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 I mentioned yesterday that I was feeling a little sick. Well, we are both sick - pretty mildly sick, I think it's just a cold - and furthermore, my sister and her husband are too. So I guess maybe somebody that waited on us earlier this week was sick, because meals were mostly when all four of us were together. (I believe one server on Christmas Eve mentioned that they were sending her home because she was sick, in fact.) But anyway, I'd rather have a cold than a severe allergy attack, because the cold will go away in a few days. With allergies you just don't know.

Rob went off to see the Halloween movie at the dollar theater. I just stayed home. I'm watching the MSNBC shows from earlier today (what the heck is the stock market doing?) and futzing around on the computer. I bought two more candles from Bath & Body Works (I always want to say Bed Bath & Beyond, but that's wrong) because they have the 3-wick candles on half-price sale again. I bought another Fresh Balsam candle and a non-holiday one that was Eucalyptus Mint or something like that. I thought that sounded like it was pretty safely something I would like.

I'm obsessing about Zoya polishes at the moment - not the new ones, but the old ones - like, the ones so old you can't figure out all the information on them. I suppose this is a stupid thing to obsess about, but I am just the same. (I have this spreadsheet with a lot of holes in it and I was trying to figure out some of the missing ones. I have names and Zoya's polish numbers and I'm trying to match those up, basically.)

Last night I finished the book that I was reading - one of the series that I didn't get around to talking about earlier, the October Daye books - one of Seanan McGuire's urban fantasy series - so then I had to decide what was next. I have unread stuff that I could have read without spending more money, but I really wanted to either get the next book in that series or the next Expanse book. That was book 9 of 12 on the October Daye books and I've only read the first Expanse book (Leviathan Wakes) - there are a bunch of those too, at least 8 of them, I think, from what I saw when I looked on Amazon. I like both series and I'm not in any particular hurry to finish one or the other. If the October Daye books seemed to be heading towards some particular ending, I would probably be wanting to finish, but as far as I can tell, they're mostly just serials and could possibly go on forever. I'm not far enough into the Expanse series to have any idea about that - it did have an ending to the first book, they're not just cliffhangers like, say, Lord of the Rings, where it's really just one book divided up. But there's plenty of plot to go on with, too. Anyway, I bought the second Expanse book, which is Caliban's War. It seems to pick up maybe a couple of months after the first one ends, from what I've read so far.
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I posted a video and some links about the music of 1983 yesterday, and then, because the embed code is apparently wonky, I published another entry with another video. It had a paragraph of text so I went ahead and used that for a Holidailies entry just now, even though I really think that's cheating. It's not cheating by Holidailies' own standards, I know - I remember Jette saying ages ago that you can just post a picture every day if you want to.- but it's cheating by my personal internal standards of what constitutes an entry. I guess I'm a little old-school about that. I don't necessarily think you have to have five random things, as they used to say, but I feel like I have to have at least, say, two or three paragraphs of random drivel before it counts. (Or one long paragraph would do, too, I suppose.)

I'm not even sure how long I've been doing Holidailies. More than ten years, for sure. I think I started in 2004? Or was it 2003? It was 2003 at the earliest - I had no journal before that - and I'm pretty sure 2005 at the latest. It was so long ago that I started out on Diary-X, for god's sake. (I could check my Livejournal, or check the old LJ entries here, for that matter, because I know there was a point where I mention on Livejournal that I was doing Holidailies on Diary-X, but every time I go look at the old entries I fall into an hours-long wormhole, so that would probably end any chance that I would finish this tonight. I have to go to bed before dawn tonight.)

