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I was just reading my "after visit summary." Apparently I was supposed to eat lightly today. Oops - we ended up at Jason's Deli, because I was starving. I did think about it and I said, "They would have told me if I was only supposed to eat soft food or something, right?" I dunno, maybe they said it and I just didn't take it in. But I gather from reading all that that they were primarily worried about nausea, and that definitely didn't happen.
Well, everything went relatively smoothly. I had a spate of energy and wrote some stuff on the TUS board, so let me just quote myself:
I had a lumpectomy and apparently also had a lymph node removed earlier today. I am at home and awake (although if I say anything really stupid, can we agree to blame it on the drugs?) and I'm sore but I really don't feel that bad, to my surprise. I'm guessing the soreness is likely to be worse tomorrow.
Actually, nobody thought to tell me before this morning that the node removal thing was even a possibility, but it's a heckuva lot better than waking up with no breast, which I gather was a thing that used to happen. And I know the lymph system is how it's most likely to spread. I was groggy and wasn't asking a lot of questions when the surgeon came in afterwards, but I have an appointment with her next week, and I probably ought to quiz her on this point a bit, because they don't seem to think it had spread, so I don't know if the node thing was just a precaution or what. Unless the pathologist comes back with a bad answer that nobody seems to expect, this is almost the most minor breast cancer possible. (I feel like I'm tempting fate every time I say something like that, though.) Even the surgeon said she couldn't feel the lump, and she also said she was impressed that the radiologist caught it on the mammogram. It's something like 8mm, which I think of as being the size of a fairly small bead. I do have to have a few radiation treatments even in the best case.
I only wrote a couple of paragraphs about this on Dreamwidth before today, and I've told very few people in real life. I think I may have avoided talking about it too much because I didn't want to hear any breast cancer horror stories. I'm not sure. Also where I work it's pretty busy and I really don't want to be discussing my medical stuff with every random medical student who comes in the door. But I'm not completely opposed to talking about it now that the surgery is over. Which I guess is good, because if my hair falls out after the radiation, all in-person secrecy is going to be out the window.

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*sneeze* *cough*

Yeah, I'm still sick. I didn't go to bed until like 9am (again) - I woke up and it was getting dark (I'm nearly always confused when that happens because I think for a minute it's dawn, not dusk). Then I went back to sleep for another hour. Rob let me sleep until 6 and we were going to see the 6:45 Bumblebee, but by the time I threw some clothes on & got out the door I was pretty sure we weren't going to make it - it takes pretty much a solid 30 minutes to get to the theater and get Rob his Diet Coke, etc.. At that moment I wasn't sure I cared, either. (I know it has good reviews and everything, but it's a Transformers movie. I suspect I'll like it in the end but it's hard to work up much enthusiasm.) Rob was going, "We can make it," and we got down the road to where our favorite Chinese restaurant is and I said "Are you sure you don't just want to eat?" and we got even further down the road before I talked him out of the movie and into Chinese. It was already time for the movie to start by then and we were still 10 minutes away, and I hate missing the beginning of movies. Plus, I was hungry.

So we had Chinese for dinner, and I ordered what I always order (sweet & sour chicken) before it occurred to me that I talked to the doctor's office first thing yesterday morning (or last thing before bed, for me) - and my A1C was kind of high and so I'm supposed to be eating low-carb, low sugar for the next few months. But oh well, I ate my damn chicken anyway. I was expecting the low-sugar part but the carb thing took me by surprise. I honestly don't know what to eat - lots of chicken salads? I think cutting down on bread will be harder than cutting out sugar, for me. (In case anybody's wondering if they missed something on the diagnosis front, I have not officially been diagnosed with diabetes so far - or at least the nurse I talked to never mentioned it. But obviously I'm right on the borderline.)

