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Anybody want a lemur for their profile page? Seriously, I get some free ones, apparently. (I mislaid the link but you should be able to look in the LJ store if you want to know what they look like.)

I'm back to going to Starbucks every afternoon and sitting for at least an hour or so and studying. Except now I'm working on continuing education units instead of studying for the certification test. I figure if I finally get an interview I need to be able to talk the up-to-date talk, and when I get a job it'll be good to be ahead on the CEUs, because I have to have 18 hours by January, which sounds like a lot to me.

I finished reading North and South - it was 500 pages of small print and I blew through it in two days so I think that tells you I liked it. I was worried it was going to be hard going (I think I was worried that it might go on excessively about the working conditions of 19th-century mill workers) but it wasn't. Now I want to watch the miniseries again. Actually I have threatened to make Rob watch the miniseries but I don't know if I'll follow through on that.

I made some little resin pendants - it's the first jewelry I've made in ages. It's harder to get the resin to work correctly than the tutorials would have you believe, but they look cute, anyway. If I ever get any pictures taken I'll put up a link. Next I need to drag out all of the skull beads that I've been collecting and make some necklaces so I can sell them in the fall. I took down my Etsy store because I wasn't doing the work to promote it and thus I wasn't selling anything, but I think the skull necklaces would sell, if I'll just get around to making them. (Fall feels like a long way away right now but of course it'll be here before we know it.)

(Speaking of Etsy and skulls, I bought these earrings which are the cutest thing ever. They just came today; they are incredibly light and they really truly don't seem to have sharp edges, although I'm not clear on how they manage that.)

Etsy fame

Feb. 19th, 2010 12:52 am
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I mostly have been neglecting my little Etsy store terribly - but look, somebody put me into a Treasury! This is way cool.


(Mine is at the bottom left.)

Hmm, I had some other random things I was going to say, but then I saw this and got excited and forgot what the other things were, except for the little bit of linkage below. Maybe I'll remember later.

I am amused by this slideshow of Obama Feigning Interest in Mundane Things - but actually, my personal view of Obama is that he is such a geek, he probably really was interested.

One more, and it's a meme, but it's a really cool one, unlike any other meme I've ever seen. (I bet some of you have seen it already) - What Type Are You? (and that's "type" as in "font")  Me? I'm Universal.
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Dammit, I'm going to be behind on Holidailies when I get back. And I don't know my passwords - to practically anything except Livejournal, and, apparently, the one to my aunt's computer because she never changes it. We brought the laptop but I haven't even touched it. I don't know why I always think I'm going to have time at Christmas, and it's always kind of crazy and I never have time. For much of anything. (At least we didn't have to rush off to go to Las Vegas, although I admit that was pretty fun when we did it. But right now the thought of it just exhausts me!)

We just watched Julie and Julia - at least, my aunt and I did; the men were plainly bored by it. It was better than I had expected. At least, all the opinions that I remember reading said that the Julia parts were lovely and the Julie parts were boring, and I really wasn't bored at all. Maybe it's because I wasn't a reader of The Julie/Julia Project, or something. I didn't really have any preconceptions about it. (I do think I read it once or twice, but not enough to form any particular opinion about it.) I don't know if that's why, I'm just guessing - or maybe it's because Julie is self-centered and so am I. I dunno.

Rob is in bed reading The Kolchak Papers, which I bought him, although I'd completely forgotten it until I went to wrap things up the other night. He is fascinated. I think that's sort of weird, but I have my own little obsessions, god knows, so who am I to talk? I made a necklace at the last minute last night, which was a big success and the receiver wore all day, and *I* kept staring at the silly necklace. Luckily I have another strand of those beads and I guess I'm going to make another one when I get home, since I love it so much. It's one of those things where being constrained by circumstances works in your favor - I had to work with what I had, and I ended up doing it a completely different way than I would have otherwise. All of the gifts of jewelry went over pretty well, actually. And heck, my cousin even loved the bottle of ale I bought him at Central Market the other day. He acted like it was a bottle of fine wine, I was amazed.

