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 I've spent the last couple of hours trying to come up with a favorite nail polish of 2017. I think I figured it out but I still need to take some pictures for it. (Or maybe I don't, really, but I have to look at what I already have, at least.) The result will be up on the nail blog, but probably not until Tuesday. Today I have a list of every polish that I could come up with that I wore for the first time this year, which is the list that I used to pick my favorites from. Tomorrow I have a top 10. I'm saving the big reveal for Tuesday, when I figure more people will be back at work and wanting to read frivolous blog posts.

I talk about it every time I have to come up with a favorite movie or even a favorite color. I just don't seem to think of things that way. With movies and with books, I have more of a shortlist of things I love. (Music is even worse, I have long list of things instead.) With color, I used to say it was red, years ago, and then I started quilting and I realized I basically love all colors. Red is great and it's the one I look really good in, but I don't wear it on my nails much at all. (It's especially prone to chipping, for some reason, and I hate polishes that chip. And red lipstick smears - there seems to be something about red pigment.) I managed to come up with a favorite polish by process of elimination - get it down to a smallish list (15 or 20) then narrow it down again and again. When I got down to three I went and pulled the bottles out and looked at them, and I could see which one was the winner in my eyes almost immediately. But if I try to pick from too many it's overwhelming.

In other news, we've been watching Mindhunter, and even though we're still on episodes I've already seen before (because I watched them at my sister's house two weeks ago) I am still thoroughly creeped out. Actually I think it was even creepier the second time through.

We went to see Jumanji a couple of days ago, and I really liked it. I was a bit surprised. I know I saw the old one once, years ago (I think on TV or video, probably, not in a theater) but all I remembered was that the game came alive or something and that there were a lot of stampeding animals. I think I liked this new one more because a lot of the plot takes off from videogames. I think mostly the games sounded more like the ones I never played (like Tomb Raider, etc.), but still, I get it. I sat there the whole time calculating how many lives people had left. Anyway, tomorrow we may go see The Last Jedi again. There's some more things we would like to see but they would all require going to the Cinemark and both of us tend to avoid that (it's always so crowded!) unless there's something we really want to see. We'll have to see if anything manages to get us there in the next few weeks.

Well, 2017 is basically over (there's another hour, here) - I can hear fireworks popping outside. We're supposed to have a hard freeze tomorrow night, which is cold by our standards, and I feel for  you guys where it's way worse. (I saw on Twitter something about the daytime temperature in Canada being lower than on Mars - that's pretty trippy. Really I can't even imagine.)
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I went to San Antonio to see my sister, and briefly to Austin, and when I got back late Wednesday I was already planning out the entry I was going to write. Then the exhaustion set in. I didn't sleep well in the unfamiliar bed, for two nights in a row, that's the main problem. Plus I drove all the way to San Antonio (which is a several-hour drive at best) in the rain on Monday, and spent more time walking around than I'm accustomed to on Tuesday, before driving back again on Wednesday. I enjoyed the trip more than that makes it sound like I did, but still, I'm tired. Yesterday I still felt pretty much exhausted, but today it's better.

I meant to leave earlier on Monday, but I dawdled around and kept thinking of things that needed doing, and then I lost my debit card and had to go to the credit union and get a replacement one. (I wasn't sure if I had actually left it somewhere else or not, but the old card was having an issue with the stripe and so I needed a new one anyway. I finally did find the old one way in the depths of my purse, last night.) We had worried about me hitting rush hour traffic in San Antonio because I was planning on leaving in the early afternoon. Instead it was four o'clock by the time I left, and I ended up in Houston rush hour instead. It took two hours just to get across Houston in the spitting rain to I-10 so I could go west. Not fun. (I could have skirted around the edge of Houston somehow, but I'm pretty sure anything like that would have taken just as long.)

(I hit enter accidentally - I keep doing that - so I might as well do this in installments.)
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Wow, look at this - same street in August (during Harvey, that is) and yesterday. Yeah, I know it wasn't much snow, but this is Houston. We're not used to seeing snow at all.