And meanwhile I'm sneezing my way through dinner. Luckily they had seated us in a corner. Rob seems better today but I'm worse. I hope that means I'll be better by tomorrow. I looked and "Vice" is showing at the Cinemark, so I'm thinking that I should send Rob off to see that because he wanted to see it and I don't, and that will give me another recovery day. I watched plenty of news all through the Bush administration, I feel like I've seen that movie already.

Oh, and I have been watching Doctor Who for the last few hours - I watched almost all of the last several Capaldi episodes, which for some reason I missed at the time. I think I've watched everything now except the one that comes between "World Enough and Time" and "Twice Upon a Time". (And I still haven't watched the last new episode, either - the Battle of something, I think? - so I guess I should do that before the New Year's Day one! I think that one recorded, but for some reason the 12th doctor one didn't, even though all the others did. What's up with that?)

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A couple of people have written entries about coffee for Holidailies in the last few days. I started to write one yesterday and it only got as far as how my parents both drank their coffee black before veering off to talk about the other things I drank over the years (large quantities of iced tea, Diet Coke, and Shiner Bock, at various stages of my life). So instead I'm still going to start with coffee but I'm not going to pretend that I'm going to write a whole entry about it. I do have a serious Starbucks habit these days, but it's a relatively recent thing and really has nothing to do with my parents and their (really revolting, as far as I'm concerned) black coffee habit. I only drink my coffee with large quantities of milk and artificial sweeteners, and I don't care how bad Equal is for me, so don't try to tell me. (I'm pretty sure that the Starbucks drive-through people at two different locations in two different towns know it's me just from my order.)

When I was trying to write about this yesterday, I also tried to look up "supertaster" because I've been told several times that I probably am one, but what I got from that search is that the only people who claim to know what a supertaster really is are people who are trying to sell you testing kits. It's definitely true that I'm sensitive to bitter foods, especially, and I basically can only tolerate them if they're highly watered-down in some way. But I'm also generally a picky eater in a number of other ways. I'm super-sensitive about texture - which is why I don't eat shellfish, because ugh, rubber - and I'm far too fond of the kind of traditional Texas diet that's heavy on grease and starch and meat. So I don't really know where all that gets you.

Let's see, what else - we're still watching Jessica Jones, and we're now maybe about halfway through the season. (I haven't looked to see how many episodes there actually are. Daredevil had 13 but I don't know if J.Jones is the same.) We did two episodes today and one yesterday, which is about as fast as we ever manage to go with shows like this. We don't have Netflix set up on our TV, for one thing - our regular (U-verse) television feed is still hooked up to my mom's old TV, which is a large and incredibly heavy old CRT. We keep saying we'll get a flat-screen when that one goes out, and it hasn't so far. It's got to be something like 13 or 14 years old because my mom died in early 2007, coming right up on 10 years ago, now, and I know she had it for a good while before that. So when we want to watch Netflix I have to pry myself off the computer so we can watch it there. It's all very out-of-date, I know, but it's worked for us so far.

I would like to cut the cord and not have regular TV at all, but Rob is a TV addict. One reason our crazy schedule works for us is that he goes to bed a lot earlier than I do (at which point I generally turn the TV off) and then he gets up much earlier than I do, of course, and he spends his mornings (the part when he's not working out, that is) watching old re-runs, which I can't stand. He loves Andy Griffith and Gunsmoke and all that kind of old stuff, which I can tolerate in small doses but generally got sick of years ago. (I got up to pee one morning this week and could hear Edith Bunker's voice from the bathroom - I didn't even know he'd been watching All in the Family.) I have my old Dell computer; I'd like to just buy another monitor like this one (20" Samsung, I see it's less than $100 on Amazon) and hook it up to that for TV-viewing. I don't think Rob would let me cut off the "real" TV, still, though.

Anyway, we both really like Jessica Jones a lot, and I was really happy when we got to this last episode where Luke reappears, which probably means I'll be ready for one of those Luke & Jessica icons by the time we finish. (Is there a cutesy name for Luke/Jessica? Lessica? surely not...)

(I think I'll post this and then go play Marvel Heroes some more. I really need to get Storm through chapter 4.)