Hope everybody had a good day. Mine was pretty good. And we head home in the morning, which will be good too.
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I have C-SPAN on (which, for all my interest in politics, I only very rarely watch) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is currently enumerating the "faults" of the healthcare bill. I see plenty of faults in it but I don't think most of the ones he sees are the same ones I see. In any case, I have been saying for a while that some sort of healthcare bill is going to pass because the Democratic Party knows it's screwed if it doesn't - I could still be proven wrong when it comes down to the conference committee but I gather the Senate is supposed to have the votes to pass this tonight.

I have been trying to figure out all day what to say about Avatar, and I can't say my thoughts are too coherent about it, still, so here are my rather disjointed ones. I did enjoy it quite a lot, but I think its mindblowing effects are overstated, on the whole. (Or at least, it failed to blow mine too thoroughly.) I did not particularly see it as racist - see here if you're not already aware of that debate. I felt like Cameron thought that the Na'vi, the blue-skinned natives, were superior to the humans not because they were noble savages or anything like that but more because of the way they were connected with nature. I think this movie is to a great degree a treatise on the "rape of the land" and concepts like that, and how many people are going to disagree with that? And I rather agree with [ profile] cleolinda  that its attitude towards the disabled bothered me as much as the other stuff (although I apparently liked it considerably more than she did, overall). It was certainly a pretty thing to look at - and I also have to admit that I continue to think Sam Worthington is really pretty to look at, just as I did in Terminator: Salvation. I suspect there are technical ways, if nothing else, in which this movie will genuinely be groundbreaking, but comparing it with Star Wars as a game-changer? Not hardly.

Ooh, they are voting on cloture. This seems like a pretty big moment.

I have a jewelry class tomorrow night - [ profile] columbina  take note. I keep forgetting about it. I signed up for it about a month ago and promptly forgot all about it. It's a good thing I wrote it down in the datebook I keep in my purse. And the girl who signed me up for it wrote my name and address down on a loose piece of paper, so I hope it got written down somewhere more permanent because I doubt that I know where my receipt from a month ago is.

Cloture passes, 60-40. And huh, they are now having a roll-call. Is somebody missing, is that what that's about? I saw them wheel Byrd in at the beginning so I know he's there. Interesting.

I better go get some beads together for this class. I know me, I'll be running late tomorrow. And if I walk in that store without a pretty good selection I'll end up buying a whole lot of stuff. Happens every time.

(The Senate just adjourned; I'm still not sure what that roll-call business was. The ways of the Senate seem to be exceedingly mysterious.)
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Hobby Airport, Houston, Monday morning
I parked in the main airport lot just because it's easy and not all that expensive, so I didn't have to ride a van, but I noticed on the way in that the Parking Spot vans have changed their color scheme - they've always been painted with spots, as long as I remember them being around, but the ones here are now maroon with white spots, and they say "Proud Partner of Texas A&M Athletics." Ah, yet another moving billboard. At least it's a mildly amusing one, I guess.

It's 9:45 or so - my plane's at 11 - and I am sitting inside the security perimeter eating a breakfast burrito. I didn't leave the house until 8:50. I forget how conveniently near the airport we live nowadays. I went the "back way" (meaning west up 518 to Hwy 35 rather than east to the freeway) and it took 20 minutes flat. I think the other way is about the same, normally, but I was worried about rush hour traffic on the freeway. No rush hour to speak of in Pearland and on Telephone Road!

Security pulled out the man right in front of me and a teenage girl behind me for further searches, but I don't think either of them was a purely random search. The guy set the alarm off on the walkthrough and they seemed to have seen something in the girl's (pink) duffle bag that they didn't like. I am always tempted to hang around and see how these things turn out but I guess that would be considered odd, huh?

Continued over here )
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Some guy who obviously takes Top Gear waaaay too seriously drove his Bugatti Veyron into the water outside Galveston. Now, I've said for years that I was going to drive off the road one day while watching the pelicans - I just left Galveston before I got around to doing it. But dude, a lesson for driving in coastal areas: don't try to talk on the cell phone and watch pelicans. Of course it's a bad idea in any case, but you especially don't want to do it while driving a million-dollar car. (Found via [ profile] dinda.)

I don't think I said here that I got a 92 on my midterm, which is very good considering that it covered that chapter I had so much trouble with a while back. I think that I'm going to enjoy the second half of this class much more than the first - it gets back to the anatomy and terminology stuff that I liked, with the addition of information about the specific procedures that are common for each body system and the codes you'd use for those procedures. (I might even find some new medical terms to teach y'all!)