When I was last heard from here, 24 hours or so ago, it was snowing, it was just about 32 degrees, and I was all worried about ice and whether we would be able to go to work. When I went to bed it was still snowing, lightly, and there was actually snow on the ground. The thing I was worried about was that there was water underneath that, presumably, because we'd had rain off and on for a couple of days. I figured if we got ice we were screwed. (I had pooh-poohed similar ideas from other people mere hours before that, but that was before the snow started - and continued for several hours.) But basically, my first reaction - the "it'll never stick" reaction - was closer to being right, because by the time I woke up late in the morning it was almost all gone. Any ice that had time to form melted real quick along with the snow.

It did make it look like actual winter, for a while, though - there was still snow on Rob's car when we went to work, and there was snow scattered around on the eaves of buildings. My work did not call a snow day, even though at least one of my co-workers tried to call in. (She was supposed to have been at work about the same time I went to bed, in all fairness.)

I think the snow did stick more somewhere up on the far side of Houston. (Here's pictures and video from Kyle Field, the A&M football stadium, which is only about an hour north of Houston. That looks like a more substantial amount of snow.)

As we were discussing in the comments of the last entry, I don't know if there are snowplows at all in Houston. Even a small snowfall that sticks to the ground is like a once-a-decade thing down here. Probably less than that, even.

Officially I saw 0.7 inches for the snowfall. Right now it's below freezing and I think will be enough to constitute a hard freeze (which we don't even get every winter) but luckily the snow was apparently the end of the wet part of the cold snap. The roads were dry coming home tonight.

We are so spoiled. I was worried I might have to put on socks, which I hate. I do have a decent coat, but I suspect that there are people who don't, and not necessarily just because they can't afford one, either. You just rarely need one - I'm not sure I put my quilted coat on at all last winter.

I'm pretty sure that when I was younger we had more cold weather than we do now, although still not a lot. Global warming is real, as if most of us really doubted that.


Dec. 8th, 2017 01:39 am
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 It has been cold and wet for several days, and they started saying tonight that there was a chance of snow flurries. I drove all the way home from work without seeing so much as a tiny flurry, and I was about to start complaining to Rob when I looked up and decided there was snow mixed in with the light rain. And, guess what, now it's snowing, flat out. It's above freezing and the ground is wet, so I can't imagine that it's going to stick.

The #houstonsnow hashtag is totally blowing up on twitter, so clearly it's snowing all around. On the far north side of Houston they might get snow on the ground, and my sister in San Antonio texted me a video of the snow they had on the ground earlier tonight, but still, we live in the southern suburbs of Houston, and we don't see a lot of snow around here.

I just rechecked the Weather Channel. They have changed the predicted low from 33 degrees (F) to 32. If the snow freezes the wet ground then we are going to have a mess. As somebody on Twitter has already pointed out to me, we don't have snowplows around here. And nobody knows how to drive in snow.

But meanwhile, I'm going back to lean out the front door and watch the snow fall.
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I realized when I was driving home from work tonight (I get off at 11;30) that November was ending right then and that made it Holidailies time. I had signed up and I did remember that it was coming, but still December 1st snuck up on me as it always does. I could wait til tomorrow to write an entry but I'd rather get ahead. It's 4 in the morning so this may not be too drawn-out, though.

I've switched venues since last year but my old archives are here and it's not as if Livejournal has actually gone anywhere, anyway - here's the old place, for the record. Since a lot of links and stuff didn't transfer I'm probably going to be sneaking looks at it myself.

Not too much has changed with me in the last year. There's a paragraph or two about Harvey if you scroll down click over to my recent entries, so I'm not going to repeat that. (Short version: we didn't get flooded. We were really lucky.) I'm getting older and I have an irregular heartbeat, it turns out, and I need to lose weight, of course, and I've been procrastinating about having a sleep study for months, but I'm generally alright. (I had actually lost 5 pounds or so before Harvey, and then we sat around the apartment and I played Portal Knights and ate for a solid week because we were flooded in, so that put paid to that.)

