 or 4:30, far as I've ever been able to tell.)

It's quiet at work today, but not quite as much as I expected. Really not much more so than any Saturday has been lately. (Hospitals do have to keep functioning through the holidays, after all, though, so campus is never completely deserted, even on Christmas.)

I've been going gradually back through my old LJ entries and fixing keywords (and icons, which also got broken somewhere along the line) - it's interesting to read through those old entries. The keyword I was fixing today was "news" and some of those entries are a bit perplexing to read now. I was talking about current events to an audience who presumably knew what I was talking about at the time, and I didn't always bother to explain to any great degree (or sometimes at all). And most of the links don't work now, of course. Most of it I remembered after thinking about it a while, but there were one or two that I had forgotten about completely.

I also found a reference to the movie "Hollywoodland" which I had completely forgotten the existence of. I had to go look it up before I remembered what it was at all. I vaguely remember it now, but only vaguely. The George Reeves thing, yeah, but what actually happened in the movie? Not really. And yet I quite liked it at the time.

Oh, last night I found About a Boy in the $1 section of OnDemand, so I watched that. I remembered that I liked it, although not a lot about it, either - and Rob also wandered through and got interested, so he's going to have to come back & watch it later. It's a 2-day rental, so if he'll remember to do it we don't even have to pay another dollar. It really is a pretty good movie - it holds up better than a lot of Hugh Grant's movies. (Also, the "boy" of the title is one of the mutants of "X-Men: First Class." I would never have figured that one out without IMDb. He doesn't look much the same at all. And Natalia Tena is in it! - she did actually look the same once I stopped and looked at her, although she was 15 or 16 at the time.)

I did finally talk to my aunt. We are having Christmas dinner at my cousin Brittany's new house, which of course I haven't seen. She also has a new baby which I haven't seen either. (I'm pretty sure I never sent a baby gift, either, come to think of it. Darnit.)

(Yes, my cousin is much younger than me. I use "cousin" extremely loosely to refer to a bunch of first cousins and cousins-once-or-twice-removed and people who I have known all my life - or theirs, anyway - and usually don't stop to figure out my actual relation to. They may or may not be actual blood relatives, but they're all cousins as far as I am concerned.)

Come to think of it, I read the book of About a Boy once too - Nick Hornby wrote it. I remember that it was not quite so heart-warming but y'know, Hugh Grant movies of 10 years ago were required to be heartwarming, it was like a law or something. So not surprising.
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I have been using the #hobbitses tag ever since I got home. I am easily amused. (It is not exactly highly original, there are a ton of people using it.)

So really the plan was to do normal Saturday things today, and go to see The Hobbit tomorrow, because going to movies is more of our Sunday thing. But there's also a football game tomorrow that I want to watch, and I started thinking that a three-hour football game followed by a (almost) three-hour movie would be a bit much. So I suggested to Rob that maybe we could go to the movie tonight instead, always assuming we could get in. (The funny thing is that Rob was apparently not listening to me too closely and thought I was just saying that we should go buy the tickets for tomorrrow while we were out tonight. Luckily we cleared this up before actually buying the tickets, and he seemed to go along with the change in program pretty happily once we got it straight.)

Now our normal Saturday routine (now confined to Saturdays-when-I'm-not working) goes something like this: Rob goes to the gym, I play video games, we do laundry, we go out to eat rather early to beat the crowds, we go to the grocery store after that and usually get home in time to watch Dr Who when there is one. So mostly what changed is the latter part of that. I started on a new zone in GW2 (Timberline Falls, if you want to know) and went on my usual exploring binge and forgot about the time. But around four I came to enough to start thinking about the whole 48fps thing and 3D vs 2D and all that, even though we still theoretically weren't going until tomorrow, and I got as far as looking it up at the huge Cinemark which is the closest theater to us. That was when I started reflecting on the timetable for tomorrow and that moviegoing might well fit in as well or better tonight, if I could get Rob to agree.