The Houston Bead Society is going to have their annual show this weekend, and I'm going to go check it out tomorrow. There are 60 vendors, which sounds extremely dangerous. We just have to hope I don't come hope with more beads than I can carry.
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Have I mentioned that Col and I are playing WoW again? Well, we are. We were trying to finish Northrend before our memberships expired, but I don't think we're quite going to make it. I'm enjoying it enough that I volunteered to pay for another month, though. That should be plenty of time, near as I can tell. We're most of the way finished with Scolazar Basin (I don't think that's spelled right, but you get the idea) and we've already finished Zul'Drak, so all that's left is Storm Peaks and Icecrown. We are level 80 (woot!) and we both have Explorer titles and I even sprung for a fast mount (4000g for the training. Whew.). Then we're going back to LOTRO when that's finished.

I am about to take my midterm in the coding class. I should be studying right now, actually.

There are a whoppin' 5 items in the Etsy store now. (A couple more may be coming sometime tomorrow.)

Rob's movie report: He went to see The Fourth Kind this afternoon, the alien-abduction movie. He seemed to like it, although he didn't really have a whole lot to say about it. (He did make some comment about whether the "documentary" part of it was fake, at which I tried not to roll my eyes too obviously. Which could be why he didn't say much more about it.)

Oh, we are overloaded with invitations for Thanksgiving - my aunt, my sister, and my dad have all invited us. Daddy was third so he's getting left out, but we are going to try to make two stops on Thanksgiving Day and go to both Bryan and Austin. That should be doable. My sister has another significant other that she thinks is serious - more so than the last one, I hope! - and she's all anxious for us to meet him. Should be interesting.
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Everybody has seen the meat hand that notmartha made, right? The onion fingernails are what really make it.

I made one more Halloween necklace to use up some of my leftovers:

I think it came out really well. (It's more simple than I originally intended. I keep finding that less is more here.) I also really like that chain, I'm going to have to do something else with it. I'm working on some more stuff to go in the store, but it's been slow. I feel like my standards have to be pretty high.

I love Halloween, and if we have trick-or-treaters I'll be thrilled (we didn't have one last year, though) but I think Halloween being on Saturday sounds like a prescription for disaster as far as the grown-up parties are concerned. I have gotten leery of any day where the drunks are liable to be out in force. So I'll probably be home playing WoW, for the most part. We may go out to eat, but if we do we'll probably go even earlier than we usually do.

Anyway, my back is still recovering. It's been a bad week, although it's much better than it was. (Apparently I have not eaten a whole lot, either; when I went to Weight Watchers today, I had lost about 6-1/2 pounds.)
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Go to and scroll down to about the 4th row and look at the Tolkien quilt. (You can click on it to make it larger.)

I managed to lose an entry, which is not especially easy to do - the one and only way I know of to do it nowadays, actually, is to leave the "post an entry" page open when you close Firefox and then don't tell it to restore from saved draft when you open Firefox again. In which case it saves the blank screen over your previous draft, creating a "saved draft" with nothing in it. And I hate to tell you how many times I have done just that. I suppose you could solve that problem by not having Firefox restore your previous pages, but that creates its own problems, at least for me.

I keep thinking that I need to make a regular feature called Rob's Movie Report, because I'm always telling you about the movies Rob went to see and I didn't (usually horror movies, of course). But anyway, Rob has been to see Paranormal Activity twice, which is very unusual for him. So I think that's a pretty high recommendation. He reports that it is actually scary, which - well, I can't even tell you the last time he's said that. He does not scare easily, let's just say.

I am slogging along in coding. I hate to say this but it's mostly very boring - right now we are studying the Outpatient Prospective Payment System, which is how Medicare pays hospitals for outpatient services. I'm hoping it will get more interesting when we get back to the actual coding.

My bright shiny distraction o'the moment is that I have decided to sell some of my jewelry on Etsy between now and Christmas. I have yet to actually even put anything up for sale, but I have been occupied with setting up the store and writing on my previously-abandoned jewelry blog in the hopes that it will help me get some customers, eventually. (Also, it gives me a place to just natter about jewelry endlessly, which I am oddly fond of doing. As some of you may have noticed.) I have been all happy today because I got my skull necklace onto a round-up of Halloween crafts called Terrorific Tuesday, which is bound to be a good thing, even though the skull necklace is not and is not likely to ever be for sale (unless I make another one). But hey, visibility!