(movie talk below that I'll try to keep unspoilery)

Oh, let's see, I should probably talk about movies before I forget again. I last updated in October, and if we went to see anything later in October I can't remember what it was, but I made up for that by seeing four movies in November. Well, three movies, actually, because I dragged Rob to see Thor: Ragnarok again last Sunday. So there was that, twice, by which you can guess that I liked it a lot. But then practically everybody did. We also went to see two movies that weren't so generally liked, and that was Murder on the Orient Express and Justice League. And honestly I liked both of them just fine. I'm kind of at a loss for why nobody (relatively speaking) went to see Justice League - it's better than freaking Batman v. Superman and everybody went to see that one anyway. And hey, it had Wonder Woman in it! I mean, it's certainly not a great movie, but it's not completely terrible, either.

Murder on the Orient Express had a better Rotten Tomatoes rating than Justice League, but not spectacularly so. And it is a better movie than Justice League, definitely, but not really a great one, either, even though it has lovely production values and a terrific cast. Now I had read the book and seen the old movie, long ago, but I couldn't really remember whodunnit (and I'm not going to say) but I looked it up on Wikipedia to see if it was the one I was thinking about, and it was. (I read a bunch of Agatha Christie at some point long ago, so I can't remember which plot is Death on the Nile and which is Ten Little Indians, etc. I think I would have remembered which one this was really quickly even if I hadn't looked it up.) In any case, I thought they kind of telegraphed the answer in this new version, and that's probably its big weakness. Now I'd like to see the old one again and see if they manage to do any better.

(Do you think there's any chance that Ten Little Indians will ever get remade? What would they call it? - And yes, I know what the original title was. Although I didn't know about that until well after I'd read it - no internet, after all! It does have a good plot, but I suppose the basics of it have been stolen a hundred times by other movies and TV shows by now, anyway.) (And honestly, I remember the part about people getting picked off one by one, but I don't remember whodunnit there, either. Or who the characters were other than Poirot, even. Although I'm sure it would start coming back to me if I started reading it again.)
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Again, I haven't posted about movies in ages - since I said the same thing several months ago. The only movie I'm sure I saw in August or September is Logan Lucky, which I really liked. I kept saying the best way to explain it was as a redneck Ocean's Eleven. But I think that doesn't do it justice. It's funny and it has great actors and there's very little car racing even though a lot of it takes place at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Definitely worth catching somewhere when you get a chance.

I can't remember anything else. I refused to go see IT - Rob went twice. I did actually read most of the book once (it's 1100 pages long) but I quit before I got to the very end because it was just sort of dragging on and it was giving me nightmares. Horror is just not my thing, in general. (Apparently King wrote it during the period when he was doing drugs, which explains a lot. I didn't know about that 25 years or so ago when I read it.)

And then this weekend we went to see Blade Runner 2049, which I also really liked. Or maybe I should say loved. I always loved the old movie as well, but in recent years I quit rewatching it because the way that Decker treats Rachael now seems very sexist. In 1982 it didn't bother me at all - in fact I thought it was very romantic. I grant that the new one does seems nearly as male-gaze-ish in some ways but I still liked it. It built on the old one and yet was different. And it was so beautiful. I didn't even think it seemed particularly long. (Rob got up and went to the bathroom twice but I never did, partly just because I didn't want to miss anything.)

I was thinking about seeing the first one in 1982, when it first came out, over the weekend. I think I saw it at Dobie Mall first, and then later I went to see it on a double-bill (which was not common even then) with The Wrath of Khan, which came out the same year. That was the big theater, I think the Hancock Theater in Austin. It was the only place (other than the Paramount, and this was before the Paramount was refurbished, I think) that hadn't been carved up into multiplexes. One of the people I went with was a male friend whose brother had recently died, and it didn't occur to me to warn him that death was a big theme in Blade Runner. I remember sitting next to him and he sat through the part with Rutger Hauer's big speech with tears just streaming down his face, and you know, that was in the macho era, it just wasn't done for men to cry, even in a movie theater. I've never forgotten that.

Neither of the movies I talk about above made any money to speak of. Logan Lucky cost something under $30 million and had almost broken even, the last I saw. I imagine Blade Runner will also break even in the end but it started out very badly, didn't it?