Before we could leave for all of this, we had to run the gauntlet of neighbors downstairs having a cookie party. We really should have gone downstairs and made an appearance earlier when it was in full swing, but the aforesaid fever of game exploration hit, and I kind of didn't get around to it. And Rob didn't push it either. But we did stop and talk to everybody for a few minutes (without actually taking any cookies, I want you to know) and then we went off to the Cinemark to buy the tickets and then went to Texas Roadhouse to eat - not really where I would've picked, but Rob likes it, so eh - and then the movie. We had plenty of time and in fact got seated in time for all the pre-movie stuff that we normally avoid by running in at the last minute. We saw a thing about that Vegas series on CBS and some Canon/Ron Howard thing that sort of mystified me, and... I forget what else. And then eventually a ton of previews, mostly for post-apocalyptic science-fictiony things that I will probably go see all of unless they seem to totally suck - let's see, one was AfterEarth with Will Smith, and then there was one with Tom Cruise that I forget the name of (Oblivion, maybe?) and then Pacific Rim. Stuck in there were a couple of non-SF things that completely failed to register. And of course there were the numerous pleas to TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE PLEASE and by the time the movie started, I was like, "Oh, really, this is the movie finally? Oh look, there's the New Line logo, I guess it really is."

Oh, also, there was a GW2 promo in there (along with several other video games) and something about it made a little wave of laughter go through the crowd. I totally did not get why, though. I'm not sure if it was a GW2-is-already-over laugh - because this is The Hobbit, after all, it's bound to be a geekier-than-average crowd - or what that was about. (If GW2 is already over, then they should have laughed even harder at the Mists of Pandaria one, you'd think!)

Anyway. The movie. I went in with fairly low expectations, and I'm sure that helped, but I enjoyed it a lot. It was certainly all over the place tonally, with the whipsawing back and forth between low comedy and I'm-Thorin-and-I'm-hot dramatic slo-mo and bits of The Silmarillion, for god's sake, but mostly I didn't even mind. Rob liked it too. (We sat through a good hunk of credits before we got up, and then went to the restroom and got out to the car, and Rob said, "I bet the credits are still running." And this being a Peter Jackson movie, he might well have been right.)

Oh, also I should note for the record that we went to see plain-vanilla Digital 2D, although I had to explain the whole framerate thing to Rob before we could buy the tickets. I think there were at least 4 different format choices, and the showing we went to was not even sold out, although it was one of the larger theaters and it was hardly empty. I did not even notice where the 3D was supposed to be like I usually do, for what that's worth.
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I just accidentally swallowed a cherry stone, and I'm having this totally irrational fear that a cherry tree is going to start growing out my ears. My grandmother - and possibly my mother, too - used to tell us an old wives' tale to that effect when we were kids. Although I think it was oranges, not cherries, at the time.

I've been doing Jade Quarry all night in GuildWars. I had never done it at all until about a week ago, because when I tried before there were never people available to fill up both sides to do it. (It's a sort of a hybrid PvP-mission kind of thing. You're playing against other players, but you also have an objective you have to do. In this case it's about keeping control of (guess what) jade quarries, and whoever gets a certain amount of jade back to their base first wins.) Columbine may be surprised to hear that I was doing this because we never used to do these missions. But I've been racking up the faction and I may get the Friend of the Luxons title this weekend if I keep it up.