More jewelry stuff, and WoW news )
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You gotta watch out for those Canadians. (via [ profile] iainpj )

(This was written yesterday - I'm telling you that so I don't have to fix all the references to what day it is!)

We just got back from a field trip to Target and Office Depot. Amazingly, I spent more at OD than I did at Target. (Usually I walk in the door at Target and $60 or so is gone. Boom.) That was mostly because I bought printer ink, though. I am still printing out those pdf's for class so I'm still going through black ink like crazy. All we got at Target was a few things we actually needed, like PowerBars and trash bags, and some Halloween paper goods - paper towels and napkins - because I am a sucker for such things and Target always has them this time of year to enable me with. (With Skelanimals on them, this year! I may die from the cute.) (Also, I'm really embarrassed to admit that I like anything you can buy at Hot Topic, as is apparently the case with Skelanimals, but there it is. It's really not the first time that's happened, either, to tell you the truth.)

Speaking of Halloween, the skull necklace is finished, I'm pretty sure for real this time:
Another necklace picture... )

I'm eating leftover pesto pasta from yesterday - we took Art out to dinner for his birthday (which was last week, but he has children who actually expect to see him on his birthday and everything) and he always wants to go to the same Italian place so he can have his baked ziti. Since it's also my favorite Italian place and maybe Rob's 2nd favorite or something - he thinks their marinara sauce is a bit too sweet - we had no objection whatsoever to that. (I did not, however, order the World's Best Calzone, because I've actually lost a tiny bit of weight and I'd like to continue that. The pesto pasta is not exactly terribly low-cal but I figured it was better than the calzone there.) (I didn't think of this at the time I ordered it, but that pesto pasta was also my mother's favorite entree - I took it to her in the rehab hospital a couple of times, even - and yesterday, as it happens, was also my mother's birthday.) I didn't ask Art how old he is, and I have trouble keeping track, but I think he's 87.
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I should be studying. I also need to wash my hair. Maybe I will alternate these things and get them all done at some point this afternoon. (Later: I did, except there wasn't enough studying in the equation, really.)

I slept for over 9 hours last night/this morning. This would worry me, except that I didn't get enough sleep Saturday night so I suppose I was just catching up.

In school news, I finally finished the Chapter From Hell. Apparently I am not the only one who calls it names to that effect. I haven't gotten my full grade back yet, but I made an 88 on the test so hopefully it will at least be some sort of passing grade. (The average grade on the test was 83; I don't remember exactly what the average grade on the homework was, but it was considerably lower than that. So I'll be happy with passing, in this case.)

Oh, my husband would like you to know that Zombieland is very, very funny. I refused to go with him because (a) I don't like zombie movies that aren't Shawn of the Dead, and (b) I can't stand Woody Harrelson, especially in large quantities. (The example I used was that No Country for Old Men was ok on (b) becausespoiler! ).) But Rob liked it a lot. The kid's narration was what made it so funny, he said. And he liked the Surprise Guest Star, which I won't spoil in case you don't know who that is. (I looked at IMDb to see who else was in it and of course found out the answer to that in the process. So don't look there, either, if you don't want to know. Evidently it has a very small cast if you don't count all the uncredited zombies.)

I tinkered with jewelry a while yesterday, while Rob was at the movie, and I declared my skull necklace finished, finally - although then when I showed it to Rob I started thinking about rebalancing it because the one stone bead on it is heavier than everything else and is making it lie funny. I intended to put a lot of charms on it and I put exactly one charm on it and then looked at it and decided I liked it that way. So there may be a Halloween necklace #2 because I have all these charms that I didn't use. (There are pictures of some of this stuff on Flickr, if you want to see.)

Alright. Off to study.
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You can probably tell, if you've been paying attention to all these jewelry pictures I've been posting, that I'm in sort of an experimental phase of things. Last year I was just happy to string things on wire, but that got boring fast, so this year I've been taking classes and playing with other things.