I noticed that I did the post about Hurricane Carla but I never said anything here about Harvey. That's probably mostly because I was posting everywhere else about it because everybody kept popping up and saying they were worried about us - until then I was just kind of saying random things because I was just sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. I can't say I was "unaffected" by Harvey because I was physically right in the middle of it, but other than missing some work (my boss tried to get me paid but since I am part-time it didn't fly - and I work for a state university so nobody's allowed to cheat on things like that) all that happened was that we were stranded, effectively, for several days. The water stopped down at the end of the block, but it didn't actually even come close to us. Where we live is in the middle of several creeks and that's why we were stranded. "Behind" us (at my back as I sit at the computer, but also further away from the main road) was where the some of worst flooding was in this area, but the feeder creeks of course also flooded so there were flooded roads in every direction. I don't know how much rain we actually got but it was a lot. I saw a NWS list that had a crossing that's only a couple of miles from us getting a total of 52" of rain. It might have been somewhat less than that here. But anyway, our power only went out for about an hour the first day and then stayed on after that, so we had a/c and computers and TV and we had plenty of food, so all things considered we were a-ok. (It started raining on Friday, the worst of it was on Saturday night/Sunday morning but it kept raining off and on until Tuesday, I think, and the sun didn't come out until maybe the end of the day Tuesday, and then only briefly. Rob got to the grocery store on Wednesday but we didn't have to go back to work until Friday. So I had an unexpected week off, in the end.)


Sep. 9th, 2017 06:18 pm
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 I keep hearing that Harvey is the biggest storm to hit Texas since 1961. Things like that. Well, I happen to know a lot on this subject, so let me tell you about Hurricane Carla.

It's family lore rather than an actual memory, because I was a toddler at the time (I was like 15 or 16 months old). But I've been hearing about it for my entire life, since my mother was 9 months pregnant with my sister - and in fact her due date was at the end of August so she was overdue by the time Carla blew up in early September. Apparently Carla did that thing sort of like Harvey where it came in and and stalled and went out again and generally just hung around for days. I asked my dad a question about Carla a year or two before he died, and he proceeded to tell me every little move that storm made. Fifty years later he had no difficulty at all in recalling it. But so what happened in my family was that my mom went to the hospital in labor while Carla was still offshore, and I guess they thought she wasn't ready yet and they sent her home again. So then in the middle of the storm the labor pains started again and they took her to the hospital in Texas City (and this was the storm that made Dan Rather famous, because he was somewhere in Texas City showing future generations of weathermen how it's done). The second time they let her stay for the duration of the storm, although my sister wasn't born until the 15th, after it was all over.

(My aunt also told me that she was working at UTMB at the time - which I didn't know - and that Galveston after Carla was sort of like Galveston after Ike - a big mess. But I think that was from the F4 tornado that plowed across the island in the middle of the storm more than it was from storm surge. The storm actually came in south of us, at Matagorda Bay (where Indianola used to be, more or less), but obviously it did plenty of damage all over the area.)

So I grew up hearing about Carla, Carla, Carla all the time. But nobody my age or younger remembers Carla so you don't generally hear as much about it these days - until Harvey. Harvey resembled Carla in some respects so I kept hearing them talk about it during the Harvey coverage, more than I've heard about it in years.
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Look, we finally have actual fall color:
This is in the corner of the parking lot at home. But I've seen a good bit here & there. I realize this may not seem like much to people who live in other parts of the country, but we just don't get a lot of fall color down here, so we try to enjoy the little we get! And it's typical for us not to get any until very late in the fall - usually Thanksgiving at the earliest.

We had some cool weather a couple of weeks ago - which I imagine is what finally triggered the color changes - then it got warm again, but today it's raining and apparently there's a "winter storm" of some sort behind that. I saw something vague about severe weather, but all I really know is that it's supposed to get colder again. (Here's what the Weather Channel says - possible severe thunderstorms for the Houston area tomorrow, looks like.)