Rob asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Usually he gets me things like DVDs and sometimes a piece of jewelry, and I usually wrap up a couple of odds and ends I bought for myself, if I suspect I need it to balance things out. (I sort of try to make our gifts to one another match in size, if you know what I mean - I usually buy him a bunch of books and DVDs, and he tells me what to buy there, too. So I figure the expenditure should be more or less consistent for each of us, although I'm not stringent about it at all. In fact I don't really total it up at all except in the very roughest way. Some years my stuff costs a bit more, some years his does.) This year is a bit different, though, because of me not working, and while we're not out of money, we are definitely watching the purse-strings much more carefully now than we were. So when I thought of getting a Kindle I thought no, that's too expensive. Only it turns out that I have quite a large credit with Amazon, almost large enough to pay for the whole thing, if I get the Wi-Fi one. Although I'm thinking I might even go for the 3G one. The amount we'd have to pay in cash to get the 3G version would be roughly in the range of say, the MST3K box set I've got put away for Rob, anyway. Anybody have any opinion on this? If you do, speak up fast, I may be ordering something soon. (Too late, already, that ship has sailed. I got the 3G.) They say "In stock" but I don't entirely trust them. (Late word: I got an e-mail already that says that it has shipped, due in Wednesday.)

Poor Rob got called in to work today. That's been happening pretty regularly lately, at least sort of once a month or so. He went in and worked about 5 or 6 hours, but he told them that if the person who was missing doesn't come in tomorrow, they're going to have to find somebody else to cover then. Which I think is wise. We can use the OT, sure, but he needs a day off, too.

One of the things I've been reading, or re-reading (do you consider it re-reading if you listened to the audiobook the first time?) is A Game of Thrones, and I just stumbled onto replicas of the swords in the book, on Amazon. I guess I should not be surprised, but I am. Wonder if these were around before HBO announced the miniseries.

Anyway, here's Arya's sword Needle, for example. (I've started on the 2nd book but I'm not even far into it. So if you have anything to say about those books, be careful with spoilers, please! I would welcome non-spoilery discussion.)

Arya Stark's sword

Needle, Sword of Arya Stark. Licensed from George R.R. Martin
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I'm going to try to write an entry but my internet is being kind of wonky this morning so let's hope LJ doesn't eat it or something. (I started to say "eat it for breakfast" but it's already getting to be a litlle late for breakfast!)

I have just been looking at the calendar - we are going to Ohio in three two weeks. And taxes are due the day we get back. Yike. I am running very behind on the taxes - it's not mine I'm worried about so much, but we have to do that last tax return for my mother for 2007, and then, I dunno, do we have to do one for the estate, also? I didn't even think about that one until yesterday. Well, I am clearly going to be filing some extensions, anyway. I'll probably just do mine online like I always do, but I'm not confident enough about what I'm doing to do my mom's that way. (But damn, I probably have to do mine before I leave, then, because my in-laws do not do the online thing, unless I go over to my sister-in-law's house or something... which I guess I could do if worse came to worst!)

Let's see, what did we do this weekend? Not a whole helluva lot, actually. Saturday we went to the mainland, and Sunday Col and I played GuildWars almost all day, and squabbled a lot but managed not to kill each other. Rob went off to see some horror movie but I don't even remember which one it was. -- Oh, we did watch some DVDs over the course of the weekend - we watched Labyrinth, which amazingly, neither of us had ever seen. I liked it but I can't say I really adored it, it was too much of a kids' movie for that. (Not that that always stops me, really, but I dunno, it did somewhat with this one.) And we finished the Torchwood disc that we had, which was season 1, episodes 3-5 - Cyberwoman, and the fairies one and... I forget what the ep we had already watched before that was. Oh, Ghosts, I think it's called. The one with the alien cell phone thingamajig. I really like Torchwood generally - much more than I expected to. More than I like Dr Who, to tell you the truth. I like Dr Who but I have never been a huge, huge fan. Torchwood - well, we'll see how I feel when I get through the rest of series 1. But I like it a lot, in any case. I think I like that it's darker.

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I was complaining last week about it being so cold and damp, but it's warmed up this week - I think it's probably doing to be in the 60s today. I also think it's supposed to get cooler again soon, though.

I had a massive sinus headache all day yesterday and it seems to be coming back today. There must be some serious pollen in the air, or something, because everybody is sick. There were four people (out of ten) in the office yesterday, and two of those four were sick. Everybody is here today but they are all sneezing and sniffling and dragging around.