Oh yeah, that - the staying-up-til dawn thing, I mean. I literally watched TV all night last night. That's not really terribly unusual for me, if it's baseball or some movie, but it's unusual for me to watch MSNBC all night and end up going to bed during Morning Joe, at least it is nowadays. I stay up that late a lot, but I don't usually stick with MSNBC that long. I really do love MSNBC, but usually when it starts over with some show that I already paid attention to the first time, I turn it off. But I was transfixed enough by the Alabama election results that I just turned off the sound when they started repeating Chris Matthews' midnight hour (I guess that was at 3am) instead of turning it off, and turned it on again at 4 when the early-morning news started up. I'm not really sure what time I actually went to bed - maybe at 7? I was very sleepy by then, and I got up at 1:30, I know, so that's not really enough sleep. I got through the day ok, but if I do it again I'm going to be very sorry.
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I think I intended to talk about baseball tonight. Or about television - I think that was because I talked about movies last night and television seemed like the next progression or something. My brain is kind of pinging all over tonight, though, so I don't know what you're gonna get.

If you read the entry from yesterday, but didn't read the comment that was added late in the day, MissMeliss reminded me that the actual title of the book that I was talking about at the end of that entry (although it's not the original title) is normally And Then There Were None, not Ten Little Indians as I was thinking. I think I just had the name for that poem - as I think I must have learned it - stuck in my head. And I read the Wikipedia entry and she is also correct that there's no Poirot, but I won't say any more than that about the plot. It's summarized at that link if you want to know. I can't believe I forgot, actually, now that I have been reminded, but in my defense I think it was somewhere in the range of 30-40 years ago that I last read it.

What I was going to say about television, really, is that I don't seem to be any good at binge-watching. I can watch maybe two or three episodes of something and that's usually where I'm ready to stop. And then I don't come back to them for weeks or months or sometimes more. (I'm still on season two of Agents of SHIELD, for example.) I'm trying to finish Iron Fist, even though it's not all that good, just to be completist, I guess, so I can eventually watch The Defenders. But I also haven't finished season two of Daredevil so if I'm really being completist I need to go finish that also. (I was watching Daredevil with Rob, but I think he's lost interest and I should give up on that part.)

I had watched one episode of Victoria and one episode of The Crown, and I liked them both a lot, but I had never gotten back to watching either of those. But last month when Rob went to Ohio to see his brother, I went to see my aunt for the weekend - she's always telling me to come visit more and I hardly ever do - and she and I bonded over The Crown. She is apparently a big watcher of Masterpiece Theater, and so she had seen Victoria (season 1, I mean) but she somehow had not heard about The Crown even though she has Netflix and when we looked it popped up on her recommendations. So we watched the first episode - I'd already seen it but I figured I could use reminding anyway - and then went on and watched a couple more. And I did watch some more of Victoria since then and I need to go ahead and watch some more of both of those because they're really good.

I really don't watch much series TV, when it comes down to it. The Netflix Marvel shows are probably the most of anything I've watched in ages. (Rob & I both watched one season of Daredevil and then Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and part of season 2 of Daredevil before we played out on that.) We watch a lot of MSNBC and a lot of baseball for six months a year - or seven, this year. (I'll probably come back to that subject another day. It's all I can do not to start typing about it in all caps, shall we say. If you read my Twitter you've undoubtedly already seen that once or twice.) ...And so those two between them take up a lot of TV time. We both work the evening shift and when we get home we typically watch Rachel Maddow and then Rob goes for a walk and I usually start watching baseball, if it's that time of year. (Sometimes I watch the whole game and sometimes I don't. Since I generally know already whether they won or lost that plays into how much I watch, quite often - if it was a blowout and they lost, for example, I sometimes don't bother at all! But this year that didn't happen much.)