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I looked at the Billboard list for 1965 and zeroed right in on a song I wanted to talk about for Music Advent, because I loved this song so much at one point in my childhood: Downtown, as seen above. I'm pretty sure it was not 1965 that I'm thinking about, it was a little later on, like maybe '67 or 68, though. I remember us dancing around my grandmother's house to this song, but I don't think I was 5 at the time. (For one thing, my grandmother lived too far away to visit much, when we were in West Texas.)

In 1965, we started out in Snyder, Texas, as I talked about yesterday, and at some point before the start of the school year we moved to Lamesa, Texas, which is somewhat larger but still kind of out in the middle of nowhere. (I don't know what it's like nowadays, because I haven't been out that way in years and years, but in the 1960s, even the biggest towns in that part of Texas, like Lubbock and Amarillo, were not very big. It was all pretty much the middle of nowhere by the standards of people who are used to cities.) I went to kindergarten in Lamesa - I think I have a picture of that so I'll throw that in below. I'm not sure any more if my parents bought the house we lived in or rented it, but it was much bigger and newer than the rent-house in Snyder was so I'm inclined to say they bought it. (By which I mean it was a 60s-standard 3-bedroom ranch house, like the new house we had lived in the year before and the one we lived in later on, too. 4-bedrooms were more expensive, I only remember families with a bunch of kids having those back in the day.)

Here's Lamesa on Wikipedia. The whole county didn't even have quite 15,000 people in it as of 2010, and almost all of them live in Lamesa. So yeah, still very small.

I remember a lot more about Lamesa than I do about Snyder. I remember that there was a cotton field behind our back yard and I was pretty fascinated by that. Our house had a cement-brick fence around it on three sides - all the houses in our subdivision did. I think it must have been because of the sandstorms (or maybe so you didn't have to look at the cotton field!) but I'm not entirely sure. I do remember watching a sandstorm through the window, not that it was very interesting to watch! My mother said later that there were also tornadoes and funnel clouds pretty regularly. I don't have any conscious memory of seeing those, but for years after we lived there I had nightmares about tornadoes, so I'm guessing I probably did see some. Oh, and that cement-brick fence was just wide enough for a kid to walk on easily, and just high enough - 5 feet, maybe, or it could have been 6 - to drive mothers crazy trying to keep the kids from doing it. And to make it worse, the fence started at about 3 feet on the sides of the house and it stairstepped up to the full height in back, so it was extremely easy to get up there. I was always afraid of heights so I don't remember getting up on the highest part much, but I remember other kids doing it all the time. (There were 3 little boys more or less our age that lived in the house next door to us; we got in a lot more trouble because of them than we ever would have thought up on our own.)

That line in the title (the first part, that is) is from "Deep in the Heart of Texas" for those of you who don't know that already. That song is not, to my knowledge, from 1965, but I quoted it because I remember going to some kind of church function, a cookout kind of thing, probably, that was out in the country and I remember how big and bright the stars really were. It was the first time I had seen the Milky Way. (It also makes a nice contrast with today's song talking about the neon city lights, doesn't it? I didn't plan ahead to do that, I just remembered the thing about the stars when I started thinking about that time.)

My kindergarten class
(I'm one of the three with red coats. I don't remember the name of that blond kid next to me, but I remember him. Most of the rest of them don't stick in my mind so much. We moved so much in those years that the kids all blend together. Also, it looks like my mother attempted to curl my hair that day. It never would hold a curl, much.)

Oh, I know one more thing - it snowed that winter, and we didn't have any snow-boots or gloves so my mother improvised with plastic bread-bags. There used to be some pictures of that but I apparently never scanned them. I bet I have them somewhere, though.
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This is one of those entries.

It's cold. Well, cold by our standards. We didn't get any ice-storm like Dallas did (so far, at least) but it's 39 degrees (F) at 4 in the afternoon, that's cold for us. The good news is that - according to my phone, anyway - it's not going to get much colder. They had 39 for the low. This kind of seems like that kind of weather - it's still overcast and I can see that it might just stay the same temp. Which is good, I'm not even wearing socks. Socks do not like to stay on my feet well, so I don't put them on until I'm absolutely freezing. But much colder than it is now and I think I would have to!