We didn't do much over the weekend. I played a lot of GuildWars. We did go to see Juno, which I ended up liking a lot. Rob did too. [personal profile] ursulahitlerand I had discussed in my comments that the clips we had seen didn't make either of us want to go see the movie very much, but then again, it got a very high ranking on rottentomatoes, and I have gotten where I rely an awful lot on those. Juno was running at 93% there, and that's basically the main reason I went. It did seem sort of overwritten and excessively cute at the beginning (first-time screenwriter syndrome, I imagine), but once it gets rolling that mostly stops. The girl's performance is mostly what makes it work, I think. Really extraordinary.

We have also been running our own little "Lost" season 3 marathon - we had stopped watching 4 or 5 episodes in, but we ended up with a copy of the full season, since my nephew told one too many people (apparently) to get him that for Christmas. And we decided since the new episodes were starting up, we might as well just catch up. And everybody who told us that season 3 perked up after those first few episodes was right. We have definitely gotten into it - which is just as well because we waited until rather the last minute to start this. New episodes start Thursday. We have 5 old episodes to go - I think we're going to make it.

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Rob's birthday is tomorrow, so we went out for a celebratory seafood dinner. (I had chicken, actually, but Rob had shrimp.) Rob got a new DVD player - it's to go with the 2nd TV in the bedroom - and several DVDs that he picked out. Also we spent the night at the Hilton in Houston for the race last weekend and we traditionally consider that part of his birthday present, because it's always right around the time of his birthday and it makes race day much more convenient for him.

When we bought the DVD player at Sam's yesterday I also bought a huge bag of mixed caladiums - 50 or 60 bulbs, I think. I got out on the back porch and stuck about half of them into various pots out there. They may not all come up but it doesn't really matter. I've had good luck with caladiums in the past, so hopefully a lot of them will come up, at least, and I will have plenty of color out there all summer. I have more pots on the front porch so I will probably plant a bunch more out there.

[ profile] columbina may kill me - I finished another GuildWars campaign tonight. Nightfall, this time. I wouldn't have thought of trying it except that he and I were experimenting around with Gate of Madness earlier today. We didn't get close to finishing, so tonight when somebody in the guild started looking for people to do GoM with them, I went. I figured that even if this group didn't finish, it would be good to see how people handled the part that Col and I wiped on. And I did see that - and we finished the mission and then some of us went on and did the final mission too, Abaddon's Gate. As is the pattern with the other ones I've finished, the last mission was pretty easy. It's always the 2nd-to-last mission that's a booger - then the final mission is pretty much you battle the Big Bad and you're done. I was kind of laughing because Abaddon is this gigantic thing (although you only see his head and hands) and I was thinking that this has been my weekend for gigantic monsters. First there was Cloverfield, and then the Torchwood episode that was on last night involved another gigantic incarnation of Abaddon, coincidentally, stomping all over London - or Cardiff? I dunno - like Godzilla. They're everywhere!

(Col, I will tell you more about GoM later. I suspect that it is doable with heroes & henches, except that I'm not so sure about how to handle Shiro, in that case.)

This is pretty accurate, I think.
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Dec. 8th, 2007 09:57 pm
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The begonia that I brought home from Mom's house is blooming, no less. I don't know if it'll survive the winter - but actually, I suppose it must've survived last winter since it's been longer than that since anyone did anything but water the plants over there.

I divided the plants I had between the front porch (very shady) and the back patio (partial shade) more or less at random, but everything is hanging in there so far. I wasn't sure how anything would do. The porch in the old apartment got a lot more sun. We've had pretty good weather lately so I'm sure that helps.

I felt very tired and blah today and I decided we should just stay home. I have already had a meeting with the lawyer this week so I felt like I had already done my duty as an executrix for the week, anyway. I gave the lawyer the new papers that I found on the house and they should be able to finally file the inventory now. And other than that, we are mostly just waiting on the house to sell, which hopefully will happen in the spring. We should be able to get started with the renovating after the holidays, I think.