Anyway, Rob watches stuff that I don't - I stay up much later than he does, and he gets up much earlier and watches a lot of TV then, I think. (Our bedroom walls are thick so we don't hear each other doing this unless the TV is turned up very very loud.) Rob also watches The Walking Dead (and now Fear the Walking Dead also) on Sundays but I gave up on that after season 2 - it wasn't really the violence per se, it was the worrying about who was gonna die next - and so now I go in the bedroom and let him watch and come out for Talking Dead afterwards. I can deal with Talking Dead just fine, a nice nerdy show that I know what to do with.
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Good lord, I thought by the time I got up this afternoon maybe the Michael Jackson frenzy would've died down a little bit. I guess that was wishful thinking. However, there are some people writing some good words that pay tribute to the good stuff about the man without losing sight of the bad. [ profile] cleolinda's is good, and [ profile] ursulahitler's is better. (And that video Ursula posted is unbelievable. You can totally see the adult Michael there in the little kid.)

Rob said they have been talking some about Farrah Fawcett, too, although she mostly got eclipsed by the Michael juggernaut. (I'm sure most of you reading this are aware that his death broke Livejournal. Or rather, the whole world trying to log onto ONTD did, or so I hear.) I'm older than a good many people on LJ and a lot of people remember him differently than I do - that is, they were kids when Thriller came out. I was in my early 20s and living in Austin. We liked to mock Thriller and its zillions of album sales, that's mostly what I remember. I know MJ has a lot of cultural significance as far as having been the first black artist to have that kind of success, but to me he was this guy who was always around from the time I was 10 or 11 (and who happened to be about my age), and who made some good music, but wasn't really somebody who affected me that much. Farrah Fawcett - or Fawcett-Majors, as she was when she first turned up in my teen years - was not terribly significant to me personally, either, but I came to reluctantly admire her as she hung in there after her big fame had waned.

I'm mostly just rambling because I can't get onto LOTRO and I'm unhappy about that. Columbine was off today and we were planning to start playing early, but it's down. It's been buggy since the big update earlier this week and I imagine they're trying to fix that. (They were supposed to be fixing it this morning and be back by now, but obviously things did not go as planned.)


Jun. 26th, 2009 12:39 am
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I joked to Rob that I am like those annoying commercials for that Microsoft Bing! or whatever it's called - where people start spewing all that random information on a certain keyword. Only mine's not really random, and of course I hope to god I'm not that annoying about it! But I'm full of all this newly-acquired information these days, and I'm dying to share. Where I am Bing-like is that if you say, oh, Parkinson's disease, you elicit an immediate brain-dump - I really did do that one the other day, but it was only Art, and he's increasingly deaf these days and won't wear his hearing aid, so I don't know that he even heard it. -- Which reminds me, Col asked for a brain-dump about nerves and I haven't gotten around to doing that one yet, so if I'm really as gung-ho as I say, I ought to get on the stick, shouldn't I?

The next chapters in Anatomy were two subjects that were at the end of the other book - the senses and the endocrine system - and so I am sort of sick of them and I decided to skip them for now. I will come back to them later. The next chapters were the one on blood (thus the "buffy coat" term the other night) and the one on fluid regulation, which didn't have its own chapter in Med Terminology. Something new, yay! (And blood is a very complicated subject so I certainly needed a refresher there.)

(I am tempted to talk about Michael Jackson or LOTRO but I think I will go study instead. The former subject, in particular, does not need any more input. I had to turn MSNBC off because they have abandoned politics for the evening in favor of 24-hr King of Pop, and it was making me nuts.)
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(Sorry, I can never resist being silly.)

Three TV trucks this afternoon (one said CBS News Dallas, and one was the Houston CBS affiliate, which seems sort of redundant) - that's still not very many. I have the local CBS station on though (aka Channel 11) and they are in full-court press mode about the storm - I've been home almost an hour and it's all they've talked about. Also they said they've gotten a million hits on their website, which is interesting. They usually are known locally for having the best hurricane coverage - they are the station that hired away the director of the National Hurricane Center 20 years or so ago to work for them, just for moments like this. He is semi-retired now but he's been on the air today just the same.