I have been amusing myself this afternoon by looking at Tumblrs, because I happened on one Buzzfeed piece and then another one, as one does, both of which linked to various Tumblrs that they liked. (I've lost the links now, one was something like "best Tumblrs of 2013" and the other one was something like "57 cutest Tumblrs ever" - I'm sure you can find them from that much information if you really want to!) I really should be studying, but no, I'm looking at Tumblrs and writing blog entries. (I finished one about my nail polish earlier, complete with picture, so if that interests you, go on over there.)

One thing I found in that process was this great still from Dazed and Confused. I love that movie, and I can't believe it's 20 years old. (There's a Rolling Stone article about all the music that's 20 years old this year - two words: bee girl! - but if there's something similar for movies, I haven't stumbled across it so far.) D&C has always seemed really personal to me because most of the movie characters are the age I was at the time the movie is set - that is, finishing their junior year in 1976 - and because Linklater gets everything so unbelievably right. If you weren't around then, or were around but not that age, even, you just wouldn't believe how right this movie got everything. Just... everything. I can't even really pick one thing to talk about. Not just the colors, but the clothes, the cars - the hair, oh god - the way everybody talks and the things that they do, it's all like a time machine to me. I'm sure it helps that I grew up in suburban Houston, and the movie is set in Austin (which is where I went to college), so it's literally as well as figuratively pretty close to home for me. -- I haven't watched it in a while, either; it's clearly time for a rewatch.

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I was coming to write something about depression and I got sidetracked by [ profile] cleolinda talking about her depression, and part of the zillion comments that follow it - I'm not normally a big reader of other people's comments but I occasionally make an exception for hers. And these were mostly along the yes! yes! yes! lines but in a good way - the "I recognize this" way. Not that this is news for most people nowadays, but I really think depression still gets overlooked a lot, and even when it doesn't there are still a lot of people who don't think it's a "real" disease.

What I was really going to write about was how the weather seems to be affecting me lately. I'm working part-time in an office with a lovely view of expensive boats, and that's great, but I don't seem to notice the boats, half the time - I notice the weather instead, and I seem to mirror it. If it's sunny so am I, and if it's gloomy, well, ditto. If it wasn't a place with some 300 days of sunshine a year, I suspect I'd be in trouble. Apparently I have some degree of seasonal affective disorder anyway, and we knew that, but as autumn has set in and we started having such a thing as non-sunny days, it's been amazing to watch myself react to them. And if the sun so much as peeks out, my gloom lifts, too. Amazing, and kind of scary, that my mood is that fragile.

The last couple of winters I've gone into a pretty bad depression along about February, so it's going to be interesting to see how I hold up as winter goes on, this year when I'm getting out a lot more... In theory, it should help. I mean, when I was unemployed I really didn't go out much, so at least I'm out and about and getting whatever sunlight there is. One way I approach all this is as a big experiment, have you noticed? Well, let's see how this works. On good days, at least, this is my entertainment; on bad days, not so much. But so far I'm hanging in there.


Oh lord, there's also this one which I found through Cleolinda's comments:
I like the part about the exoskeleton.

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Do the Republicans really think that what Harry Reid said is equivalent to what Trent Lott said back in the day, or are they just grabbing at straws? I mean, clearly what Reid said was tactless, but that it's the same as making pro-segregationist remarks? Are they really that stupid, that they don't see the difference? or are they just trying to make trouble? They're so crazy these days that I honestly don't know.

I was going on about Devil Wears Prada and stuff yesterday, and I completely forgot to say that we went to see Zombieland at the Dollar Cinema yesterday. (Which is actually $1.50 nowadays, even for a matinee. I hadn't been there in ages.) Rob had convinced me that I would like it, and I did. Apparently I only like zombie movies when they're comedies. It wasn't as good as Shawn of the Dead, but it was good. Bit gross in places, but not too bad, considering.

And I'm beginning to think that I am going to have to reconsider hating Woody Harrelson. It's very disconcerting, really, suddenly finding somebody you've hated for years turn tolerable.