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Somebody gave us a big box of these Taiwanese... candy or cookies, I don't know which you'd call it. I thought it was candy, originally, and everything is chocolate covered, but really it's more like chocolate covered cookies. My favorite is something called a Choco Roll that comes in white chocolate and milk chocolate, and tastes a lot to me like those vanilla creme cookies that I buy very occasionally. I can't think of the brand. I'm not talking about the Oreo-like ones, but the sort of crunchy rectangular ones. Oh, anyway, that's not much help if I can't even tell you what I'm talking about, is it? Here's some pictures of the Choco-Rolls - it's not the Taro thing at the top, but the ones further down. I like them. They're not really strongly flavored, which to me is a good thing. But they taste good to me. There was also one that was basically chocolate-covered puff-pastry, which I also liked. I like the texture of puff pastry, I think. (So far I have not encountered anything in this box that I don't like, which is unusual. I am a very picky eater.)

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So I lost four and a half pounds in the last 8 days - not bad, especially considering I didn't actually count my points (or POINTS PLUS, which is what the new points are called to distinguish them from the old points) more than about half the time. And I am all awash with Weight Watchers fervour now that I've actually lost weight, and I bought the "member kit" that has the big books with all the points in it, so I figure this gives me something to rattle on about. I also bought the specialized point calculator. The old system had sort of a slider thing that you could calculate points with (although the calculator was available for the old system too), but the new system has four things to input instead of three (that is, fat/carbs/protein/fiber, rather than calories/fat/fiber in the old system) and that made it too complicated to be able to use a paper slide thing. Which is another thing some of the old members are disgruntled about.

Now bear in mind that I am an old member, in the sense that I've been going to Weight Watchers off and on for years and years. Let's see - my mother lost a lot of weight on it in the early 70s, when it was this ungodly stringent thing where you were supposed to eat liver once a week and most people made their own WW spaghetti sauce from scratch. I never really considered joining until they loosened up - I guess I first joined in 1986, which was the year I ended up back in Houston living with my parents (long story) and also the year I eventually met Rob. My mom and I went to Weight Watchers all that spring, and I lost, I think, about 25 or 30 pounds. (I've always thought that might have been a factor in my getting together with Rob - not the weight itself, really, so much as the fact that I was feeling really confident at the time. Confidence has always been an issue for me.) Of course, by the time we got married the next year I had put a good bit of that weight back on again.

That's been the pattern for me - I stay on WW really well for three or four months, maybe - then I start backsliding. The way this plays into the controversy about the new vs old point system is that the old system wasn't really working for me, so well, and thus I'm not so averse to changing it. I really feel like the emphasis on fruit in the new system gives me a better shot at hanging in there. I like fruit. I don't much like vegetables, and I'm not going to try to make myself eat vegetables quite as much as I usually do every time I try this. Some, yes, but not as much - because I think that's been another factor in why I keep quitting.

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I have said before that I usually get asked to bring the rolls (store-bought) to Christmas dinner, or fruit for a fruit salad. My aunt has told me before that this is because we live out of town, but my mom lived out of town too, and that didn't get her out of being asked to bring her famous gumbo to everything. (Which meant if you rode with her, you got to smell it for two or three hours, and half the time some of it would end up on the floorboard of the car. Ew.) So clearly, the real reason is not that I live out of town, but that I am famously not much of a cook. Somebody on some blog I was reading said lately that everybody bakes something at Christmas. Um, no. Maybe every five years I will get on a roll and bake cookies or something - and there was that time my mother guilted me into making fudge. (Actually I think she guilted me into making fudge twice. But it's no-bake fudge, anyway - the recipe is in that entry, if you're interested - so that's still not baking, technically.)