Rob is calling this "Hurricane Smitty" which is an old Gaido's joke that nobody else will get, but basically it means it's a little piddly thing. (I thought about trying to explain this expression but it's much too complicated.) We don't live in a spot that should flood from a weak Category 1 storm, and it doesn't sound like the wind will be that bad, so we are staying put unless things change. We don't have to work tomorrow, for sure, and if we get up in the morning and it looks like it's going to be worse than we thought, we should still have time to get out.
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Exactly one TV truck on the Seawall this morning. Which suggests to me that the Houston media haven't gone on full alert about this yet. But....

Our forecast takes the center of the storm about 50 miles south of the Louisiana coast today, then inland into the upper Texas coast near Galveston mid morning on Tuesday. Squalls are beginning to affect the southeast Louisiana coast this morning, and will spread westward along the Louisiana coast during the day, reaching the upper Texas coast tonight.

That sounds, um, kind of ominous. We haven't decided whether to do the wait-and-see thing or whether to preemptively get the hell out (at least as far as Houston). Stay tuned.
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I heard something that really floored me on the radio this morning: apparently somebody-or-other (I didn't at all catch who) was criticizing Obama for being the most liberal Senator, and this was based mostly on the fact that he supported ethics reform. I mean, since when is ethics reform a liberal cause? (If the Republicans would like to concede that their ethics are crap, that's fine with me. However, I was not previously aware that they had done so.)

As I have said, I started making jewelry mostly so I could make it for myself, but I took this to a new height this morning - I actually made a pair of earrings to match my outfit. I put on a turquoise-colored shirt, and then I put on the bracelet that Rob gave me for Valentine's, which is turquoise enamel and silver, and then I thought, "I don't have any earrings that match!" I had already made one pair of turquoise-colored earrings, but they had antique-gold findings so they wouldn't do. But I had a couple more of the Czech glass beads that were the right color and in less than 10 minutes I had a silver pair, too. Luckily I was running early, for once.

In case anybody has been wondering why the heck I use this icon all the time - well, for one thing, I went, 'Hey look, I have a Tilda Swinton icon!' Monday morning after the Oscars, and have been trotting it out extra-often this week. (I think I have some more of[personal profile] cleolinda's Narnia in 15 Minutes icons on the computer someplace, but this is the one I actually use.) I have always liked this icon anyway, just for sheer weirdness value - it's a Narnia joke and a Lost joke rolled into one, how can you beat that? I don't know if it amuses anybody else, but it amuses me.

Which reminds me, all I've ever heard anybody say about Tilda Swinton this week is how ugly her dress was, but I was more interested in her acceptance speech, which was (a) rather funny and (b) managed to mention her agent's buttocks and George Clooney's nipples in the space of sixty seconds or so. (Oh, and I've also heard something about her being in a polyamorous relationship. I'm surprised that one hasn't gotten more press, actually. Maybe I'm just not reading the right press. Or the wrong press.)

Weird "breaking news" e-mail for today:
Britain's Prince Harry has been serving on the front line in Afghanistan, CNN confirms.
Um, seriously, this is breaking news? I will never understand how they decide this stuff. I understand that it's fairly important in the grand scheme of things. But if he didn't just get there, then on what planet does that constitute "breaking"?

(I wrote this at lunchtime and I know more about this now, but I still am not much of the opinion that it really was breaking news. I'm cranky that way, apparently.)
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So, I went to bed thinking this tropical storm was about to hit us (although not terribly worried about it, admittedly), and it did rain quite a bit after I was in bed, but it never was bad enough to wake me up... and before I could really process the fact that that was a bit odd, Rob came in this morning and said that Humberto had turned further east during the night and became a hurricane - nobody at all had predicted that - and gone in just across the mouth of the bay from us, at High Island, and was wreaking all sorts of havoc over towards Beaumont, where nobody expected anything much and probably hadn't, y'know, even brought in the lawn furniture.

But that put us on the dry side, so once it went past us, we were done. The water's all calm this morning and everything. We did get quite a bit of rain, though. It started raining about 4:30 yesterday afternoon - I got really wet getting home - and rained steadily up until the thing went past us around midnight. Not much in the way of wind though, and the power flickered a few times but never did completely go out. (It did turn my computer off and back on a couple of times late in the evening, which can't possibly be good for it, but oh well.)