It's finally getting warmer here. We've had freezing temps at night for days and days, which is very unusual for us. I've had a sheet over my plants all weekend. (It was the Norfolk pine I was mostly worried about.) I think I can go take it off tomorrow, because apparently it's not actually freezing tonight, although it's still pretty chilly.

Good lord, it's 2:00 already. I gotta go get some studying done before bedtime.
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Inevitably, conservatives are pissed off at the political/religious messages in Avatar. I'm still pissed off at the bad plot, myself. (It sure is making a godawful amount of money, though. You can't help but be impressed.)

Holidailies is over, and as always, I forgot to say thanks to Jette and Chip for doing it. Thanks guys, if you're reading! (Also, I posted at 11-something last night, and the only person who posted after me was [ profile] kymmz , meaning (I guess) that our posts will be sitting at the top of the main Holidailies page for the next 11 months. Which is sort of cool. Procrastinators unite!)

Ooh, Rachel Maddow is on Letterman tonight. I totally have a girl-crush on her, have you noticed?

Rob reported that there were people out buying groceries in a panic yesterday. I never even went outside yesterday because my back was hurting and also because I decided to take my respiratory system test right at the time I normally go out, but the Weather Channel reports that it is 43 degrees outside right now. Which is pretty cold by our standards for the middle of the day. As [ profile] cleolinda discussed yesterday, cold snap panics in the south are usually less about snow, really, and more about ice and falling branches/trees and associated power outages. Now I'm wondering a bit if there's anything I ought to stock up on, just in case.

Alright, I have to go study - I have sworn to set myself daily goals and if I don't meet them (or well, at least come reasonably close) then no LOTRO. [ profile] columbina has even volunteered to nag me about it. (Oh, and I made an 88 on my test.)

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There's a snowball in my freezer.

I put it there, but it still startled me this morning. (It didn't help that it's in a zip-lock bag that says "Trick or Treat" on it.) I was like, What the hell is this thing? before I remembered. The snow came off my car, although I think there was enough snow sticking to the grass by the time it stopped snowing that you probably could have gotten a decent snowball there, too. It never did stick on the streets that I saw, though. My car was really covered, and I was a bit worried that it would turn to ice overnight, but since I didn't have to get up early it's not really an issue; it was melted by the time I finally got up. We only have one covered space, which Rob uses, so his car was fine.

I think it's a snowball that would have hurt if I had actually thrown it. The snow was kind of damp, and the snowball was heavy. I am no expert on the physics of snowballs, though.

I have been working on cards this afternoon. One night last week I wrote addresses on a bunch of envelopes, but that was as far as I ever got with that, so today I signed cards and added stamps and licked envelopes. That fun stuff. I don't know why I like sending cards so much because it's really kind of a pain. (I like getting them, I suppose, for one thing - but no, there's some part of sending them that I like, too. It's not that simple.)

I keep saying I'm going to go up to Houston to shop, and today would have been a good day to go since it's warmer and sunny, but, well, I'm still here. Maybe tomorrow.


Sep. 19th, 2008 11:33 am
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The longer this goes on, the tenser I get. It busts out occasionally, although mostly I am holding it together pretty well. Mostly.

I'm at McDonald's. Not surprisingly, McDonald's internet is not great. I have also done some internetting from the Celina Wine Store, which is a combination liquor store and restaurant that (surprisingly) has good and free wi-fi. I spend a lot of time on the Galveston Daily News website, trying to figure out what's going on in Galveston. I also have spent some time banging my head against the wall because I couldn't see the damn screen, but today I found a plug to hook the laptop into, and so the screen brightness is not as much of a problem as it was. (Yeah, I know there's a way to fix it, but that was part of the headbanging, that I didn't know anything at all about how things work with a laptop. It's just the learning curve.)

I bought some clothes, including a hoodie because I was afraid I was going to be cold up here, but so far I haven't actually needed it. I don't get up early enough in the morning - it's warmed up by the time I get outside anyway.

Sitting in McDonald's and hearing people talking makes me despair. I guess I should not take the Celina McDonald's clientele as representative of all of Ohio. (Middle-aged mom: "Sarah Palin is awesome!" And then she claims to be a Democrat. I had to bite my tongue. I'm of the opinion that if you admire that woman you can't be much of a Democrat.)