Rob & I have been going out to eat on Saturdays all year, on the way up to Mom's - actually, that's an older custom than that, since Mom and I went out to lunch on Saturdays for years and years, and kept doing it right up until she was hospitalized and couldn't go any more. So we went out to lunch today, too, even though we weren't going anywhere else. The habit seems to be kind of ingrained now. Eventually we won't have to go to Mom's on Saturdays any more, but I bet we keep going out to lunch! Not a bad habit to have, really.

I was thinking about how this year was different from the past several years. We haven't had a Christmas where a family member wasn't seriously ill in a long time - the last three years it was Mom - I guess it was coincidence that she always got sicker this time of year, but she definitely did; and somewhere in there my great-aunt Rae was very ill at Christmas also, I guess that was two years ago; and there was another year that that my mom was having chemo in December for her first round of cancer, before that, in 2001 (I remember saying, "Oh, this has just been a crap year all around" - little did I know); and a couple of years before that my uncle Ted was in the hospital at Christmas and he died right afterwards. Actually I think my dad had chemo in December a few years ago for his prostate, too, but that was after Mom had already gotten sick, and poor Daddy and his prostate got really short shrift. (I barely blinked when he told me. I was like, "Cancer? Oh ok... but the prognosis is good? OK, good, you'll be fine, then. Bye!") So I don't quite know what to do with a "normal" Christmas.

So in the interest of normalcy, we put up tree #2 today - this is less impressive than it sounds since they are both really small trees. The second tree is the all-white one, and I put a bunch of my mom's stuff on it. It's gold, silver and pink, and it looks really pretty. It's completely different-looking than the other tree, which (as you may recall) is a green tree with multi-color lights and decorations. I will have to try to get a picture of the second tree but I don't have a good track record on getting tree pictures that do them justice. With the lights and everything, it makes it hard.

I feel like there should be some lesson to all of this but I don't know what it is. My life is just in transition, that's all. I should probably get used to it.

Holidailies penguin
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I gave snippets of "what I did this weekend" in the Saturday post, and none at all yesterday. So forthwith, a weekend report.

The Closet that Will Not Die, and other horrors... )

(Am I the only one around here old enough remember when it was things marked "Made in Japan" that were considered poor quality? You don't see much that's made in Japan any more, unless it's electronics. And with electronics, it's "Made in the USA" that you probably ought to worry about!)

There was also one more box full of papers, which I just did not have the intestinal fortitude to tackle. I will have to do that one next week. My grandfather's death certificate was in an envelope towards the top of the box, to give you an idea of the kind of papers we're talking about.

I have been thinking that we were almost through having to go up to Clear Lake every week to go to Mom's house, but I'm pretty sure I was premature on that. I think that next we are going to be going to Home Depot every weekend to buy stuff for the guy doing the remodeling, and then to Mom's to deliver the goods! At least, near as I understand it that's how the process is going to work. I have to go buy the flooring and the paint and so forth, and then he just does the actual work. So I foresee that being the next stage, starting maybe after Christmas. I have no idea how long that will take, although I'm hoping we can get the house up for sale in the early spring.

And then there was Sunday... )

We had a few cool days last week - speaking of weather - and then it warmed up again, but there's supposed to be a front coming through Wednesday night and it's supposed to be cold and rainy all weekend. Which just reinforces my desire to stay home. (Although I have cracked as far as considering the possibility of going shopping at some point. But not Friday.)

In Guild Wars... )
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I finished defensive driving at last - I put off working on it too much this week (or just forgot about it half the time, really) and ended up spending most of the day on it today, at least off and on. I figured that I needed to finish before tomorrow, because I only paid for three-day shipping and it takes them a day to get it in the mail. I have to be done by Thanksgiving Day, actually - which means I have to turn it in before then. So I'm figuring it will be here Friday, which gives me a couple of spare days to get it down there to turn everything in. It was very boring, but hey, I made 100 on the test and at least it's over with.

