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If I'd been thinking I could have posted this picture a little sooner, but hey, it works for All Souls Day too:

This skull candleholder came from Wal-Mart a couple of years ago, but I really like it nevertheless. It's lined with orange so it gives off a great eerie glow. (Also note my recycled circuitboard clock, which came from Target.) Tomorrow I'm taking my other (fairly minimal) Halloween decorations down but this one is going to stay out a few more days, I think - until Dia de los Muertos is over, at least.

Y'all, we've been living here over a year now. That seems so weird.

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Everybody has seen the meat hand that notmartha made, right? The onion fingernails are what really make it.

I made one more Halloween necklace to use up some of my leftovers:

I think it came out really well. (It's more simple than I originally intended. I keep finding that less is more here.) I also really like that chain, I'm going to have to do something else with it. I'm working on some more stuff to go in the store, but it's been slow. I feel like my standards have to be pretty high.

I love Halloween, and if we have trick-or-treaters I'll be thrilled (we didn't have one last year, though) but I think Halloween being on Saturday sounds like a prescription for disaster as far as the grown-up parties are concerned. I have gotten leery of any day where the drunks are liable to be out in force. So I'll probably be home playing WoW, for the most part. We may go out to eat, but if we do we'll probably go even earlier than we usually do.

Anyway, my back is still recovering. It's been a bad week, although it's much better than it was. (Apparently I have not eaten a whole lot, either; when I went to Weight Watchers today, I had lost about 6-1/2 pounds.)

Etsy love

Oct. 23rd, 2009 02:04 am
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Oh y'all: it occurred to me to search Etsy for Dr. Horrible costumes (I found a few things that aren't costumes, too):
 available in adult sizes, too:

and my very favorite:
(because racy sayings in cross-stitch rarely fail to amuse me)

And my Corpse Bride icon reminds me that there are lots of other costumes over there; that's because I have a secret yen to be a goth bride:

plus there's the punk-rock tutu ("As seen on Good Day Sacramento!!"):

and more normal stuff too:

(and I guess I should say while I'm on this Etsy tear that my store is live, too, although there's only one item there at the moment. I'd wait a few days if you want something other than pink glass.)


Sep. 8th, 2009 06:40 am
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I started writing about District 9, but I couldn't gather my thoughts so that will have to wait. Instead, I'm writing about jewelry, because I've been working on something new:

This is sort of an offshoot from one of the classes I took this summer - it was supposed to be made generally like this (that is, varied and irregular), but instead of using more normal sorts of beads, I decided to use a whole bunch of skull beads that I've collected up over the past several years. I started out saying it was a Halloween necklace but with all the skulls it might be more appropriate to call it a Day of the Dead one instead. Something like that, anyway. I had put the big wooden skull on copper chain and was adding to that, and then I decided that copper wasn't really the best thing to use and I found a sort of antique brass chain at Michael's and I'm using that instead. It's much more understated. Even though there's some copper and there and some silver too, I like the antique brass a lot. (It also matches those spider web pieces at the top, which I've had for a while.) Oh, and see the silver spiderweb charm with the black background? The black part is a stone bead I had that just happened to echo the web shape perfectly, so I had to use it. I snipped the bail off the pewter charm and glued it to the stone with epoxy. It seems to be stuck quite well. So I had big skulls, little skulls, wooden skulls, bone skulls, glass skulls (black with an AB finish, which I really don't like so much, I've really rather just have the matte black, but oh well). I started putting the little black flat crystals in between to see how they would look, and I think they look really nice, actually, and give it more of a unified feel - something repetitive, when nothing else in this really is.

I think I'm going to finish it as a long Y-necklace instead of just a regular loop - I have a bunch of charms and things to add and the Y part seems like a good place to put all the dangly things.
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We just had trick-or-treaters from a daycare class, and one group of my co-workers actually dressed up:

Also, somebody made an icon that's too big for LJ - in which case I'm not sure what it's supposed to be good for - but I kind of think it's adorable so I stuck it up on flickr (we'll see if it works like this):
Halloween icon


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