So here's the latest experiment:

I've been calling it my hippie necklace. It's not the most spectacular thing I've ever made, by any means, but I am sort of unreasonably pleased with it. I have not crocheted anything since, like, 1974 - seriously - but it came back to me, at least enough to do a plain ol' crocheted chain-stitch. I saw this technique on Beads, Baubles & Jewels; they were doing a bracelet but I immediately got more ambitious. I bought a small crochet hook and some Aunt Lydia's crochet thread in variegated holiday colors - don't ask me why - and got to work. It only took me a few minutes to be able to make a tolerably presentable chain. (All you do is you thread the beads on first and then just crochet them right into the chain.)

(Other supply notes: the biggest green beads there are resin - that is to say, plastic - from Happy Mango Beads. I love those beads. Also, have you noticed my cute backgrounds in my jewelry pictures lately? They're scrapbook paper. I've been gradually amassing a little collection of it as I see things I like.)


Sep. 8th, 2009 06:40 am
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I started writing about District 9, but I couldn't gather my thoughts so that will have to wait. Instead, I'm writing about jewelry, because I've been working on something new:

This is sort of an offshoot from one of the classes I took this summer - it was supposed to be made generally like this (that is, varied and irregular), but instead of using more normal sorts of beads, I decided to use a whole bunch of skull beads that I've collected up over the past several years. I started out saying it was a Halloween necklace but with all the skulls it might be more appropriate to call it a Day of the Dead one instead. Something like that, anyway. I had put the big wooden skull on copper chain and was adding to that, and then I decided that copper wasn't really the best thing to use and I found a sort of antique brass chain at Michael's and I'm using that instead. It's much more understated. Even though there's some copper and there and some silver too, I like the antique brass a lot. (It also matches those spider web pieces at the top, which I've had for a while.) Oh, and see the silver spiderweb charm with the black background? The black part is a stone bead I had that just happened to echo the web shape perfectly, so I had to use it. I snipped the bail off the pewter charm and glued it to the stone with epoxy. It seems to be stuck quite well. So I had big skulls, little skulls, wooden skulls, bone skulls, glass skulls (black with an AB finish, which I really don't like so much, I've really rather just have the matte black, but oh well). I started putting the little black flat crystals in between to see how they would look, and I think they look really nice, actually, and give it more of a unified feel - something repetitive, when nothing else in this really is.

I think I'm going to finish it as a long Y-necklace instead of just a regular loop - I have a bunch of charms and things to add and the Y part seems like a good place to put all the dangly things.
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I couldn't go to sleep this morning so I got back up and took apart that watch/bracelet I posted the picture of yesterday.

Here is the mostly-disassembled watch. (It looks sort of like the flower bead is still attached to it but it's not.) I didn't have to detach the two squiggly pieces from the watch face because they were fine as they were. But I took all the charms and beads off, and also the clasp (which you can see on the far right) and the other squiggly piece.
and then... )

Also, notice the variety of tools visible in these pictures. I have spent a LOT of money on tools lately. Nylon-jaw pliers, bent-nose pliers, concave pliers, mandrels, a chasing hammer, a new flush-cutter, and more. Making things out of wire ought not be quite so expensive!
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OK, so I took another jewelry class last weekend and here is what I came home with:

I really like it. It was supposed to be a charm bracelet, but I decided to make it into a watch (or watch/charm bracelet, I suppose). It was supposed to have one or more large(ish) focal beads, and so I figured, fine, one of them can just be a watch face! The teacher totally approved, but then she is very into the "do it however you want" philosophy of jewelry-making so I pretty much assumed as soon as I got the idea that she would. This is also, being a charm bracelet, supposed to have many, many more charms - this is just as far as I got in the allotted time.

As usual, though, I'm thinking about totally reworking it. Right now, assuming the watch-face is on the top of my wrist in more or less the normal place, the clasp falls on one side, which is fine, and the big flower bead (which is some sort of greenish stone) falls sort of awkwardly on the other side of the wrist, and a lot of dangles are on the bottom. I started out thinking I was just going to move the dangles and now I'm thinking about taking a good bit of it apart. The big flower bead looks really cute but what I'm thinking I might do is take it off and make it the basis of a completely different (but generally similar) bracelet. And I'm thinking about just taking all the dangles off the watch and making it more unadorned, because I really like the curvy bits (which are 16-gauge copper wire, if anybody cares) and that way they would show up more. Then I can put all the dangly bits on the second bracelet and make it into the real charm bracelet. (This picture has some of the assorted dangly things I was playing with - as well as some assorted other stuff I threw into the picture!.)