Tomorrow I am probably going to go meet [ profile] karen_d  somewhere in the vicinity of Toledo. We figured out (or rather she did) that that was sort of halfway. There seems to be a bead shop around there somewhere. Karen and I tend to put on the shopping when we get together.
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I know I hadn't even gotten around to posting here about Ike yet, but it looks like we are not evacuating unless it makes another unexpected turn. (They expect a turn, they just don't expect it to be enough to bring it up towards us.) Yesterday we thought there was a high chance that we would be. I guess I need to call my aunt and tell her not to buy any extra groceries yet.

In unrelated news, [ profile] columbina  linked to this column of Scalzi's and I really, really think it's right on the money. Every Democrat/liberal/progressive in America needs to stop and take a deep breath and refocus. Including me. (And possibly Obama - although considering that he's practically being ignored in the news right now, it's hard to know.)
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I forgot to say that Rob came in from running talking about all the reporters out on the Seawall. (I should've made him count TV trucks for me. But I'm not quite obsessive about it enough to do that.) He said that guy from CNN who we were mocking a while back for being out in the Mississippi in hip waders every day - he's here. Reynolds Wolf, I think.

(Maybe I'll go play WoW while I can. Nothing much else to do.)
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The storm sort of came in all wonky, to the east of us. (Tropical storms tend to be a bit unpredictable. I can tell you that from long experience.) It's raining hard here but it's not all that windy. We are clearly going to have a stormy day, and I don't know if the power is going to hold up, but I think we'll be fine.

(I mostly picked the 'just breathe' icon because my nose is all stuffed up, bad enough that it woke me up. Stupid sinuses.)
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[personal profile] cleolindaot her Movies in 15 Minutes on, finally. I won't say it's the best one ever, but it does have some funny bits. (Also - need I say this? - some really large spoilers, if you care.)

NEWS ANCHOR: I understand that we’re now seeing the creature…
SERGEANT SOMEONE: … using this skyscraper as a scratching post, yes. We’ve sent out for some catnip and a very large ball of yarn, which should be here momentarily. With any luck, we may be able to trade a flea dip for the safety of OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY VISCERAAAARRRRGHHHHASLDKFJASLDFKJ!

(I also like "Rob, dude! Now is not the time to snag a Wii!")

Also, CNN says you might not want to go see Cloverfield if you have severe motion sickness problems. I was a little worried about something like this happening myself, actually, but it didn't bother me at all and I was sitting on the fourth row.

And in non-Cloverfield news:
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It was horribly foggy this morning, and it kept getting worse as I got further down the island. Actually I say "horrible" because I don't like fog, but it was never quite so bad that you couldn't tell where you were or anything, so it really wasn't as bad as all that. Still, I want it to go away, and it looks like I will get my wish, because there's a cold front bearing down us at this very moment. I don't think it's supposed to get incredibly cold or anything, but at least it should be enough to blow the fog away. I hate fog, can you tell?

Once again I have written an entry and left it where I am not. So you will get that one later, I imagine. Meanwhile, I am kind of upset by something that happened - not to me, but sort of a family thing - and I am having trouble thinking about anything else. It's not something that I feel free to write about, though, since it concerns somebody else's life and not mine! But suffice it to say that it upset me. My mental state has been sort of precarious lately, anyway.[profile] superplinwrote an entry where she mentioned the word "limnal" and it keeps popping into my head that that's how I feel these days. I was talking the other day about my life being in transition, and I guess it's part of that. I feel between. Between being happy and sad, a lot of the time. I veer back and forth but I don't spend too long in either place. I guess it could be worse - if I'm not spending a lot of time being terribly happy, at least I'm not spending a lot of time really UNhappy, either.

We went to see The Golden Compass yesterday. I knew the reviews weren't especially good but I wanted to see it anyway. And the reviews were about right, it wasn't great. It wasn't terrible either, it just didn't seem to hang together very well. I think it would be confusing if you hadn't read the books, although Rob hasn't and he seemed to be following it ok. It was pretty to look at, though, which is basically why we went.


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