All that said, I am sort of baking something - or rather taking something that will be baked - to the family Christmas. But it's lasagna, of all things, rather than anything sweet. It's not actually for the big Christmas dinner; it will be eaten either Thursday night or Friday night. And I'm taking it assembled but unbaked, and we will bake it later. I've done that before, a number of years ago, and it worked out well. It's not actually that I can't cook, but that I don't usually bother. Rob and I don't really eat the same food (he lives on spaghetti and fish, generally) and we each cook our own, but for me that usually ends up being something frozen. I just don't care much about cooking, but when I bother to cook, I do pretty well at it. (As long as I set timers. I can burn anything.)

Possibly the funniest LJ thread I've ever read. I can't say I ever thought a whole lot about the lyrics to "Do You Hear What I Hear?" but I will now.

I thought everybody knew about the GOP military-funding filibuster, but TPM is treating it as news and TPM knows everything (politically speaking), so I guess not. Politically speaking, here's the question I want answered: what made Lieberman change his mind on the healthcare bill? It's very clear what made Ben Nelson change his mind, but I haven't heard a word about Lieberman. If I find out the answer to this, I'll report back.

I did find out the answer to why Al Franken has been presiding so much - he's the low man on the totem pole, so he gets the duty at fun times like the all-night sessions. (I knew he was the low man, of course, I just hadn't made the connection.)

Wow. I'm suddenly much happier that I've never been much of a Prairie Home Companion fan.
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It's 5:30am and I ought to be in bed, but I'm not so let's see if I can bang out an entry real quick. I bet I can.  :) I was on the way to bed, but I was stopped by the lure of popcorn. Sometimes being under the influence of sleeping pills is a lot like being stoned - especially in the sense that junk food becomes really hard to resist. I have 100-calorie bags of Homestyle popcorn (I forget which brand it is but it says Homestyle on the package, and it's my favorite) though so how much damage can you do with a 100-calorie bag. Unless you slather it in butter and then eat about 10 bags of it, it can't be all that bad.

Let's see, I went to Weight Watchers yesterday but we won't discuss that. I will say that my WW schedule is getting sadly cut up by the holidays, since I go on Thursdays, and that means we got pre-empted by Thanksgiving and are gonna get pre-empted again by Christmas Eve and NYEve. (There are actually Thursday morning meetings, but not our regular Thursday afternoon ones. I may try to go next Thursday morning anyway, though, it might help keep me on the straight and narrow a bit.)

We have tickets to see Avatar on Sunday early - 11:50am or something like that. I figured if we wanted to see it in 3D we had better get the tickets ahead. Although actually they have more screens showing it in 3D than not, which is a first.

My dear sister e-mailed me and said "So what are you doing for Christmas?" This is the sister, as some of you may recall, who has boycotted Christmas completely since she got divorced five years ago. I e-mailed her back and said we were going to Bryan like we always do, and we would love it if they would come over for the day. (They can come longer than a day but they'll probably have to stay in a hotel. We have one spare bedroom reserved already and Linda's dad of course gets the other one.) I am NOT volunteering to go to Austin again. In fact I would have a rebellion on my hands if I tried; Rob didn't really want to go at Thanksgiving and he doesn't intend to go at Christmas. So there.

I haven't even heard from my father lately except for getting a card in the mail. We usually have dinner with him and his wife at some point but I'll wait til closer to Christmas to worry about that. (Although, yeah, it's getting awfully close.) I worked on cards for a while tonight; I may actually get all the cards out that I intended to send after all. I'm getting there, anyway.

(LJ keeps screwing up the formatting lately; what's up with that?)
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You gotta watch out for those Canadians. (via [ profile] iainpj )

(This was written yesterday - I'm telling you that so I don't have to fix all the references to what day it is!)

We just got back from a field trip to Target and Office Depot. Amazingly, I spent more at OD than I did at Target. (Usually I walk in the door at Target and $60 or so is gone. Boom.) That was mostly because I bought printer ink, though. I am still printing out those pdf's for class so I'm still going through black ink like crazy. All we got at Target was a few things we actually needed, like PowerBars and trash bags, and some Halloween paper goods - paper towels and napkins - because I am a sucker for such things and Target always has them this time of year to enable me with. (With Skelanimals on them, this year! I may die from the cute.) (Also, I'm really embarrassed to admit that I like anything you can buy at Hot Topic, as is apparently the case with Skelanimals, but there it is. It's really not the first time that's happened, either, to tell you the truth.)