Suggestions are encouraged.
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I really should be studying, but instead I'm posting about jewelry.

More pictures over here! )
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I think most people who are likely to read this know by now that my schedule is all crazy - staying up all night, sleeping during the day - but I took it to a new level thisyesterday morning by going to the car dealer and getting my oil changed and the tires rotated before I went to bed. It seemed like the best time to get it over with, but I don't think I'm going to be doing that much. It didn't bother me much at the time, but I've felt wonky all night. And I haven't gotten much studying done tonight. I couldn't get my brain to settle down and concentrate on the reading (I'm on Fetal Development at the moment) so I went and took pictures of jewelry instead. It's something I've been meaning to do so I figured if I couldn't read it was at least sort of productive.

People who sell jewelry - they're the ones who become jewelry-photography experts - always say to photograph your jewelry in daylight, but that's sort of hard to do when you're sleeping all day. I'm awake for some hours of daylight, of course, especially this time of year, but still, I never remember. So the other day when I saw somebody talking about photographing jewelry under an Ott-light, I paid attention. I have a couple of Ott-lights (which is a brand of daylight-spectrum lamps & bulbs) left over from quilting, so that seemed like something doable.

Photo and explanation under the cut )

There will probably be some more jewelry posts later, so I can show you what else I've been up to. But right now I'm going to read a bit more and then go to bed.
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Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
a slow-growing degenerative brain disease caused by a prion, an infectious protein agent. Related to bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE or "mad cow" disease) in cattle.

This is another one of those things where I had heard the name but I didn't really know what it was. (Mad Cow Disease is not something I've paid a lot of attention to, I admit.) I also didn't know that there was such a thing as an infectious protein.

In other news, I'm taking a jewelry class all day tomorrow - 10:30-4:30, I think - which I signed up for ages ago. I think we're making some sort of necklace that had a bunch of different techniques involved in it. As I recall, I was more interested in the techniques than having the necklace, really. I hope it's a good class because it's going to involve getting up at what is for me nowadays a really incredibly early hour. Speaking of which, I need to go make sure I have the things I'm going to take with me gathered up. (Including a lunch, for goodness' sake. I really just am not a big "sack lunch" person.)
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I am kind of groggy but I am bored and not yet sleepy enough for bed. We'll see what I can get out before I crash.

I am spending the night at my aunt's house, but I am primarily here to go to the bank in Normangee tomorrow and turn in the bank stock certificates with my mother's name on them, and get new ones with my name and Paula's instead. It required coming up here a day ahead of time, since the bank has the amazingly old-fashioned hours of 8-2 - isn't that where the term 'bankers hours' came from? Since there is no way in hell I'm liable to start out from Houston and be able to get there by 2:00, I am here in Bryan in order to get a head start on things in the morning. At least I'm closer, and hopefully my aunt will wake me up at a reasonable hour. She usually does.

I went to a bead shop on the way up (Antiques, Beads, & Crafty People, in Pearland), and signed up for two more classes - wire wrapping and peyote stitch. I doubt that I will ever really do any major projects with peyote stitch (which involves seed beads) but I wanted to know the theory. And then tomorrow on the way home I am going to swing by another bead store on the far side of town just to check them out.

I am also going to go visit my mother's grave, since her headstone has been installed since I was last there. Hm, should I take flowers, do you think?


Jun. 6th, 2008 10:40 pm
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I should have thought to pimp this before, but I am brain-dead: [personal profile] elisem is having a sale, and everybody needs to go over there and buy everything up so I won't be tempted to. So far I have only bought a bracelet (in the very first listing, and she has promised me a nice focal bead out of there) and I am having great difficulty resisting the temptation to buy another 20-odd inches of it for a necklace. I just really, really love those colors.

And in utterly unrelated news:
I'm sure there have been other links to this, but I had managed to miss this Rolling Stone piece up to now: Jesus Made Me Puke - Matt Taibbi undercover at a weekend Christian retreat. Scary.


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