I'm still working on getting pictures online, too - another thing that I'm ready to be done with. I'm getting them up faster than I did last year, I think, though. As I recall it was just about Thanksgiving before I finished last year. Flickr has made the process easier and of course it helps to have broadband, and I've gotten somewhat better at the process of getting the names on them, too.

[personal profile] columbina and I played GuildWars for a good while this afternoon, for the first time in weeks. We've both been busy, we both have new computers to get set up, all of that. Anyway, it was nice to play together. We played my baby monk (who is not such a baby any more, she is at level 17) and Hecuba, Col's elementalist who is playing in the same area. We did a mission in Kryta and then we took Celia to Elona, where she can get heroes, because the fact is, henchmen really suck. So yay, heroes.

Rob did go out - he went to the bookstore for a while and then went to see that Denzel Washington gangster movie, which he said was good. I wanted to stay home, the movies didn't especially appeal and it's nice to just stay home sometimes. We ate pancakes this morning, and drank coffee and had really, really good sex, which always brightens up the day, doesn't it? And then I alternated between GuildWars and and downloading pictures for pretty much the rest of the day. And now I'm tired and I'm about to go to bed. And I have a whole week of work ahead, darnit. Friday afternoon off, I suppose, but still, a whole week. But there's not much I can do about that.
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Odds & ends:
Encase your hard drive in Carbonite. (First I thought this was a joke. Then I realized it was just a PC-backup service. I wonder if they have to pay royalties to George Lucas.)

And I think my workplace has problems. (Don't follow that link expecting something funny; it's not.)
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I took the weekend off. No estate stuff, no going through Mom's closets, none of that. I probably shouldn't have, but I did. Instead, I spent most of the weekend playing Auto Assault with[personal profile] columbina. It's very different from GuildWars, that's for sure - sort of a Mad-Max-meets-Terminator kind of thing. (There's a 14-day free trial link at the top of that page if you're interested in trying it out.)

We also went to see Zodiac. It was a sort of an odd, slow-moving movie, but definitely interesting. The violent parts are mostly right at the beginning, although at least one of them was violent enough to shock me a bit, and I don't really shock all that easily. After that, it mostly settles down into a whodunnit.

In my ongoing Battlestar Galactica cast watch, Tricia Helfer was on Supernatural this past week, and it turned out that (spoiler alert!) her character was dead, and had been dead all along (even though she had been, you know, up walking around and not transparent or anything). So we're actually 3-for-3 on this - one zombie, one dead-guy-with-flashbacks, and one dead-girl-who-doesn't-know-she's-dead. I think three examples is enough to declare this a trend of some sort, although I have no idea why there should be such a trend. Does somebody think BSG stars are just particularly good at playing dead people?

I don't really have much else to say. It was a blessedly uneventful weekend.


Jul. 24th, 2006 11:43 am
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I kinda feel like crap, for no reason I can put my finger on. If I don't start feeling better I might go home, 'cause I'm not getting much done like this.

I downloaded some icons. That's the kind of brainless stuff I seem to be able to do today. And in actual work things, I made some labels for people's in-boxes, since we've had some people move around, and I changed addresses in my Contacts list. Stuff like that.

And I'm sharing because I know I'm not the only Buffy fanatic around here, and somebody might have missed these: Giles quote icons.

