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Wow, look at this - same street in August (during Harvey, that is) and yesterday. Yeah, I know it wasn't much snow, but this is Houston. We're not used to seeing snow at all.

When I was last heard from here, 24 hours or so ago, it was snowing, it was just about 32 degrees, and I was all worried about ice and whether we would be able to go to work. When I went to bed it was still snowing, lightly, and there was actually snow on the ground. The thing I was worried about was that there was water underneath that, presumably, because we'd had rain off and on for a couple of days. I figured if we got ice we were screwed. (I had pooh-poohed similar ideas from other people mere hours before that, but that was before the snow started - and continued for several hours.) But basically, my first reaction - the "it'll never stick" reaction - was closer to being right, because by the time I woke up late in the morning it was almost all gone. Any ice that had time to form melted real quick along with the snow.

It did make it look like actual winter, for a while, though - there was still snow on Rob's car when we went to work, and there was snow scattered around on the eaves of buildings. My work did not call a snow day, even though at least one of my co-workers tried to call in. (She was supposed to have been at work about the same time I went to bed, in all fairness.)

I think the snow did stick more somewhere up on the far side of Houston. (Here's pictures and video from Kyle Field, the A&M football stadium, which is only about an hour north of Houston. That looks like a more substantial amount of snow.)

As we were discussing in the comments of the last entry, I don't know if there are snowplows at all in Houston. Even a small snowfall that sticks to the ground is like a once-a-decade thing down here. Probably less than that, even.

Officially I saw 0.7 inches for the snowfall. Right now it's below freezing and I think will be enough to constitute a hard freeze (which we don't even get every winter) but luckily the snow was apparently the end of the wet part of the cold snap. The roads were dry coming home tonight.

We are so spoiled. I was worried I might have to put on socks, which I hate. I do have a decent coat, but I suspect that there are people who don't, and not necessarily just because they can't afford one, either. You just rarely need one - I'm not sure I put my quilted coat on at all last winter.

I'm pretty sure that when I was younger we had more cold weather than we do now, although still not a lot. Global warming is real, as if most of us really doubted that.


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