Speaking of Halloween, the skull necklace is finished, I'm pretty sure for real this time:
Another necklace picture... )

I'm eating leftover pesto pasta from yesterday - we took Art out to dinner for his birthday (which was last week, but he has children who actually expect to see him on his birthday and everything) and he always wants to go to the same Italian place so he can have his baked ziti. Since it's also my favorite Italian place and maybe Rob's 2nd favorite or something - he thinks their marinara sauce is a bit too sweet - we had no objection whatsoever to that. (I did not, however, order the World's Best Calzone, because I've actually lost a tiny bit of weight and I'd like to continue that. The pesto pasta is not exactly terribly low-cal but I figured it was better than the calzone there.) (I didn't think of this at the time I ordered it, but that pesto pasta was also my mother's favorite entree - I took it to her in the rehab hospital a couple of times, even - and yesterday, as it happens, was also my mother's birthday.) I didn't ask Art how old he is, and I have trouble keeping track, but I think he's 87.
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I never did cook a lot, and the last few months I have been cooking even less, and thus we hadn't replaced a lot of cooking-related things that got ruined and/or discarded in the storm and the hasty move afterwards. But since I've been going to Weight Watchers again, I'm cooking more, and so we're slowly buying some new things and starting to replace the spices, for example, that we threw away and never replaced. (We threw away almost all the food that was in the wet apartment for two weeks, whether it actually got wet or not. It just seemed icky.) Our local grocery store (HEB) carries a lot of Zyliss stuff, and today we bought the salad-spinner that happens at the moment to be on the front page of their website. (I almost bought the green one just like that, but I bought orange instead. We have a lot of green in our kitchen, but I figured if it was going to primarily live in the refrigerator it didn't need to match anything.) (And a week or two ago it was the locking corn-cob holders, which can also be found on that site. This stuff is crack.) I have never had any desire to own a salad-spinner before in my entire life, but it's just so pretty. My justification in the end was that I have trouble persuading myself to eat salad, and anything that facilitates the eating of salad is thus a good thing.

On a sort of semi-related note - I have an unholy love, for some reason, for my grandmother's Pyrex nesting bowls, and the fact that somebody sold an identical set on Etsy makes me almost sad, as though I missed out on getting them, even though I have my grandmother's set and thus have no need for them. It's all very illogical.

Utterly unrelated - and late - is a really good "annotation" of the president's Cairo speech, from the Wall St. Journal of all places, with notes about the way it was meant to play to the Muslim audience. ("Of all places" because I don't really expect the WSJ to have much positive to say about Obama, and the annotator clearly seems to approve of the speech, in general.)

(And as I say every time I link to the WSJ, tell me if you can't follow that link, and I'll attempt to do something about that.)
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I cooked twice today, y'all - I can't tell you how unusual this is for me. First there was the quinoa for lunch; then for dinner we had a (slightly modified) version of a "Mexican meatloaf" recipe that was in one of the Weight-Watchers books. Rob likes meatloaf and so he looked over my shoulder when I was browsing through the stuff a couple of weeks ago, and said, "Ooh, that looks good," and so I said I'd make it sometime soon. For some reason Friday has become the day that I sometimes cook - y'know, if I cook at all - so today I came home from studying and made meatloaf. The reason it was slightly modified was that we were missing some ingredients. I had bought groceries without a list (horror!) and I remembered most of what was in the recipe but not quite everything. The stuff we were missing was mostly the stuff that made it a Mexican meatloaf instead of just a regular meatloaf - cumin and peppers and stuff like that - but we didn't care so much about that, anyway. We both just like meatloaf - Rob especially, but I do too, and I hadn't had any in ages.