(Incidentally, the forecaster-types did say that Humberto had the potential to become a hurricane if it stayed off-shore long enough, but nobody seemed to expect it to, really. Predicting what the heck hurricanes are going to do is still a very chancy business.)


Jun. 13th, 2007 04:46 pm
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Did y'all know that the FCC got smacked down by a federal appeals court? It happened a week or so ago, but somehow I missed this one completely. (And actually, that little Times Select blurb is the only other thing I found about it, so maybe the networks are laying low on the subject or something.) Well, anyway, because I am all about the quotes lately, here is part of what Mark Morford had to say about it:

Because as far as Bush's God-spanked FCC is concerned, it is, always and forever, all about protecting the children. Or rather, it is all about protecting some imaginary Christian Everychild, some sort of perfect hypersheltered dovelike organism made of spun glass and delicate bunny hearts and little golden crucifixes, a fragile, blessed thing whose happy, unblemished life had been completely free of blood or spit or pain right up until he overheard Bono say "f--" at the Golden Globes and his precious virgin heart shattered forever.

Spun glass and bunny hearts. I like that.
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I just saw this little blurb, which I am pasting in in its entirety because I know some of us had been interested in this case:

New Trial in Teacher Porn Case
A judge granted a new trial to a former Norwich, Conn., substitute teacher who was convicted in January of letting students view pornography on a classroom computer. Julie Amero faced a sentence of up to 40 years in prison. She denied clicking on pornographic Web sites that appeared on her computer screen while teaching seventh-grade students in October 2004. The case prompted a national debate over spyware and other adware programs. Prosecutors didn't oppose the motion for a new trial.
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I was dreaming, just before I woke up, about being at a conference - actually most of it was at somebody's house, but it was supposed to be a conference, you know how dreams are - and being left out of everything. (Or maybe just feeling left out of everything.) That's one of my very deep insecurities, and it keeps on rearing its ugly head from time to time. There was this very odd mix of work people and online people in the dream. It was weird - but then it was a dream, so I don't know why I should be surprised about that.

Anybody else notice that the two big news items of the day yesterday were that (1) Anna Nicole Smith did drugs (and died from them) and (2) Pat Tillman was killed by his own men? Neither of which is exactly a big shock. Now I have to admit that the complexity of Anna Nicole's drug cocktail fascinated me a bit - nine different prescription drugs? Man oh man. I think that's a person with some serious enablers around her.

My personal drug cocktail was apparently not quite up to par yesterday - or maybe it was just forgetting to take my drugs on time, or maybe it was just that I was tired - but when I left work yesterday, that walk to the car was a very painful thing. Very painful. I was shuffling along like a little old lady by the time I got out to the street. But I went home and got in bed and rested for a while and felt better.

Rob watched Flyboys last night - luckily, since I didn't really want to get interested in it, it turned out not to be a very good movie. One big bundle of cliches, was what it was. I was only half paying attention and I was still telling Rob what was going to happen before it happened. (Last week's Monday rental, Invincible, was much better. I liked that one quite a lot. I am not usually a huge fan of football movies, but I still liked it. It was sort of a football version of The Rookie - made by the same people, actually, I think.)
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I really think there must be something in the water. Not only is Texas requiring the HPV vaccine (and even more surprisingly, offering to pay for those who can't afford it), but now Florida is abandoning paperless voting.

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but my mother's first round of cancer (diagnosed about 5 years ago, well before the whole brain tumor business) was apparently related to the HPV which my father gave her. So I take this whole vaccine thing a little more personally than I might otherwise.