I didn't do much this weekend, other than go over to my mother's like I do every weekend, and tend to my wounded husband (he fell down and managed to cut himself on a beer bottle on the way down - it's a nasty little cut but I don't think it quite needs stitches, since it seems to be healing up ok), and - of course - play GuildWars. I had a fairly productive weekend in GuildWars. We have finally gotten to the point where we are going to be forced to group with other people, and luckily we have guildies who are much more into grouping than Columbine and I normally are.  I ended up doing Vizunah Square twice with guild people - once with Alessa, and once with Gia. And I got Alessa through the next mission on her own, too. Vizunah Square was kind of a hoot, because there are lots and lots of things to fight, and therefore it works really well to do it with Minion Masters, which are necromancers that can raise minions from corpses. And you have a double-sized team to begin with, so there were, like, 12-16 people, plus assorted henches, NPCs and pets, plus literally dozens of minions running around. You couldn't go anywhere without tripping over a minion. It was a mess, but a very entertaining one. And we finished the mission and got all the time bonuses, both times.

Oh - we did go see Monster House. In 3-D, no less. I was worried the whole 3-D thing would give me a headache, but it didn't, and really you only noticed it sporadically. I think it's sort of gimmicky, but it was interesting, and the movie was cute, with or without the 3-D.
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In GuildWars news,
So (as you may have figured out if you actually read all of the above) I spent most of the long weekend playing games. I did go over to my mom's on Monday, and I also worked Monday morning, even though I was supposed to be off, because I was reformatting some spreadsheets that needed to be sent out. Other than that, we mostly went out to eat a bunch. I wasn't terribly interested in seeing Superman, so there wasn't a whole lot else we wanted to do!
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I finally got started playing Guild Wars last night, after a horribly tedious couple of downloads that I thought would never end. I was expecting a fairly big update, and I knew it would take a while, since I have dialup, but my god, 4000 files? It was pretty ridiculous. I started installing it when I got home around 6:00, and it was well after 9:00, I think, when I finally got to play. Anyway, hopefully the worst of that is over, and I can actually play now. It was fun, as much of it as I got to experience. [ profile] columbina started a warrior character so he could go through the beginner stage (which is called "pre-Searing" - I'm beginning to figure out what the heck that means, now) along with me. That should make it go a lot faster, since he knows what he's doing and I won't have to wander around hunting for things. Not to mention that it will be more fun.

What else? Lost was good last night - of course it was, because I had just told Columbine I had lost interest in it! - and the person who got voted off on Idol was about who I expected. (Although I can't remember if I actually picked her in the pool or not. I will have to check!) There was also a baseball special on, which makes me happy because it means the season's getting close. Very close now, actually - it starts Monday, I think. (There might even be a Sunday night game, I'm not sure about that.)

I am off tomorrow and I am going to my Mom's and do the stuff I normally do on Saturdays, and then on Saturday I am going to the quilt retreat for the day. The spring retreat is nearby, anyway (unlike the fall retreat which is a couple of hours away), and I was feeling extremely broke back in January when it was time to register, and I decided one day was all I could afford to pay for. Plus I have lost my roommate - Mom - since she doesn't care to go, so I sort of thought going for the day might be preferable to sharing a room with somebody I don't know very well, anyway.
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The weekend went by really, really fast. It's not fair.

It doesn't seem like I did that much. I went over to Mom's Saturday and we ate Mexican food and I finished my quilt top (at long last) - and I spent an hour or more mucking around on their computer, like it seems like I always end up doing. (I will refrain from speculating about just why there is always something wrong with that computer.) Yesterday we went back up to Clear Lake and ate at Jason's Deli and went to see Brokeback Mountain. Jason's Deli was packed and I had a good time watching people. (Rob had his back to the room, so he just got to listen to me mock people's clothes.) I liked the movie too, although probably not as much as I liked Capote. Although that didn't stop me from crying a lot, just the same.

After saying I was tired of playing Dofus, I proceeded to spend the remaining piece of the weekend playing it anyway. I battled more rats and did quests and so forth. Somehow that game is very time-consuming.

Diary-X lost all their data, I hear - well, I guess I won't be updating over there any more. (Even if he gets it back. That's just ridiculous.)