It was really awfully similar to my mom's meatloaf recipe, with a few modifications to make it lower-calorie and of course the "Mexican" stuff that we mostly didn't do anyway. But it came out pretty good, and so I'm writing this down partly so I will remember, later when I've misplaced the recipe book: it had half ground turkey and half extra-lean ground beef, and it had egg whites instead of whole eggs, and it had cornbread stuffing instead of the (white) breadcrumbs that my mom used to put in hers. I'm thinking the cornbread was probably really supposed to be one of the Mexican bits, since it's not particularly lower-calorie and I don't see any reason why you couldn't use breadcrumbs made out of wheat bread instead, if you wanted to. But honestly, I couldn't taste the difference at all, anyway, and it was a very easy way to get the breading in there, at least. It had a pound of meat in it, total, and after cooking (at 375 for an hour) you were supposed to divide it into six servings which were only three WW points each. (I ate two servings or maybe closer to three, and it still wasn't all that bad, I figured.)

I should say that I have a tendency to not talk about Weight Watchers much when I'm going, because I figure it bores people, but darnit, it's part of life and I'm going to try not to refrain completely from discussing it this time. I'm not intending to generally talk about it as much as I have today, and if I get to the point where I'm wanting to record every little thing I eat here then I will definitely make a filter or something to spare the uninterested, but that is highly unlikely, anyway - for one thing, that's what the WW website is for. So far I haven't been doing very well at "dieting" per se, anyway - I just figured I'd start going to meetings and hopefully that would help me get kick-started, rather than waiting until I thought I was ready, a month or two from now. And it seems to be working, even though it's been a month and I actually weigh a little more than when I started. But I seem to be getting a bit of momentum, maybe! We'll see if it lasts.

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I don't think I've done this one recently.

01. What are your nicknames?
Mel is a nickname, as are mellificent and mellicious and all the silly variations. Those are the main ones these days.

Cut to spare those bored by too many memes! )

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We are about to partake of the great delicacy of Celina - pizza from the drive-thru liquor store. Don't ask me, it just is.
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Ever since the "holiday recipes" prompt a few days ago, I've been meaning to post the one recipe I made last Christmas - fudge. I didn't make it on my own initiative, either - my mother tore the recipe out of a magazine and demanded that I make it. And I did, and it was awfully good. I'll probably be making it again sometime this week.

Never-fail fudge

one 7-1/2 oz. jar Marshmallow Fluff
1/2 stick butter or margarine
one 5.33 oz can evaporated milk
2-1/2 cups sugar
3/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon vanilla
12 oz package semi-sweet chocolate pieces
1/2 c. chopped walnuts

Grease a 9-inch square baking pan; set aside. Combine first 5 ingredients in large saucepan. Stir over low heat until blended. Heat to a full rolling boil, being careful not to mistake escaping air bubbles for boiling. Boil slowly, stirring constantly for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, stir in vanilla and chocolate until chocolate is melted. Add nuts. Turn into greased pan and cool. Makes 2-1/2 pounds.


Of course this calls for Marshmallow Fluff but I couldn't find it so I used Kroger brand marshmallow cream. It seems to have worked fine. Other notes: I used butter; evaporated milk seems to only come in 5-oz. cans but I figured that was close enough; and I used pecans instead of walnuts.

And my one criticism after eating was that it didn't have enough nuts to suit me - I think I will double them next time.

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a kalanchoe and, uh, other stuff
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

I finally got out and worked on my plants last weekend - they had been living in more-or-less-benign neglect all spring. I threw away a lot of the smaller pots; nothing seemed to like living in them very much anyway. I'm pretty happy with the results really. Everything looks much less cluttered. I did buy another kalanchoe this week, because the one I have has always done pretty well. I'm not planning on buying a lot more plants, though, unless something I have dies. I don't seem to have a lot of interest in spending time on gardening lately, so it makes sense to keep things pared down.

I spent most of the day yesterday playing GuildWars, of course - first with Columbine in the afternoon, and then on my own and finally with a pick-up group last night.