I sat and held my mother's hand for a couple of hours this afternoon. She's pretty much completely nonresponsive, but they apparently have been getting a small amount of food into her, which is good. I am feeling really guilty about not being over there more, but the fact is that Art probably doesn't want me hanging around all the time, and I don't really want to be there all the time, so I really need to cut it out with the excessive guilt. At least I keep telling myself that. It's not doing too much good, though.

(Let me modify the above by saying that I already *am* planning on going to see my mother more in the time that she has left. What I am not currently planning on doing is, well, holding vigil, if you know what I mean. I don't think I could stand it. Although I don't know, I may change my mind when the time comes.)
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Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Apparently Merck has been spreading its money around really wisely, because our ultraconservative governor just signed an order requiring girls to have the HPV vaccine before they can start 6th grade. Wonder how much of a shitstorm this is going to stir up.

There has been no further bad Mom news today, at least so far. Oh, I don't guess I told you guys yesterday's bad news, which was that she wasn't eating. The hospice nurse says unless she starts again, that means we have about 10 days. I probably should have gone up there this afternoon, because I have been having to restrain myself from calling to find out how she's doing. (Which would probably be fairly useless, because Art wouldn't be home and never keeps his cell phone on.) I am going tomorrow, anyway.

So (deep breath) we are now dipping our toes into the wonderful world of funeral planning. We have gotten as far as deciding on the basics: cremation, memorial service at her church, etc. She has a plot next to my grandparents, if we decide to bury her ashes, but it seems like something of a waste to me. We are going to see what options the cemetery will give us. (Apparently my grandfather gave very generously to the cemetery association, so hopefully they'll be appropriately grateful to his family.) I was thinking that planting a rosebush or something by my grandparents' grave and putting her ashes under it would be rather nice. Also, the hospice nurse gave us a phone number for a guy who negotiates with the funeral home for you, and I haven't called him yet, but I think I'm going to on Monday, because I sure don't want to be dealing with those people by myself. I told my boss that I was going to try to work half-time next week, depending on how things develop. I don't think I can just sit at Mom's bedside all day, anyway.

I think I (unwittingly) was very mean to my sister earlier - I had called and left a message, because I wanted to make sure she wasn't going to pitch a fit about the cremation thing, and when she called back I said what was on my mind about the funeral planning, and I forgot that she didn't know anything about the 10-day business or that we had started talking about funeral arrangements at all. She took it fairly well, but I think she's kind of quietly going crazy up there by herself. (And she was fine with the cremation. She said the same thing I always say, which is that embalming is gross. It's funny, now that she's been away from her superconservative ex-husband for a while, she's changed her tune about all kinds of things. I was afraid she would have some sort of objection of religious grounds or something.)
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I keep forgetting to mention the gummy handcuffs (more or less full-size) that Wal-Mart has for sale in the Valentine aisle. Isn't that unusually kinky for Wal-Mart?

Chrysler's chief economist thinks there's too much fuss about global warming. Well, of course accountant-types tend to shy away from anything expensive, and god knows dealing with this is going to be expensive, but I still think this is a pretty blatant example of sticking your head in the sand. And bad publicity to boot. (Not that I intend to ever buy a Chrysler car again anyway, but still...)

This is old news but I hadn't ever looked at the Golden Globe Nominations, and I suppose the awards are pretty soon now. (I just checked - they're Monday.) Anyway, I'm rather pleased to see that Ben Affleck got nominated for Hollywoodland. That was a pretty good movie that mostly got ignored, and he was really good in it.

(Incidentally, Rob seems to be of the opinion that the best movie he saw last year was United 93, which I still haven't seen.)
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I love Livejournal. I really do. I mean, how else would I ever keep up with you people? But Livejournal does not always make itself easy to love. Like, when you actually want to use some of their features? Well, it's not exactly intuitive, and the Help is not always so helpful. I spent a good little chunk of the morning trying to figure out how to filter my friendslist. All I wanted to be able to do was filter out all of the newsgroups and things when I'm in a hurry. And now I have it done, and yay! but my god, getting there was not easy. (I finally found this page after I got done - if you click on "read more" and scroll down some, it pretty much tells you what I wanted to know. But like I said, I only found that after I did it.)