Warning to [ profile] columbina: If some sort of (possibly mildly obnoxious) Valentine's thing turns up on your LJ tomorrow, it's probably my fault. I don't exactly remember too much about it, but whatever it was, I thought it was really funny about 3am the other night. (I'm pretty sure it's not hearts and flowers or anything like that, though.)

I gotta quit staying up so late.
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Let's see, what have I done this weekend? Today I've done nothing, really - well, unless you count having read an entire Anne Perry mystery as something. And I played KoL and I went through some of my massive collection of links and cleaned house. Oh, and I paid some bills. So that doesn't sound too awful, really.

(Putting the rest of this under an LJ-cut for gratuitous ranting about shopping.)
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You know, friends-locking is the best thing Livejournal ever invented. Because I am paranoid and I wouldn't feel free to rant about my family otherwise!

Oh, and I almost forgot to say that we had a really wild thunderstorm late last night. I went to bed about a minute and a half before the power went out, and then I was just sure we were having a tornado, but it turned out to only be 60-mile-an-hour winds and thunder and lightning and (I think) a little bit of hail.


Nov. 14th, 2004 10:42 pm
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We have had very chilly and gloomy weather this weekend. It makes me happy, because I was tired of it being 85. It's November, for chrissake.

Let's see, what have I been doing? Yesterday I went to my mom's, as usual, and we had lunch at Red Lobster - she was craving shrimp - and then we went shopping. They've opened a bunch of new stores in a shopping center that's been refurbished near the mall - a DSW, Office Depot, Pier One, and a Marshall's Megastore. (And they're still working on more.) So we went to the Office Depot to get some things (I needed CDs and stuff for the holiday CD exchange; she needed copies) and then we hit Marshall's. I actually ended up spending more at Office Depot than at Marshall's because I bought one of those CD labelling systems which was nearly $30, besides CDs and stuff to mail them in. I bought a good many things at Marshall's but none of them were very expensive. I got some things for gifts - candles and scented soap and things like that - and a big London Fog umbrella that was only $7.99. Mom bought some gift stuff, too, and a nightgown.

Then we went back to her house and I did get a few blocks made for the string quilt, but I left about 6:30 for more shopping, because I still needed to buy luggage. I thought the luggage at Marshall's was all too expensive. I made a side-trip to Half-Price Books first, because I finished the first David Eddings book (Pawn of Prophecy) and I really liked it and didn't want to have to wait ages to get the next one. I fiddled around there for a while and then I went to Target in Galveston on the way back. I needed a largish piece of luggage because the only rolling piece I have is one carryon and that just won't do for 2 people for 5 days. So I ended up buying a big wheeled duffle. (The duffle is big, not the wheels.) It's that Eddie Bauer stuff that they have in Target so hopefully it will be reasonably durable. The really cheap luggage looked like it wouldn't survive one flight, I thought - some of the stuff at Wal-Mart, in particular. I still spent $70 in Target, which is about how much I always seem to spend, but considering that $45 of that was the luggage I guess that's not too bad. Usually I leave with lots of junk.

Today I did nothing. I paid bills, that was about the limit of my usefulness. Oh, and I Tilexed the tub! So that's two things. And here I thought I was lazy.
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Apparently I was wrong the other day when I said the Astros were in first place by a full game. At the time, they weren't. (I still haven't figured out where I got confused about that.) But anyway, it doesn't matter, because they are now. Today is the last day of the season, and if the Astros win, they're in the playoffs!! And right now they are winning 4-0, although it's only the 3rd inning and it's a little early to be gloating. Still, looks like I might just get to use those playoff tickets after all!

I can't think of much else that's interesting to report otherwise. I've actually spent a good bit of my weekend either having sex or talking about sex, which is not a bad thing. But I don't think I want to go into too much detail about either one of those! Other than sex and baseball, I've eaten mexican food and sewed a little and shopped a little and slept quite a lot - and none of that is too terribly fascinating to hear about. (Although I'll probably go write a little bit in the quilt weblog, so if the sewing part interests you, that link is in my profile.)


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