Things at work are crazy, but I will write about that at some other time. Let's see, what else? We didn't go to a movie this weekend, because there was nothing we wanted to see. (And what's up with that? Isn't summer supposed to be prime blockbuster time?) Anyway, we went out to eat, instead. I ate the world's most gigantic baked potato. I'm not completely joking about that, the thing was a foot long, I kid you not. I barely made a dent in it.



Apr. 18th, 2006 03:31 pm
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(from [ profile] superplin)

Right now (give or take 5 minutes) I am:

eating: nothing (but I had a Quizno's Classic Italian for lunch)
drinking: Diet Coke
wearing: purple paisley top, black knit pants, black loafers, and a bunch of blue and purple handmade beads on a silver chain
hearing: "The Reason" coming from somebody's office radio
reading: Livejournal
watching: the computer screen
getting: bored
planning: how soon I can get out of here

(It's really a slow day here today.)

And what are you doing right now?
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We spent a good chunk of today celebrating Valentine's Day a day early
- avoid the rush, was the general idea. Mostly this involved going to
the very expensive restaurant where we both used to work - and where we
met - and blowing nearly $100 on a meal. It was very good,
though, and they gave us quite a lot of freebies - shrimp cocktails and
a dessert sampler (we brought almost all of the desserts home because
we were too full to eat them) - and we got to talk to a few old friends
to boot.

After we decided to splurge on the dinner, I told Rob not to get me so
much as a card (although I suspect I'll at least get a rose or two,
anyway, which I'd rather have than a card). He did get Shadow of the Vampire
on DVD, because I'd already bought it - it wasn't expensive anyway. We
also blew a bunch of money on porn and sex toys earlier this week, so I
think those count as Valentine's gifts as well, don't you?

We are watching Shadow of the Vampire right now, as a matter of fact. It's our way of avoiding the Grammys. We saw it in the theater, but I guess that was 5 years ago, and I can't say I remember much of it, except that I liked it, in its weird little way.
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(That was sarcasm, so don't say I didn't warn you.) Let's see, the first thing I did this morning was wash my hair (woo). At least my hair has finally stopped looking like it's a different color on one side - for some reason the color didn't seem to take as well on one side when I colored it a couple of weeks ago. I guess the color (Feria Chocolate Cherry, if you really want to know) has faded enough now that it's not so obvious.

When I got out of the shower, I thought that for once I was going to be on time getting over to my mom's house, but no. I got interested in a journal entry I was writing (it'll be in Catchy Name Needed when I get around to posting it) and it was noon before I got out the door. Usually I try to be over to my mom's by noon because we always go out to lunch. But on the other hand, I've been late a lot lately so she's probably getting used to it.

It started raining right before I got off the freeway in Clear Lake, and it rained for a couple of hours. All through lunch at the Mexican restaurant it rained really hard. (We should have used it as an excuse to have an extra margarita.) Luckily we were parked right by the door.

I worked on quilt stuff all afternoon - I'll try to write something about that in the quilt weblog (see yesterday's entry for the links to the other places!) - and Mom sat upstairs with me and Art, her boyfriend, sat downstairs and listened to golf really loud. I can pretty much tell you everything that happened in golf today even though I really was trying not to listen. (I believe Singh is leading, and David Duval made the cut for the first time in however-long.)

I haven't been eating dinner at Mom's lately, but today she made meatloaf, which I really like but won't cook for myself, so I was tempted into staying. (Actually she made it with ground sirloin this time and it was too dry. Meatloaf just isn't intended to be made with meat that lean.) Then I came home, and since then I've done exciting stuff like balance my bank statement - and watch the end of the Astros game, which really was a tad bit exciting. We ended up winning by a run, which makes it eight straight wins, and I think you can say we are officially back in the wild card race. Chicago was off today (because they were supposed to be playing in Miami, and there's that little problem with the hurricane) so we gained a half game, and are now an even 2 games back. So yay!


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