(I started to just ask you guys instead. It might've been easier. But no, I had to go & try to figure it out myself.)


Isn't it interesting how conservatives are all hot to limit awards on lawsuits until it's their house we're talking about?

This piece goes on for way too long about how all Buddhists aren't really so peaceable, but otherwise makes some good points. Did you know that there were two Buddhists in this Congress? I never heard a word about that, myself. No, all you heard about was Keith Ellison and his Koran. (I thought using Thomas Jefferson's Koran was very clever politically, though, as well as just being cool. It sure shut some people up, didn't it?)


My cough is finally mostly gone, but my boss is sitting behind me coughing away. (This stuff has just been going round and round at work.) It makes my throat tickle just to listen to her.

(Livejournal does seem to have its Autosave feature back, at least. It's the small things.)
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When I said in chat the other night that President Ford was dead, somebody said, "That's two" - presumably meaning James Brown was the first one. What I want to know is, does Saddam count as #3? Or do the deaths have to be by a more natural means than execution? I don't understand the rules of that business, I guess.

(I may have more to say about President Ford later. I started writing a massive brain dump about presidents, but that's the kind of thing that I may or may not ever finish. We'll see.)

In other current-events-related things, I am inclined to want to rant about Donald Trump, mostly because, in my interpretation of what he's said, his objections to Rosie O'Donnell are primarily that she's fat and she has a hot girlfriend. (I do not buy for a minute that Rosie O'Donnell is ugly. She's not. Donald Trump is, though, which may be why he's so damn sensitive on the topic.)

Also, I loathe people who call other people "losers" - ugh. I didn't like the man to begin with but I've just gotten a lot more vehement about it.

So, I've been meaning to write an entry all week that was about what I've actually been doing this week, and I keep getting off on other topics.

So here goes. )

Read this: the slackers of bedford falls. Somebody else doesn't like that movie! yay!

Holidailies gold

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From Jon Stewart, of course:

If we're not winning OR losing in Iraq, are we at least covering the spread?

(see [profile] teh_daily_show for more)
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It's gotten warm - 70-ish in the daytime - which I don't like in the winter, because it usually means fog. I hate fog. I understand that this happens because when it's warm this time of year, the air is warmer than the water - and since we're completely surrounded by the damn water here, guess what happens. Today it was foggy in the morning, burned off for a while, then rolled back in after lunch. Ugh. I'm ready for a cold front. Not that we're supposed to have another one any time soon.

My boss went downstairs to get coffee this morning and came back saying they were having a press conference in the lobby. I think I mentioned the big donation UTMB got in the BP settlement when it was first announced, but apparently it became official today. The local paper did a good article yesterday about the work the burn unit does (warning: more info than you may want to know about burn treatments there), and that's where the money is going.

(Also, here is the 60 Minutes segment about the BP explosion. Which is pretty mind-blowing, and Incidentally, was also apparently Ed Bradley's last piece.)

Galveston basically has that amazing burn unit because there are industrial areas all around us, so there's lots of burn patients to learn on. Even out in the water, there are oil platforms, and patients get brought in pretty regularly from those by helicopter, I understand. On the land side, there's Texas City, and if you read the Galveston Daily News article, you saw that the burn unit was founded after the other Texas City explosion, a much bigger one over 50 years ago.

After we watched the 60 Minutes piece, I said, You know, I coulda told you the BP plant probably needed updating. It's right on Highway 146 so you drive right by it if you go to Texas City or anywhere further up Galveston Bay. That plant is old, it's very obvious. But we're all so used to seeing it we don't pay any attention, normally. And it refines, I seem to recall, a significant portion of all the oil sold in this country. Kinda scary, once you do think about it.

(I intended this entry to be about Galveston, and it got a little sidetracked. I'll talk about that another day.)

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